The Lighthouse Hotel

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Tom and Leo have now moved on with their lives after the recent tragic events which unfolded in the last chapter of Solentville Tales.Having lost his wife and daughter Tom decided that it was high
time he and Leo engaged in a new project. This involved either building or renovating a lighthouse and then renovating part of it and to annex a new building to the lighthouse. These new plans
would involve changes to their lives but they would meet new friends and acquaintances not to mention old friends from their past along the way who would affect their personal and professional
life. Although they had now located to Dorset they haven't ventured too far away from their Hampshire roots.The location for this new ambitious project would be based in Portland,the lighthouse
situated just outside the main town overlooking the grand harbour. Table of Chapters 1.The Lighthouse Hotel - 2.A new dawn for Tom and Leo 3.Leo meets Tinker for a tipple at "The Hope & Anchor"
4.Mystery benefactor pays final hotel instalment 5.New and old acquaintances meet up on the eve of the grand opening 6.Tom laments Avril's sudden departure as opening day looms 7.Mystery benefactor
reveals his intentions for the hotel on opening day 8.Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests 9.Guests look on with horror as murder weekend begins with a shocking discovery
10.Murder scene proves to be an elaborate hoax as Tom seeks new blood 11.Tom gets all fruity with Isobella but she decides to rebuff his advances 12.Storm rages in Portland as Tragedy strikes The
Devereaux family once again 13.A Freak accident at the hospital causes chaos,death and destruction.

Cast Tom - Maurice Colbourne Leo - Edward Highmore Avril - Susan Gilmore Eric - Chris Jury Lovejoy - Ian McShane Tinker - Dudley Sutton Lady Jane Harwood - Phyllis Logan Mr Laithwaite - David
Rhodes Isobella - Maria Gonzalez Susanna - Susan Kettlebrough Ken - Stephen Yardley Chef Reppold- Mark King Chef Lockwood - Paul Singleton Mr Laithwaite - Malcolm Tierney Maria - Maria Tomei Julia
- Julie Ann Batty Anna - Anna Maria Riccola Mylene - Mylène Gautier Foreman - Kevin Brown Butler - David Bunker Mr Fathersham - Richard Tingle Jonty Jones - Aled Jones Annette Brassey -Lynn
Pierrepont Bank Manager - Tony Machin Sir Charles - Tony Anholt (mystery benefactor)

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



The Lighthouse Hotel Chapter 8 - Tom rages at Lovejoy as mystery surrounds the uninvited guests.
It was a stormy night which prevented some of the guests from enjoying a peaceful nights sleep as the rain lashed down on the Lighthouse hotel.

Tom suddenly awoke upon the sound of his bedroom window being flung open,there was a terrible draft which blew straight through his room.

As he approached the curtains to close the window he immediately noticed a shadow on the wall which was on the opposite side to where he was sleeping.

The shadow seemed to move at will and was unconnected to the elements outside which were battering the front of the hotel.

He didn't know what to make of it as he made his way back to his warm bed,he convinced himself that it was all in his imagination due to tiredness.

Just a minute later a bright beam of light appeared across his room and the other bedrooms in the hotel.There then followed a rather strange sound like a distress call from a boat that might have got into difficulties in the nearby harbour.

It was as if Tom was having a bad recurring dream as once again his bedroom window flung open and it refused to remain shut throughout this rather stormy night in Portland.

It was now 3am in the morning and Tom was sat up and wide awake,he was becoming inquisitive as to why his room should have been lit up with the bright beacon and what was the source of the sound which followed.

He decided to make his way downstairs wearing only a pair of pyjamas and a night shirt.As he approached the main entrance towards the reception area he noticed what appeared to be several wet footprints.

These prints seemed to start from the main doorway in to the hotel and finished halfway down the stairs to the first floor.

How curious he thought to himself,why would anyone walk halfway up the stairs then retreat and then not make any further progress on returning to where they had come?.

He wasn't the only person who was having a restless night as he encountered a few people who seemed to be either sleepwalking or going for a wander.


Tom- I say do you know what time it is?.

Lovejoy- Yes it's time I had my nightcap,I must say this weather is making me feel rather unsettled.

Tom- I didn't notice your name on the guest list or on the register Lovejoy,what are you doing walking around half naked at this unearthly hour in my hotel?.

Lovejoy- It's a long story squire,you see Lady Jane invited me to the party but as I had a previous engagement I couldn't get here until just after midnight,so I just turned up and managed to sneak in at the last moment.

Tom-Yes but you must be staying in another of our guests room with someone I presume.

Lovejoy- I say be a good fellow and keep quiet about this,I'm in room 73 and am currently being entertained by a couple of gorgeous damsels in distress.These stormy nights can be a terrifying experience for impressionable young ladies.

Tom- Ok spare me the details one doesn't need to know too much information,I'll bid you good night.


Tom returned to his room and soon forgot about his conversation with Lovejoy as he placed his weary head back on to the duck feathered pillow.

He managed uninterrupted sleep for the remainder of the night until his alarm clock woke him up at 7am.

His first task was to oversee the breakfast arrangements and to be available in case there were any problems,although he wouldn't be actually serving any of the customers himself.

He was halfway down the stairs when he bumped in to Tinker who was another person whom he was quite surprised to see and wasn't on the register.


Tinker- I say what a splendid morning it is,I trust you managed to sleep through that awful storm we had last night,I could murder a nice cup of tea.

Tom- Right you are sir,but first let's see if Tinker is on the register shall we and then I will be happy to escort you to your breakfast table.

Tinker- Well my full name is Charlie Gimbert but you won't find me listed on any piece of paper.I was invited to the party but am not a paying customer.

Please see Lovejoy for my expenses,I bet he didn't get much sleep last night if the noise coming from next doors bedroom was anything to go by.

Tom- Really this is too much,I've got a good mind to throw you both out of the hotel this instance ,what a bloody cheek you just wait here until I've dealt with Mr Lovejoy.

Tinker- He's in room 73 

Tom- yes I know he is,I say open up Lovejoy,I need to speak with you urgently,come on man I haven't got all day please answer me won't you?.


Tom decided that he had no alternative but to you use brute force as he broke down the door only to find to his amazement that there was nobody in the room.

The bed looked like it had not been disturbed,how curious he thought to himself,what exactly was going on in his hotel he thought.

He quickly made his way to the first floor balcony where he eventually saw two familiar figures making their way towards the hotel car park.

The cheeky blighter he muttered to himself as he noticed Lovejoy with a lady on each arm followed by his associate Tinker.

He quickly ran down the stairs as quickly as his legs would take him before finally running out of breath and positioning himself in front of the Bentley car which Lovejoy was driving.


Lovejoy- You look like you could do with a health check up at your local quacks old boy,I say you're looking rather peaky.

Tom- Where the hell were you staying in my hotel last night?,I thought you said that you were in room 73,well I checked and it's empty.

Lovejoy- Oh yes I see what you mean Tom,well after I finished sleeping with your housemaid she kindly rewarded me by making up the bed again so it would appear that it hadn't been slept in.

Tom- You did what !!!!!!,I forbid you to have any business dealings with my son,he doesn't need the likes of you and your crew of muppets good day I do hope we won't meet again.

Lovejoy- Oh I think we will meet again sooner than you think old man,Leo has just signed the necessary forms and is now an associate of Lovejoy Antiques.The contract is legally binding and there's not much you can do about it,ha ha good day to you sir.


This really was too much for Tom to bare as he made his way back to the hotel.To say that he was in a foul mood would be an understatement.

He decided to speak with Leo and try to convince him to sever his ties with Lovejoy and his associates.

Leo was nowhere to be found and what's more a huge queue of guests were now assembling at the reception area.He would have to speak to Leo at a later time as Tom began to address the guests complaints.


Mr Fathersham- I say do you know how long I have been waiting for my breakfast?,45 minutes it's an absolute disgrace,what kind of business are you running here?.

Tom-I'm really sorry to hear that sir,I'll get on to the waiting staff and chefs and find out what's caused the delay,how can I help you dear?.

Annette Brassey- Last night there was a stranger in my bedroom and he was dripping wet,I could just about make out his features,but what was he doing in my room?,it doesn't make any sense.

Tom- Why dear,what did he look like?.

Annette- Well sir he was dressed like an old sea captain from what I could make out,I think he had a beard and spoke in a very peculiar tongue,he scared the living daylights out of me.

Tom- Did you alert reception about this intruder?.

Annette Brassey- No this is precisely why I am telling you,but you haven't heard the best part he simply vanished in to thin air.

He couldn't have broken in to the room from the outside because I always lock my bedroom from the inside and in any case I kept the key under my pillow.

Tom- Oh boy this just gets better and better and to think  murder mystery weekend will be starting in a few hours time,ok leave it with me dear I'll get security to check it out.

Jonty Jones- I say can't we have some service here?,it's an absolute disgrace,I'm so thirsty that my tongue's hanging out like a Staffordshire pit bull terrier's.

Tom- I'm right on to it sir,ok folks I need to be somewhere else right now so if you would just excuse me for a moment.

Leo I say where the heck have you been?,I need you to man the main reception whilst I sort out what is causing the breakfast orders to be delayed.

Leo- Right you are dad,I'm on to it.


Normal service was eventually resumed as breakfast arrived in the form of a buffet service.
The guests were informed about the shortage of staff and that there might be a few teething problems with the hotel in the first few days and that their patience was gratefully appreciated.

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