The Lighthouse Hotel

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Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high
time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This involved either building or renovating a lighthouse and then renovating part of it and to annex a new building to the lighthouse. These new plans
would involve changes to their lives but they would meet new friends and acquaintances not to mention old friends from their past along the way who would affect their personal and professional
life. Although they had now located to Dorset they haven't ventured too far away from their Hampshire roots.The location for this new ambitious project would be based in Portland,the lighthouse
situated just outside the main town overlooking the grand harbour. Table of Chapters 1.The Lighthouse Hotel - 2.A new dawn for Tom and Leo 3.Leo meets Tinker for a tipple at "The Hope & Anchor"
4.Mystery benefactor pays final hotel instalment 5.New and old acquaintances meet up on the eve of the grand opening 6.Tom laments Avril's sudden departure as opening day looms 7.Mystery benefactor
reveals his intentions for the hotel on opening day 8.Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests 9.Guests look on with horror as murder weekend begins with a shocking discovery
10.Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood 11.Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she decides to rebuff his advances 12.Storm rages in Portland as Tragedy strikes The
Devereaux family once again 13.A freak accident at the hospitall causes chaos,death and destruction

Cast Tom - Maurice Colbourne Leo - Edward Highmore Avril - Susan Gilmore Eric - Chris Jury Lovejoy - Ian McShane Tinker - Dudley Sutton Lady Jane Harwood - Phyllis Logan Mr Laithwaite - David
Rhodes Isobella - Maria Gonzalez Susanna - Susan Kettlebrough Ken - Stephen Yardley Chef Reppold- Mark King Chef Lockwood - Paul Singleton Mr Laithwaite - Malcolm Tierney Maria - Maria Tomei Julia
- Julie Ann Batty Anna - Anna Maria Riccola Mylene - Mylène Gautier Foreman - Kevin Brown Butler - David Bunker Mr Fathersham - Richard Tingle Jonty Jones - Aled Jones Annette Brassey -Lynn
Pierrepont Bank Manager - Tony Machin Sir Charles - Tony Anholt (mystery benefactor)

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood

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Submitted: September 12, 2019



The Lighthouse Hotel Chapter 10 - Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood.
There was stunned silence between all of the members in the Gimcrack room,some folk had allowed morbid curiosity to get the better of them as they assembled along parts of the spiral staircase.

Tom appeared pale faced as he began to inspect the murder scene more thoroughly,meanwhile Mr Laithwaite was remaining tight lipped and pensive looking on impassively.

A few moments later the phone rang in the Georgian bedroom,Tom looked at Mr Laithwaite as if to enquire whether he should answer the call.

Both men decided to ignore the phone call as Tom left the room making his way passed a group of anxious looking guests towards the staircase.

He had decided to make the call to alert the authorities of this grim discovery and was about to dial the number when he was immediately interrupted by Mr Laithwaite.


Mr Laithwaite- I wouldn't do that if I was you sir,you see the whole murder scene has been stage managed to appear as if several gruesome murders have occurred here.

Tom- What on earth are you talking about?,didn't you observe all of the blood and carnage in that room?.

Mr Laithwaite- Come with me Tom I want to show you something.


Tom was taken back to The Georgian room once again,he inspected the scene scrupulously before realising that his original prognosis was indeed incorrect.

He placed his right index finger upon the substance which he initially thought was blood.After smelling and tasting it he realised that it was indeed red currant syrup.

He also noticed that the body parts appeared to be genuine human limbs because they were covered in so much of this fake blood substance.

He had also neglected to discover that these presumed victims were actually bit parts of several mannequins which had been torn up.

They were covered with synthetic rubber fibre which appeared to look like skin,the whole thing was an elaborate hoax,a set up but it was indeed convincing to the untrained eye.


Tom- Oh my word no wonder your members pay top dollar to attend these kind of events.Now then what about my carpet? It's only been laid a week ago will these syrup stains come out?.

Mr Laithwaite- Yes don't worry Tom I'll give you the name and address of a good carpet cleaner.Now then I've got a bit of a predicament on my hands what do I tell the guests?,do I keep them in suspense?.

Tom- I don't know and frankly I don't care,the old ticker has taken quite a bit of a hammering and I need to rest up and soothe my nerves with a glass of Jameson's Irish whisky.

Mr Laithwaite- Ok leave it with me,I'll sort this out see you later.

Tom- Yes quite !!! I'll be in the lobby if you need me again this evening.

Mr Laithwaite- Right ladies and gentlemen I have an important announcement to make.There won't be any crime scene investigation or police arriving here anytime soon.

You see it's all part of this wonderful murder mystery weekend extravaganza,you can all breath a huge sigh of relief,please come with me and I'll explain everything.


A tour of the Georgian room was soon arranged and the guests were shown how the murder scene had been put together,it appeared so realistic to most of them on first inspection.

Many of them were indeed gripped by the scene and could have easily been convinced that several murders had indeed taken place there.

Meanwhile Leo was struggling in his new role as a temporary kitchen assistant and was eager to depart this horrible hot house,the other chefs were not going to make life easy for him.


Chef Reppold- Check on !!!!!! One melon cocktail,two side salads,three vegetarian and Leo pull your finger out mate !!!!!!!.

Chef Lockwood- Leo fetch us two coppers down and don't ring 999 ha ha ha.

Leo- Alright guys you've had your fun but remember who pays the wages here.

Chef Reppold- We know who pays the wages Leo,it's your father,but every successful hotel needs a team of excellent chefs.Where would his business be without us?.

Chef Lockwood- Watch your mitts Leo that's red hot mate !!!!!

Chef Reppold- Leo I need you to clean all of these prep areas and try not to leave any pink stains like you did earlier.Please wash the surfaces down thoroughly and then report back to me once you have completed that task.

I have plenty of things to keep you busy with,who knows I might request the pleasure of your company once more again in the week ha ha.


It was now late in the afternoon when Tom was disturbed by a group of noisy visitors who had just entered the hotel's  front entrance.

He then realised to his surprise that it was indeed Tinker,Lovejoy and Eric.This really was too much to bare as he marched over to the bar where they stood waiting to be served.


Tom- You won't get a drink in here chaps,we are a little short of staff and I'm certainly not serving you.So why don't you all do me a big favour and sling your hook right now.

Tinker- My dear chap what kind of attitude is that to greet potential customers?,we are patrons and are willing to pay for a refreshing substance,that you mine host should be pleased to serve us weary gentlemen with.

Eric- I don't think he's in the mood to serve us do you Lovejoy?,come on chaps let's try "The Crown & Anchor pub,I'm sure they will take our brass and be welcome of our custom.

Lovejoy- We have some unfinished business to attend to Mr Devereaux and tell that Idol son of yours to get on the blower.

He needs to show his face once in a while up at my cottage or at Lady Jane's place namely Harwood Hall,good day to you sir.

Tom- I'm not his bloody secretary tell him yourself,good riddance to bad rubbish.


Tom was becoming increasingly stressed out given his obvious staff shortages and was looking at ways to recruit when he noticed an advert in the local newspaper.

There was a column advertising the services of Spanish students who were looking for roles to help finance their studies.

He became very interested in this advert and immediately phoned the number.What a stroke of luck he thought to himself that he could save money by recruiting staff who might want to live in.


Tom- Good day to you Madame,I'm just responding to your advertisement in The Dorset Times.I believe that you are looking for employment locally.

Well it might seem like I'm putting the horse before the cart to coin a phrase but I would be very interested to meet you for an informal chat to discuss the positions that I have available.

I run a hotel here in Portland and am looking to recruit temporary staff on an if and when required basis besides I can also offer living in positions.

Isobella- Hola !!! Buenos tardes,hello good evening, I'm sorry but my English is not as good as it should be,perhaps you would also like to meet some of my fellow students tomorrow morning at let's say 10am.There are 6 of us looking for work,what kind of positions do you have available at your hotel?.

Tom-Ok that's fine with me,first I need to give you some directions have you heard of The Beachy Head Lighthouse and are you local?.

Isobella- Who hasn't heard of that lighthouse?,yes we are based here in the south part of Dorset quite near to the old town of Portland,I presume the lighthouse is quite close to the sea !! ha ha.

Tom- Yes quite so Madame,I look forward to seeing you and your group of students at 10am tomorrow morning then.

Just ask for Tom Devereax at the reception desk if I happened to be somewhere else when you arrive.

My son Leo will be on reception and no doubt meet and greet you,perhaps I could ask him to give you a guided tour of the hotel and maybe the lighthouse if he's not too busy.

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