The Lighthouse Hotel

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Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high
time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This involved either building or renovating a lighthouse and then renovating part of it and to annex a new building to the lighthouse. These new plans
would involve changes to their lives but they would meet new friends and acquaintances not to mention old friends from their past along the way who would affect their personal and professional
life. Although they had now located to Dorset they haven't ventured too far away from their Hampshire roots.The location for this new ambitious project would be based in Portland,the lighthouse
situated just outside the main town overlooking the grand harbour. Table of Chapters 1.The Lighthouse Hotel - 2.A new dawn for Tom and Leo 3.Leo meets Tinker for a tipple at "The Hope & Anchor"
4.Mystery benefactor pays final hotel instalment 5.New and old acquaintances meet up on the eve of the grand opening 6.Tom laments Avril's sudden departure as opening day looms 7.Mystery benefactor
reveals his intentions for the hotel on opening day 8.Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests 9.Guests look on with horror as murder weekend begins with a shocking discovery
10.Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood 11.Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she decides to rebuff his advances 12.Storm rages in Portland as Tragedy strikes The
Devereaux family once again 13.A freak accident at the hospitall causes chaos,death and destruction

Cast Tom - Maurice Colbourne Leo - Edward Highmore Avril - Susan Gilmore Eric - Chris Jury Lovejoy - Ian McShane Tinker - Dudley Sutton Lady Jane Harwood - Phyllis Logan Mr Laithwaite - David
Rhodes Isobella - Maria Gonzalez Susanna - Susan Kettlebrough Ken - Stephen Yardley Chef Reppold- Mark King Chef Lockwood - Paul Singleton Mr Laithwaite - Malcolm Tierney Maria - Maria Tomei Julia
- Julie Ann Batty Anna - Anna Maria Riccola Mylene - Mylène Gautier Foreman - Kevin Brown Butler - David Bunker Mr Fathersham - Richard Tingle Jonty Jones - Aled Jones Annette Brassey -Lynn
Pierrepont Bank Manager - Tony Machin Sir Charles - Tony Anholt (mystery benefactor)

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she rebuffs his advances

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Submitted: September 12, 2019



The Lighthouse Hotel Chapter 11 - Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she rebuffs his advances.
The following morning Tom awoke bright and early having slept through the breakfast service.He was all psyched up for whatever life had in store for him today.

No doubt his perfect nights sleep was in part due to his nervous exhaustion given the events of the previous day.

It was now just after 10 am as he made his way quickly towards the reception desk.He was running late as he prepared the imminent arrival of 6 Spanish students who were seeking gainful employment.

He was quite relieved that he wouldn't be required to rely on his basic knowledge of Spanish when communicating with the interviewees.

Isobella had proved yesterday in her short conversation with Tom that she had a good grasp of the English language.

The group of ladies arrived 15 minutes later than their planned appointment time and arrived in he foyer and were just about to introduce themselves to Tom.


Tom- Good morning ladies I trust you managed to find the hotel without any difficulties.

Isabella- Hola !! Buenos Dias Que tal? (hi good morning how are you?.)

Tom- I'm fine thanks,you didn't say that you were going to give me Spanish lessons Isabella,ha ha and how are you?.

Isobella- Muy bien y tu? (Very well and you?), esta es (this is) Susanna,Maria,Julia,Anna and Mylene.You know me of course from our previous conversation yesterday.

Tom- Very well please come through I want to show you around our wonderful hotel and introduce you to a few of our members of staff.

Isobella- Vale !!! (Alright) but first I think we all need a little refreshment,do you have a cafe in the hotel or could you provide us with a drink Tom?.It's been a hectic journey for us all coming here this morning.

Tom- No problem what would you all like to drink?.

Isobella- Que desean?,(what would you like to drink ladies?).

Susanna- Un cafe solo (a black coffee)

Maria- Un cafe con leche (a coffee with milk)

Julia- Un aqua mineral (a mineral water)

Anna- Un zumo de naranja (an orange juice)

Mylène- Un refresco de limon (a lemon drink)

Isabella- Yo quiera una coca cola por favor (I would like a coca cola please).

Tom- Ok ladies coming up,I'll be back soon and please don't be too hard on me as it's been a wee while since I last spoke Spanish so I'm a bit rusty.


Tom was feeling rather pleased with himself as he made his way towards the bar area as Isobella had taken quite a shine to him.

He noticed that she couldn't keep her eyes of him and was constantly fluttering them at him whilst biting her top lip,this was a sigh that she fancied him or so Tom thought.

Meanwhile it was Leo's day off work and he was determined to get his antiques business up and running whether that was with or without Lovejoy's help.

He and his father had discussed his involvement with Lovejoy and Leo had taken on board his father's advice about not too deeply involved in business matters with this local scoundrel.

The Interviewing process lasted for almost an hour and a half and Tom was now in a position where he could offer all of the interviewees a role within the hotel.

He still needed a duty manager and 2 or 3 waitresses and then there was the recent chambermaid vacancy made available.The lady had disgraced herself by sleeping with Lovejoy and had left without giving any notice.

He decided to employ one of the ladies to fill the role on the reception desk.This would free up his duties so that he could then concentrate all of his energies on promoting the hotel and being hands on with the business side of things.

He decided to take the delightful Isobella out for lunch after the interviews had been concluded.The ladies were shown their living quarters and would commence work in the evening for dinner service.


Tom- I don't know about you Isobella but I could eat a scabby horse right now,I'm absolutely famished.

Isobella- Tom you are so funny,I really love all of those quirky amusing English expressions that you come out with.Why don't we have a picnic on the beach over there?.

Tom- Well if you really want to,I thought we might go to my club it's been a while since I last played a round of golf and mingled with some of the local toffs up there.

Isobella- You mean that you want to show me off as your new partner up there right?.

Tom- Now you've made me blush dear,come on I'll arrange for the chefs to fix us up a nice little picnic then we can remain within sight of this majestic lighthouse.You know it's haunted don't you allegedly by three ghosts.

Isobella- Really that is fascinating,I love anything mysterious or quaint.I did a history degree on the wars fought between France and Spain.

Tom- Oh right well coming back to the subject of ghosts there is the famous "Scarlett Vamp.She's absolutely terrifying,legend had it that a lighthouse keeper awoke to find her floating over his bed one night.

Her red eyes were piercing down on him and the poor chap had a heart attack and died black in his bed.

Isobella- Tell me more,ok I'll be waiting in the reception area whilst you arrange for the picnic hamper?.

Tom- Yes it won't take more than a few minutes as we have them already prepared for guests who decide to go out for the day and skip lunch.It's a novel way of making an extra income which the business might lose out on.


After a short wait Tom and Isobella made their way to "Headlands point" which was a little cove that was positioned just off the lighthouse but within easy reach of the promenade.

The views were spectacular as the sea began to splash on the nearby rocks which created a sea spray and foam which soaked both of them as they quickly ran for shelter.

There was a slight south easterly breeze which kept the temperature down to a mild 22 degrees Celsius.

Tom was more excited about bedding this gorgeous Spanish damsel than indulging himself with anything that the picnic hamper had to offer.His pulse began to race and his heart was beating like an express train.

Tom immediately threw down the picnic towel and surveyed the wonderful landscape and scenery before passing a few nibbles to Isobella.


Isobella- This is the life wow pink champagne !!!!!,my favourite drink is cava though and I've got a few bottles back at home if you ever fancy a glass.

My father owns a vin yard in Portocolom in Majorca and we export quite a lot of it to the UK.

Tom- Really you don't say?,you know it's funny I couldn't take my eyes off you from the first moment we met.

It was like one of those moments when one stares at a beautiful woman across a crowded room and one is instantly captivated by her and she lights up your whole world because she is the star of all stars and that is you my dear.

Isobella- Oh Tom I'm truly flattered by your comments really I am but we have only just met and I am about to be employed as your new duty manager.I'm afraid business and pleasure rarely mix in my view.

Tom- Oh please don't rain on my parade dear,come here and give your Uncle Tom a quick peck on the cheek 

Isobella- How dare you take advantage of me !!!!! I'll thank you to keep your hands to yourself you dirty old man.

Tom- What was that for?,I was only stroking your thighs dear.

Isobella- Enough !!!! I'm going home and you can stick your position where the sun doesn't shine.

Tom- Isobella- Come back to me !!!!! I'm so sorry please forgive me for being so forward.It's just that I have always been brought up to believe that latin women are easily seduced.

Isobella- Well I'm not !!!! so there !!!! and I'm going to advise my group to decline your offer of employment.

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