Social Media Blackout

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Social Media-what is the point?

Oh, how I hate thee,

with all your numbers,

all your addictive tricks,

reducing flesh and bone

to a constant rat race,


the verified check mark,

effictively a new type

of know your place,

the upper class,


something seemingly so innocent,

that leads to fights,

to battles with words

and rarely anything productive,

an utter waste of time,


I get the idea,

one million followers 

might mean one million sales,

and who doesn't want

one million dollars?


but that's also one million strangers,

one million dangers

is it worth it?

to lose your privacy,

for some clicks?


I battle with it a lot,

I'd like to be a positive force,

but the most positive thing,

might be to get people off,


you don't need a million followers to matter,

you matter right now,

just as you are,

you with your one person-one vote,


don't live your life following people,

that's my advice,

before you know it,

time goes by,

and it doesn't come back,


close your eyes,

pretend in your mind,

your followers are one million,

now open them,

what's changed?

even if you had more money 

in the bank,

and could buy anything

is that stuff you really need?


The most important thing is your soul

life can be about filling the hole

that is in all of us,

but memories 

are the true gold,

loved ones now gone

When I can remember,

its the best movie,


I know, I know,

but influence,

but power,

all that can be done

not monetarily

but with unity,

thanks to social media,

we don't even talk to each other as much,

or at all,

True engagement is face to face

oh humanity what a waste,


Let's appreciate that awkward eye contact,

while you wait in line,

how cool that a living, breathing person

can see

and you exist at the same time,

I awkward smile all the time, 

because its fun,


I refuse to scroll on my phone

to avoid it,

I like the feeling

rather than the routine, 

of seeing one more tweet,

one more picture,

there's a picture in front of me,

and its free,

and its life,


so I dedicate this to my social media accounts,

I won't go back,

I rather contribute something more,

something people can relate,

rather than one more selfie,

one more twitter fight,

one more comment battle

where no one ends up being right,


I am happy to exist,

and I don't need a million followers,

I need family and friends,

who are worth a zillion to me,

so here's to a blackout I hope never ends,

to reclaiming my privacy,

so long social media,

I'm trading you in,

I have a reading list, 

and here's the twist,

I never needed you at all.










Submitted: September 06, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Origins and Tall Tales. All rights reserved.

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Isn't that just the truth. Fake Book especially, messes up so many lives. Well said, Origins!

Fri, September 6th, 2019 6:45pm


Derina Penn

Very well said. I think I have many more solid ground for not to use social media now.

Sat, September 7th, 2019 1:15pm

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