The Lighthouse Hotel

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Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high
time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This involved either building or renovating a lighthouse and then renovating part of it and to annex a new building to the lighthouse. These new plans
would involve changes to their lives but they would meet new friends and acquaintances not to mention old friends from their past along the way who would affect their personal and professional
life. Although they had now located to Dorset they haven't ventured too far away from their Hampshire roots.The location for this new ambitious project would be based in Portland,the lighthouse
situated just outside the main town overlooking the grand harbour. Table of Chapters 1.The Lighthouse Hotel - 2.A new dawn for Tom and Leo 3.Leo meets Tinker for a tipple at "The Hope & Anchor"
4.Mystery benefactor pays final hotel instalment 5.New and old acquaintances meet up on the eve of the grand opening 6.Tom laments Avril's sudden departure as opening day looms 7.Mystery benefactor
reveals his intentions for the hotel on opening day 8.Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests 9.Guests look on with horror as murder weekend begins with a shocking discovery
10.Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood 11.Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she decides to rebuff his advances 12.Storm rages in Portland as Tragedy strikes The
Devereaux family once again 13.A freak accident at the hospitall causes chaos,death and destruction

Cast Tom - Maurice Colbourne Leo - Edward Highmore Avril - Susan Gilmore Eric - Chris Jury Lovejoy - Ian McShane Tinker - Dudley Sutton Lady Jane Harwood - Phyllis Logan Mr Laithwaite - David
Rhodes Isobella - Maria Gonzalez Susanna - Susan Kettlebrough Ken - Stephen Yardley Chef Reppold- Mark King Chef Lockwood - Paul Singleton Mr Laithwaite - Malcolm Tierney Maria - Maria Tomei Julia
- Julie Ann Batty Anna - Anna Maria Riccola Mylene - Mylène Gautier Foreman - Kevin Brown Butler - David Bunker Mr Fathersham - Richard Tingle Jonty Jones - Aled Jones Annette Brassey -Lynn
Pierrepont Bank Manager - Tony Machin Sir Charles - Tony Anholt (mystery benefactor)

Chapter 13 (v.1) - A freak accident at the hospital causes chaos,death and destruction

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Submitted: September 14, 2019



The Lighthouse Hotel Chapter 13 - A freak accident at the hospital causes chaos,death and destruction
Isobella had just arrived in the nick of time as she quickly called the emergency services.

Isobella- Hello I need urgent medical assistance for a man in his 40's,I think he's broken both of his legs and may have a damaged spine.

Call Handler- I see,well just try to remain calm and don't move the injured man,what is your location?.

Isobella- It's the Beachy Head Lighthouse hotel in Portland

Call Handler- Ok an ambulance should arrive in the next half an hour, but please bare with us as the weather is causing delays for our crews due to the treacherous conditions.


Isobella was becoming frantic with concern and was now starting to think that Tom wasn't going to survive the night given the seriousness of his injuries.

Half an hour seemed to be an eternity as finally an air ambulance crew arrived on the scene.It had been a risky journey for them as they had to make their way through driving rain and prevailing winds.

Quickly the paramedics assessed Tom's injuries and quickly strapped his broken body on to a stretcher after protecting him with a neck brace.

Isobella- How is he?,is he going to be alright?.

Paramedic- I'm sorry love it doesn't look great on first inspection,has he got any close family members who we can contact?.

He might only have a couple of hours left to live,I'm concerned about the bad weather conditions and the safety of my crew.


There was a short pause before Isobella made her way in to the hotel's main hallway.She ran towards the reception area looking for Leo but he was nowhere to be found.

A member of the air ambulance rescue team suddenly appeared as the hotel's guests were now becoming aware of Tom's tragic accident and the unfolding events.

Paramedic- I'm sorry but we will have to leave now,a member of our staff will attempt to make contact with his next of kin once we have safely transported him to hospital.


There wasn't much more Isobella could do as she continued her search for Leo.The hotel was now in complete darkness as a result of the storm damage which had knocked out the main source of electricity.

There was a mad scramble and panic developing  as the guests started to look for candles,many of them were becoming concerned about their health and safety.

It was like the blind leading the blind as nobody had any answers for their immediate predicament which they faced.

Meanwhile the air ambulance was just about to take off despite the atrocious weather conditions it faced.

Visibility was down to 30 yards as the aircraft began to start up it's engines preparing for the dangerous journey through the stormy skies of Portland to it's base and an awaiting ambulance.

There was still no word on Leo's whereabouts and Isobella had no idea how to reach him since she had no personal contact information.

She decided to check with reception and ventured in to Tom's office to see if she could find his mobile number.

Some sense of normality had now been restored to the hotel with the guests having access to candles which had been stored in a cleaning cupboard behind the reception desk.

Many had become weary and just wanted a good nights rest whilst others were propping up the bar in search of a much needed drink to take their minds off the evenings dramatic events.

The lack of power meant that the consumption of alcohol was at a premium and the till was out of service so the bar man had to add the costs to the customers tab.

Finally Isobella managed to locate Leo after several fruitless attempts,he had been staying with Lady Jane Harwood at her country house.

Lovejoy had arranged for all of his colleagues to be present at a meeting in relation to their mutual involvement with their antiques business.


Isobella- Leo is that you?,I'm sorry to be the bearer of some very sad news.

Lovejoy- No this is Lovejoy,I'll just get him,I say Leo you're wanted on the phone.

Leo- Right thanks Lovejoy,hello this is Leo what can I do for you?.

Isobella- It's your father Leo he's had an accident and his survival chances don't look great from what I saw.

Leo- Why what's happened?,the last time I saw him he was attempting to climb up to the hotel's roof,I told him it was a bad idea but he never listens,how is he?.

Isobella- I think he's sustained two broken legs and a badly crushed spine,he landed on his head when he fell off the ladders from what I can gather.

Leo- Oh my lord !!!!!! It's worse than I first feared I can't have been gone for more than a few minutes when this happened.Now I'm starting to feel guilty that I wasn't there for him when he had his accident.

Isobella- He's been taken to hospital via the air ambulance,I presume he will be operated on straight away in the spinal injuries theatre.

Leo- Right I know where that is,I'm on my way now.Did the medic say how long the journey to the hospital would take? and what time did the air ambulance leave the hotel?.

Isobella- They left here about half an hour ago so if all goes well they should be arriving anytime now.


The phone line went dead as Leo replaced the handset and made his speedy exit out of Lady Jane's country house.

The other antique dealers looked rather surprised at what could have caused his speedy departure so suddenly without an explanation to any of them.

He quickly got on his Yamaha motor bike and sped off into the night,the driving conditions were dangerous and he was taking risks given the speed he was now travelling at.

Meanwhile the air ambulance had now arrived safely at the heliport and Tom was about to be lifted on to an awaiting wheeled stretcher which would take him to the hospitals operating theatre.

His life was hanging by a thread and at one point the medics thought that they had lost him as they couldn't find a pulse.

Leo was just about to enter the hospitals main car park when there was an almighty flash of lightening which lit up the night sky followed by a sharp clap of thunder.

Suddenly there was a loud crunching sound and it appeared that a tree had been hit and was about to come crashing down to earth upon the hospitals main reception area.

Leo quickly threw himself off his bike to avoid being crushed by the trees heavy branches but to no avail.He was killed instantly with one sharp blow to the head.

The tree had smashed three cars which had been parked up nearby leaving five people dead and several others injured in it's trail of destruction.

The disaster didn't end there as a huge fire started in the hospital's main reception area followed by a huge explosion.

Some gas cylinders had been carelessly left at the front of the building and these had exploded when the fire had begun to scorch them.

These dangerous containers exploded causing a massive hole in the walls surrounding the main front entrance to the building.

The sound of fire engines could be heard in the distance as the emergency services made their way to the scene in a valiant effort to quell the flames and save lives.

In the end nobody survived this terrible inferno which had taken the lives of both Tom and Leo closing the chapter to the Devereaux family forever.

There was a terrible stench of singed flesh which filled the night air as death had shown no mercy acquiring a few more souls to it's list.

The fire was eventually put out at approximately one minute to midnight as a local priest was summoned to pray for the souls who perished on this fateful night

The End

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