Divided We Fall

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter Eight

Submitted: September 12, 2019

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Submitted: September 12, 2019



Screaming. Erik woke up and looked around. 

 Lola. She was screaming, trying to get away from the man that held her. 

He lunged for her, shouting her name, but he couldn’t move. Her looked down. He was covered in chains that pulled him back, tighter and tighter. He couldn’t breathe. 

“Lola!” Erik tried to scream, but no sound came out. The man turned and looked at him. He smiled evilly and picked up a brick. He hit her once. She kept screaming. He hit her again, and she went limp. He dropped her in a bloody heap. Just as Erik tried to scream again, he hit him.

He bolted up in bed. Just a nightmare. Not real. Didn’t happen. You’re okay. Lola isn’t dead. 

He looked down at himself. He could still feel the chains around his middle, pulling chokingly tight, threatening to make him throw up. 

He pressed his hands to his stomach and clenched his teeth. I will not throw up. Food is rare enough. I have to hold it in. 

Erik crawled outside, just in case, and sucked in a breath, hoping fresh air would help. 

The grass was crunchy beneath his hands. The first frost. Winter was coming fast. Once winter came, the chance of being able to get there was slim. 

He curled up in the fetal position and rocked back and forth like Lola used to do when she was sick. Strangely, the rocking helped. Every time bile came up, he swallowed it until the waves of sickness passed. His throat burned, and he drank some water, more than he should have. It took time to boil it. 

He crawled back inside. Emilia sat up. A beam of moonlight made her eyes sparkle. 

“Sorry if I woke you,” Erik whispered. 

She shook her head. “No, you didn't. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Just--had a bad dream.”

She nodded and lay back down. 

She looked beautiful in the moonlight, hair spread out like a fan. She tugged on his arm. “Sleep next to me?” She whispered with a little grin. 

He smiled back and lay down. 

She nestled into his side. 

He put his arm around her and rested his head on hers, breathing in the sweet, sugary smell of her hair. 

She put her hand on his and squeezed lightly before closing her eyes and falling back asleep. 

Erik pushed all the Lola thoughts from his mind and did the same.


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