The Little Girl Who Was Not There

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Jack and Jill - The Legend Continues

Book / Romance

Young and beautiful, but naïve journalist Sara, interviews her Aunt Jill about her young, unfulfilled, teen love affair with Jack. Jack happens to be in town, and Aunt Jill encourages Sara to find and interview him for his version of the affair. After Sara interviews Aunt Jill, Jack and Jill bump into each other in the small town where they grew up. They have lunch, and a drink, and reminisce about the good ol’ days. What follows is predictable. Sara does find Jack after he has recently spent a couple nights with Jill, and interviews him during dinner and drinks, . By both accounts, Jack and Jill’s young teen affair was hot and steamy, yet never consummated. However, the details of their recent ‘accidental encounter,’ as told by Jack, affect Sara in unexpected ways.

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