The Lighthouse Hotel

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Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high
time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This project involved either building or renovating a lighthouse and then renovating part of it and to annex a new building to the lighthouse. These new
plans would involve changes to their lives but they would meet new friends and acquaintances not to mention old friends from their past along the way who would affect their personal and
professional life. Although they had now located to Dorset they haven't ventured too far away from their Hampshire roots.The location for this new ambitious project would be based in Portland,the
lighthouse situated just outside the main town overlooking the grand harbour. Table of Chapters 1.The Lighthouse Hotel - 2.A new dawn for Tom and Leo 3.Leo meets Tinker for a tipple at "The Hope &
Anchor" 4.Mystery benefactor pays final hotel instalment 5.New and old acquaintances meet up on the eve of the grand opening 6.Tom laments Avril's sudden departure as opening day looms 7.Mystery
benefactor reveals his intentions for the hotel on opening day 8.Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests 9.Guests look on with horror as murder weekend begins with a shocking
discovery 10.Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood 11.Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she decides to rebuff his advances 12.Storm rages in Portland as Tragedy
strikes The Devereaux family once again 13.Freak accident at Hospital causes chaos as fire breaks out leaving death and destruction in it's path.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lighthouse Hotel

Submitted: September 06, 2019

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Submitted: September 06, 2019



The Lighthouse Hotel chapter 1  

A sequel to Solentville Tales
In the final chapter of "Solentville Tales" the readers were left with the news that Jan had passed away after her life support machine had been switched off.

Tom and Leo had to deal with the grief of not only losing a wife and beautiful mother but also that special bond which she had formed to hold the family together.

It had not been long since the loss of Lynn prior to Jan's own death which had saddened the whole family and shocked them to the core.Then there was the sex scandal involving Tom and his his affair with Mylene.

Both Leo and Tom had decided to move on with their lives after burying their beloved mother and  wife respectively. A new project was on the horizon and both were keen to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Tom's dream had always been to own a lighthouse, he hoped after lovingly restoring it he would be able to convert it in to a hotel and name it "The Lighthouse Hotel".

This project was to be funded by Tom's sale of his shares in the boat yard and the family house which had proved too much for him and Leo to deal with given it's size now that there was only the two of them.

"Beachy Head Lighthouse" had been chosen as the Intended property and they would move to their new location within the next few weeks once the sale of the house was finalised which would free up the money for the project to go ahead.

All that was left for them to do was to inform their friends and family in the "Solentville community that they were moving on with their lives and leaving the area for good.

It wasn't exactly the other side of the world but for some of those special friends whom they had known for many decades they would be sadly missed.

Leo was still haunted by the spectre of his mum appearing to him on the very night she died,he couldn't shake of his image of her in his mind and still couldn't believe she wasn't going to suddenly reappear in his life by some miracle.

Meanwhile Tom and Avril were developing a close relationship together as the days passed by and his imminent departure got nearer.

She wanted desperately for him to stay in "Solentville and give it one more try,she thought that perhaps they had a future together there and could make a go of their relationship.

Tom would hear none of it as he was adamant nothing would distract him from his new purpose in life.There was an added incentive for Leo too as he was a Lighthouse enthusiast but he also was an antiques dealer.

He would continue his business operations whilst assisting his father with the assistance of running the hotel in the first few months of it opening up to the public.

There was so much to do and a new chapter in their lives was about to get underway as the locals back home in "Solentville were about to say farewell to a dear friend.It was if he was about to embark on a long sea journey around the world..

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