Divided We Fall

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter Five

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



 Raquelle decided she wasn’t fond of Emilia. Now Erik had someone backing him up when he said she needed to rest before they continued. 

It didn’t matter how much she protested or insisted; she was no match for the two of them. 

“You know, It makes me feel guilty when you make us stop for me. I hate to be the one in between you and your sister.”

“Nice try. I’m not going to be stupid now and have you end up paying for it.” 

Erik’s tone was firm but relaxed. 

“You already saved my life. You’ve done enough for me, and whatever happens I will take full responsibility for.” 

“Sorry, sweetie,” Emilia said, and patted her hair. “This is just how it’s going to be.” 

Raquelle clenched her teeth and soothed herself by imagining herself slapping Emilia. A little, evil grin crossed her face. Ahh. Revenge. 

“So, Erik, where are we going next?” Emilia slid up right next to him, placing her hands on his lap. 

“I think instead of going through the hills, we’ll go around through the ravine. The farther north we go, the less rocks there are for shelter, but I know the ravine has plenty. Besides,” he murmured, close to her ear, “It’ll be easier for you-know-who.” 

“I heard that,” Raquelle said. 

“Just let us take care of you,” Emilia said. “You know, most people like special treatment.” 

“Well I don’t,” Raquelle replied flatly. “It makes me feel guilty.” 

Outside, the rain pounded like rocks on the roof. She guessed even without her they couldn’t travel anyway. It made her feel a little better. 

“Shouldn’t I be healed by now, anyway?” She asked. 

Erik turned away from Emilia and looked at her. “Yeah. Few more days. You’ll still have to be careful, but you can take the stitches out.” 

Raquelle cringed. Stitches. 

She looked down at her belt and traced the pattern. Royal seal. Ani had to have known that. Why would she make a belt like that for her?

She could hear Emilia and Erik in the background, whispering and giggling and doing all kinds of stuff she didn’t want to see. (Or hear). 

“I’m going outside,” she announced. 

“But it’s raining,” Erik said. 

“I don’t care.”

Raquelle walked outside, in the pounding rain and thunder. It was loud, powerful… exhilarating. 

She raised her head and let it pound all the misery off of her. 

And then she started laughing. It was so cold, and clean, and… just amazing. Every drop was so hard it stung her skin, and she loved it. She loved it so much. 


Emilia looked into his eyes, and she knew what he was thinking. Without warning he pressed his lips to hers. 

The first thing Emilia felt was panic. Not again. Her first instinct was to kick him, get away, but then she stopped her instincts for a moment. She actually thought about how it felt. 

His kiss was delicate and soft. His hands were gentle and warm on her sides. Emilia felt like she was glowing. It felt nice, like warm water. So she plunged in a little deeper, kissing back with more passion. 

Erik stroked her silky tangle of blond curls. His touch went down her neck and her back. Emilia let her thoughts melt away.

They parted. Emilia flushed, breathless on thrill. She had had many kisses, most hard and vigorous, hungry for her body, not the soul inside. 

This was different. She kissed him again, craving the feeling again. His touch grew firmer as he slid his hands down her body. She slid hers up his, feeling a bit more daring. He will not hurt me, she thought. I am safe. 

They parted and stared at each other for a moment, lost in touch and feel. Emilia heard a noise and turned her head. She flushed as she saw the girl staring at them, eyes wide with horror. She was dripping wet, only adding to the look of terror in her eyes. 

Erik looked and suddenly let go of Emilia. He backed away, pulling his hands back to himself. Emilia did the same. 

“I thought you were outside,” Erik said. 

The girl quirked an eyebrow. “I was. For about half an hour. Then the rain stopped.” She picked up her things. “Meaning, we can go again.”

Erik and Emilia shared a glance, then Erik stood up. “Of course.” He picked up his stuff, avoiding Raquelle’s eyes. 

Emilia followed suit, trying to calm the burn in her cheeks. It’s okay, she told herself. It’s just a little girl. Who cares? It’s not like you were… the thought turned her cheeks redder yet. 

“Which way are we going?” Raquelle asked. 

“North, through those rocks,” Erik said, not looking at her. 

They walked in silence.


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