I Am the Mountain

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i wrote this poem in college after taking an environmental ecology class. specifically, we were studying the ways in which people have tried to build homes on volcanoes and subvert the lava flow, and other ways that men have tried to control nature.
i also happened to be very unhappily married.
as i wrote, this poem took on a life of its own, and i think it is particularly appropriate today.

Submitted: September 07, 2019

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



I Am the Mountain

"Because she was there," he proclaimed with a grin,
As he raised his eyes to her crest.
"I am the first to plant my flag,"
He boasted, beating his breast.

But he was not the first and he shan't be last
To claim the conquest of my kind;
And I had a secret he was yet to know
But one he was fated to find.

I am the mountain in all her grace,
And I let him have his way.
But he thought he could tame my wild game,
And he cut my flora away.

He laughed when I rumbled; he shrugged when I shook.
He thought he had mastered me.
For he knew nothing of the fire inside,
That soon I’d make him see:

I am the mountain with heart aflame,
And I held him in my hand
While he looked around, the feeble soul,
And tried to claim my land.

He tried to name me after him.
He built his house on me.
But when he crowned himself my king,
I made him bow to me.

My rumble turned to a thunderous roar.
My gentle shake turned violent.
And there on his land, my master stood,
Suddenly pale and silent.

Then he begged and bargained with me,
As any monarch would.
But I am the mountain, merciless,
And I crushed him where he stood.

And I left no trace of that mighty man,
Nor the ones who'd come before.
But I don't pretend this is the end,
For there are always more.

© Copyright 2019 Jenna V. S. Roberts. All rights reserved.

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