A Night Out At The Theatre

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Simon lives in a parallel world where movies haven't been invented. He and his uni mates go out to see the play 'Scream' where he meets Neve Campbell, the star of the play, and they fall in love.

We had just finished having dinner and returned to our block from the dining room. It was in April 1996. I was 21 years old at the time. A fully grown adult now. I had been studying my bachelors of science at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, in a parallel world.

Me and my uni mates were staying at University House, part of the Halls of Residence, on Dey St. I followed my friends into the living room where they were listening to the news on the radio. They had play scripts and comic books.

“So,” said Steve clapping his hands together “What shall we do tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Debra “It’s Friday night. We should go out”.

“We could go the theatre,” said Katherine from Oak Clan “Watch a play”.

“That sounds like a good idea,” I said “I like it”.

“Come on then” said Steven.

So we all hopped into Kate’s car. She pulled out of the garage. Andrew closed the garage door and locked it. Then hopped into the car. We turned onto Day Street and headed into the city centre. Once we reached Hamilton Central, Kate parked the car in the parking complex. We climbed out of the car and headed to Centre Point Plaza. We took the escalator to the 1st floor and walked towards the theatres at the western end of the mall.

We went up to the ticket booth. I asked Steve “Which play are we seeing?”

“Scream” he replied.


Once I stepped up to the counter, I asked for a ticket to Scream. The clerk said “It will be in Theatre number eight”.

I joined my uni mates in the foyer, followed them down the corridor turning left into the theatre. We showed our tickets to the usher who directed us to our seats with a smile on his face. We found our seats and sat down. They played some music and ads on the speakers about the upcoming plays.

“You think it will be a good play?” asked Kate.

“Sure hope so” said Steve.

“It will be great” I said.

The lights went out. The curtains opened to the scene where this teenage blonde girl was preparing popcorn on the stove when the phone rang. She picked up the phone and said “Hello?”

“What are you doing?” said a creepy voice over the speakers.

“Making popcorn. We’re going to listen to a play on the radio”.

“What type of play”.

“A horror”.

“Do you like scary plays?”

“Yes”. The girl took the popcorn off the stove.

“What’s your favourite scary play?”

“Nightmare on Elm Street. Who is this?”

“I ask the questions around here. Look out the window”. The girl flicked on the light switch revealing a guy in a sports jacket tied to a chair. The window was previously dark. “Now listen here. I’ll ask you this question. If you get it wrong, your boyfriend gets it. Is that clear?”

The girl was clearly frightened by this. I could tell by her body language she was stressed. She said “Yes”.

I could not remember the exact question. But it involved Freddy Krueger and his childhood. I know she got it wrong because he said “Wrong answer. Look out the window”.

The girl screamed as she looked in the window to find her boyfriend slashed in the stomach, guts hanging out. Suddenly this guy dressed in a black gown and white Halloween ghost mask started chasing after the girl with a butcher’s knife in hand. She ran out of the sitting room out into the front yard which was now illuminated with a tree in it. She screamed when she ran from him, tripped over onto the ground. By the time she turned over on her back he was on top of her.

He lifted up the knife and slashed her abdomen, blood pouring out of her stomach. Her guts came out all over the floor. The light went out over the lawn.

Her parents came into the living. Dad called out her name as her mum ran onto the lawn. The mum screamed, it was a good scream too. The dad ran towards the lawn which was now illuminated again, revealing her daughter hung over the tree with her guts hanging out. Her parents were shocked, their jaws dropped at the sight of it. Then the curtains came down.

People murmured for a while before the curtains were raised again. Andrew said “That was gruesome”.

The next scene showed the school kids arriving at school. Matthew Lillard, who would go on to play Shaggy in the plays Scooby Doo and Scooby Doo 2, said “Did you here about that murder that happened last night? Some poor girl was found hanging from the tree with her guts hanging out”.

“Oh, that’s awful,” Replied Rose McGowan, who voiced one of the witches in the Charmed radio plays. She played his girlfriend.

“What do you think, Syd?” asked Skeet Ulrich who played her boyfriend.

“Terrible” replied Neve Campbell.

There was also Drew Barrymore and a black couple in the group. They sat on the fountain. Courtney Cox played the radio reporter while David Arquette, who married Courtney Cox in real life, played a cop.

The curtains came down again. Then opened up. Sid's upstairs bedroom had been illuminated. Sid was busy with her homework when her boyfriend, Billy, climbed through the window.

“What are you doing here?” said Sid.

“I missed you”.

They passionately kissed on the lips, wrapping their arms around each other before letting her go. Neve Campbell was so pretty in her ponytail and jeans. They waved goodbye to each as he climbed out the window. That’s when she received the call.

“Hello, Sid” said the mysterious caller over the speakers.

“Who is this?” demanded Neve.

“Look out your back porch”.

Neve ran down the stairs to the now illuminated sitting room and kitchen. She opened the door to be confronted by the guy with the black gown and ghost mask. He chased her round the living room and kitchen. He disappeared behind a cupboard and reappeared from the book case.

Kate whispered “There’s two of them”.

“Yeah,” I said “two guys playing the same villain”.

She went upstairs to her bedroom, called 911 and said “Can you put me onto the police. There’s a stalker after me”.

She went down stairs, only to be chased by ghost face again. She ran out the front door. The stalker took off as the cop arrives at the scene. She found the mask in her room.

In the next scene, she was seated at the police station with Rose McGowan who played the cop’s younger sister. She seemed to have admonished him over something. He asked Sid what happened and she explained the incident. Then the curtains fell and rose again to reveal Sid and Rose in Rose’s bedroom. 

The next scene was in the high school  corridor. Neve was at her locker getting out some books when two guys dressed in ghost masks ran through the corridor scaring her half to death. The school principal called them over, dragged them to his office which was now illuminated.

“Sorry, Sir” said the first culprit.

“We didn’t think?”

“You’re both suspended. For two weeks!”

“Oh, come on, sir”.

“That’s final. Now go!”

The two culprits left the office, their heads hung low. I could tell they felt despondent.

The curtains came down again. Then rose up again. This time showing what was obviously a teenage party at Billy’s place. Neve went upstairs with Skeet to the bedroom which was now illuminated. They kissed each other on the lips and had sex. The lights went out on the bedroom.

The sitting room was illuminated. They were listening to a horror play on the radio while eating popcorn. Lilliard talked about the laws of horror plays. Rose said “I’ll go get some more beers” as she left the room. The curtain came down.

The curtain rose again to reveal a garage. Rose opened up the fridge to look for beers when she was confronted by ghost mask. She said “Hi. Am I suppose to scream or something?”

Ghost mask nodded as Rose smiled. Then her jaw dropped as ghost mask revealed a sharp butcher’s knife. Realising the seriousness of the situation she ran past ghost mask who pressed the button, causing the garage door to close. When she climbed through the door in the garage, ghost mask pressed another button causing the garage door to go up. Rose screamed as her body got squeezed around the waist. Blood pouring out her stomach and mouth. Ghost face disappeared as Courtney and Arquette arrived at the scene.

Their jaw dropped as they saw McGowan’s body in the garage door.

The curtains fell, then rose again showing the living room and kitchen. Sid was chased around the kitchen by ghost mask who stabbed billy in the guts. Neve screamed. The other teenagers ran out of the house. Neve was chased around. She was chased around by ghost mask. The kitchen went dark, then illuminated again. She was being chased by ghost mask when she saw the other ghost face.

“There is two of them” whispered Andrew.

The two stalkers removed their ghost masks. They turned out to be Matthew Lilliard and Skeet Ulrich. Billy revealed a fake blood package. 

“Hello, Sid,” said Lilliard “It was us all along”.

Neve stabbed Lilliard in the guts; blood leaking out of his abdomen. Lilliard doubled over. Then Arquette arrived at the scene and shot Billy in the back. Sid was safe again and the culprits were caught. Arquette escorted Neve out of the living room onto the front lawn. Flashing red and blue lights as they walked off the stage.

“Come on, Sid,” said Arquette “Lets go home”.

That was when the curtains came down. We stood up and clapped as the actors came out on stage and bowed to us. The girls curtsied.

“Bravo” I yelled.

We poured out of the theatre as the actors went to the back of the stage. As we exited the theatre I walked over to Neve Campbell and said “Neve Campbell”. She turned to me. Man, I was so terrified at the time. Neve Campbell was so hot with her black hair and slender build. My heart was beating fast. “I just saw you in the play. You are so amazing. I-I find you attractive”.

“Really?” said Neve, smiling at me as she tucked her hair behind her left ear.

“I would l-l-like to go out with you if that’s Ok”.

I was so nervous, my heart was beating fast.

“Ok,” replied Neve biting her lower lip “Why don’t you come out for a few drinks then. Get to know each other”.

My heart burst open. I felt butterflies throughout my whole body. “O-o-ok. I’d like that”.

“Can we come too?” asked Andrew.

“Sure, why not” said Matthew Lilliard.

Neve introduced us to her co stars and the director, who was Wes Craven, and Kevin Williamson who was the writer of the play. 

“Hi,” said Wes offering me a handshake “Nice to meet you. Let’s go get us some drinks”.

Wes gave us a grin. Neve grabbed my hand and led me through the foyer of the theatre, signing autographs along the way. Neve had such a beautiful smile. She was gorgeous. I couldn’t believe I was going on a date with Neve Campbell!

Neve turned to me and said “Come on. Let’s hit the night clubs” as she grabbed my hand and led me out of the theatres.




I could not believe it. I was actually sitting on the bar stool talking to Neve Campbell at the Outback Inn! I never thought I’d get a date with Neve Campbell. The Neve Campbell. We just sat at the bar stools getting to know each other as we drank our xlr8s. Remember when xlr8s came out in the 90s.

Neve Campbell was born on the third of October 1973 which made her 22 years old at the time. I was born on February 5th 1975. She was born in Gulpho, Ontario, Canada. I was born in Te Puia Springs, north of Gisborne. Neve had three brothers named Christian, Alex and Damian and a cousin named Tamara Taylor. I had two older brothers and an older sister aged between 34 and 38. They all had children.

Neve's parents had divorced when she was only two years old. She used to do ballet when she was younger, but after sustaining too many injuries, she turned to acting. She had been a voice actor in the Family of Five radio plays. Then she starred in her first play called The Craft, which was about four Catholic high school girls who delved in magic. One of them lost her mind after being corrupted by power, so one of them had to stop them. That was the first play she starred in.

Now she spent the last year starring in the play Scream. She asked me “So, what are your hobbies” as she placed her hand on mine.

I replied “I played in the school play, Mabel, which was about the first woman in cabinet in New Zealand. Then I decided to pursue writing as I like to write plays and I’d like to write comic books too”.

“Well. You write plays,” said Neve touching my arm “You should let me read one of your plays. Show it to Wes Craven. He might like your play”.

“Ok,” I said “Want to go dance?”


We hopped down from our stools. I grabbed Neve's hand as we headed onto the dance floor. We danced to Self Esteem by Offspring, Teen Spirit by Nirvana whose lead singer Kurt Korban killed himself, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Hells Bells by ACDC, November Rain by Guns and Roses and Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jove.

All of a sudden Neve placed her arms around my shoulders as I placed my arms around her waist. We kissed each other passionately on the lips, sticking our tongues in each other’s mouths. Damn, Neve Campbell is a mighty fine kisser indeed. I felt her tongue in my mouth. Neve pulled back and smiled at me. I smiled back. I felt warm all over, my heart was pounding hard against my chest.

“Should we head off to your place?” asked Neve.

“Yes,” I said “Let's go”.

I placed my right arm round Neve's waist, said our goodbyes. Neve shouting “Simon and I are heading to his place”.

“All right” said Wes Craven.

“Be safe” said Steve.

Neve and I left the Outback Inn and walked towards the street where we climbed into the taxi.




Neve Campbell and I arrived at my room. I unlocked my door and said “Ladies first” as I opened the door for her.

“You’re such a gentleman,” said Neve as she entered my room first with a smile on her face. I entered the room after her, switching on the fluorescent lights. Neve turned to me and asked “Do you want to fuck?”

“Sure,” I said “Lets”.

I closed the door behind me. Neve walked up to me, kissed me on the lips. She unbuttoned my jeans, undid my belt. I took off her shirt. I took off my shirt as she took off her shoes and paints. Neve directed my hand beneath her undies towards her pussy. She stuck her hand down my undies and massaged my dick, which went erect. Her pussy felt wet and sticky.

Neve dragged me onto my bed. I lay on top of her, massaging her breasts. She orgasm as she whispered “Stick it in”.

I inserted my penis into her pussy and rubbed myself hard against her. Neve arched her neck as she orgasm with a smile on her face. My penis felt nice and warm inside Neve Campbell’s pussy. I’m having sex with Neve Campbell! Who would have believed. Me, having sex with Neve Campbell.

Neve started to moan, her neck arched as I kissed her on the lips, pumping myself against her. Her orgasm reached a climax. We were in rhythm. I felt relief as I cum inside her, pulling my dick out. I threw the condom into the rubbish bin.

“Did you enjoy it, babe?” asked Neve.

“Yes,” I replied “It was good”.

“I enjoyed it too” said Neve with a smile on her face.

I smiled back at her as I moved her hair out of her face, switched of the light and gently kissed her on the lips. We rolled around as she lay on top of me, kissing me on the chest. I felt her hair against my chest. Then she kissed my neck, then my lips. She smiled down at me, I smiled back.




Ever since that night, I pulled out of University and got myself a passport so that I could travel the world with Neve as her entourage. After I showed her my first script, she showed it to Wes Craven. Wes was so impressed with my play, he hired me to be his playwright. Wes Craven started directing my plays.

I wrote many plays such as Battle Attack about some elite soldiers who used futuristic assault vehicles to defend Earth, Earth Forever about a group of superheroes who save earth from an alien invasion, Paracrisis about a paranormal investigator and her boyfriend who goes around investigating supernatural phenomenon. Paracrisis was inspired by the x-files radio plays and x-files comic books. I still read comic books. And Columbus Warp about a couple of trans-dimensional explorers who explore parallel worlds.

Neve Campbell and I got married in December 1998 in Gisborne city. We have three beautiful teenage boys and I am now a world famous playwright and director. So wonderful to have Neve Campbell as my wife.

Submitted: September 07, 2019

© Copyright 2020 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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