Farhmin's Scrolls Mystery of black stone

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Angel's Fall

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



Horiks was flying above the clouds; Aron never experienced anything like this before. There were clouds beneath him, so dense; he couldn’t see the earth from up there. As Horiks picked up the speed, wind gushing through his shiny white hair, Aron was dazzled by the view and magnificence of this beautiful creature. Soon they went through the dense mist and a land appears, very strange and unfamiliar to the eyes of Aron. Horiks landed and they climbed down….


Welcome to Frawls!! Said Frophly…


Aron patted the Horiks back, and it flew into the sky… he felt standing on soft surface, seemed like grass but dull white in colour, there was a distinct smell in the air and he could feel the strange freshness on his cheeks, it was so calm and peaceful. He looked up and saw a huge water fall at distance, falling from the sky, he tried to meet the end, but couldn’t. Frophly started walking and he followed, after walking through the small Mork tree forest, they entered the long alley, which at the end meet to the main entrance of chambers of Farhmins. Aron was amazed to finally see the Mork trees, the one he heard only in stories, very divine and with strong magical powers. Ancient people used to worship it but don’t exist anymore on the earth except the city of Mire and only memory keepers have access to it.


It was a busy alley, Farhmins walking up and down… there were many small buildings made of dark brown rocks on both sides of the alley with road made of red stones, which changes it colour to white when they step on it…


Its called the alley of wisdom…said Frophly…


All these small buildings have all the history of mankind from the beginning…and each building is connected to the main chambers through tunnel of time keepers. They measure the passage of time very closely of each person, who has drawn breath on earth and people after them. With each new born, a new clock appears and along with that their destiny scroll start. And when they die, clock stops and scroll goes into the library of Frawls, and it kept under the supervision of key bearers.


So you people know everything about us and our world…


Yes if we want to, we have all the information, but not everyone have access to it…..thats the purpose of our creation to watch over you and to protect you…


Why the colour of the stone on the path changes….asked Aron


Well the red shows only humans are welcome here, if we want….and when it turn white, it shows you are being watched by us, it reads you so we can be sure about your intentions…..


But you have our destiny scroll…


Its complicated, human brain is complicated. It plays tricks and sometimes it gets dangerous, even more dangerous than evil…


Okay you told me, you all are different but you all the same!! Same face, same white furry skin…how can you tell a difference….(chuckles)


We are different!! He shouted


Look at that one; he is squint, that one, with small hint of a nose type thing, and that one, one ear smaller than other….


Look at me, I am perfectly shaped Farhmin…..said in a proudly manner


Oh… don’t know about them, but you sound very much like humans…….. (Chuckle)


Hmmm….I am nothing like humans…… (Said in a disgusting manner)


The gate approaches, they opened it and stand on a big black shiny stone, it starts moving upward. Aron got shocked, and gets off balance for a moment; Frophly gave him support while smiling…


Oh you humans are funny, get scared so easily….


They reached the top enters into the big hall, it has very large windows and if you look out it seems like you are walking in the sky. If you look up, you see the sky which keeps on changing the colour.


Why sky changes colour every second? Asked Aron


 Because sky also has emotions like us but different, and it can be only seen from here. With each changing colour it tells a story and all the Farhmins you see here, study it, and try to find out what’s happening around the world…


Hey Jofel! How are you?? Asked Frophly…


Its not the time…. Master is waiting for you…what took so long? Okay come now


Where’s he?


In the garden of whisperers….and the chamber council will be there soon, but first he wants to meet him….


They follow Jofel into the garden. It was beautiful next to the fall, which looks like falling from the sky, white grass and Mork trees around it. And in the far left corner there was huge table made of some kind of stone, looks very brownish red in colour….


Master Rilker walked towards Aron…


Well he is different, quite tall for Farhmin….may be even taller than me…said to Frophly with smirk on his face….


Welcome son of Emlik! Last time I saw you, you were a small boy….


He smiled… and surprised to know that…


Well you are very tall…. Said Aron


Hahah yes tallest and the oldest, and the only one with the beard this long and white…


Walk with me….said Master Rilker….


See this fall, it comes straight from heaven or just a sky, even I don’t have knowledge about it. There was a time angels use to come down from this to deliver the message, that’s why we name this place garden of whisperers. But for thousand years no one paid the visit, and we have no word from up there. When darkness started to spread, evil grew stronger and Jadical followers became more powerful. No help came, we waited long and they destroyed country after country with their dark magic.


Why anybody didn’t kill him (Jadical)? Asked Aron….


Because no one has ever seen him, no one knows if he is human or any other creature, they say he is half human but no one really knows. In the beginning of the times, when the first of men was created with the clay from earth and the water from heaven and brought to life through divine light, on the same day another but different life was born. From the angel whispers the legend has it, after the creation of the mankind the remaining clay was thrown away near the hell fire, slowly fire approached the clay and a dark light from a black stone between the heaven and hell entered the body, and that day Jadical was born along with human race. The human were created to share the beauty of this earth, all the blessing and the comfort were given to them. It was decided to send the mankind to the earth to cherish the comfort, beauty and fruits of this wondrous land. For the mankind a companion was created (woman) so they both don’t feel lonely and have someone by their side to share with. Some distance from here near the mountain of fire there was life nourishing, which was watching all this and grew envious and jealous of mankind each day passes. Angels were aware of this but they didn’t want to kill him as there was a life and they thought he will never leave this or harm anyone. For hundred of years he stayed near that mountain of fire, his only companion was that black stone, and one day he left. No one knew where did he go, and after thousand years he returned but not to the fire mountain but to the earth, with the new kind which he made with the ashes and fire, Flamons.


He wanted to destroy the world of men and kill all of them and take the earth. He was never meant to be born, so he brought destruction. And naiveness of angels which led to this, as they thought he would never leave and will turn into the hell fire one day. But they forgot he was half human and brought to the life from the dark light of black stone, stone with the magic so strong that it can destroy anything in this world.


Human have strong and intelligent brain but a weak heart, which can be corrupted easily. Machlos of Merylland the most powerful sorcerer on earth became slave of Jadical in exchange of eternal life and more power, many followed and soon all of Merylland and Nakhund start worshiping the dark light (Jadical), and started working for his evil plans. It corrupted their hearts, greed of wealth and power consumed them. But it was all magic and nothing was real but they believed in it, with the passage of time their hearts got filled with dark light, and once the divine light which made them pure and human was gone, along with their beautiful human form.


Angels planned to hide the black stone some where far away from him, as they cannot destroy because the dark light is possessed by Jadical, and destroying the stone alone will not kill him. The stone was sent to the black mountain in the cold desert behind Scammish Mountains of Schelanari, it was guarded by Nakrant and Mukrant, sole meaning of their existence was the protection of the black stone. And cold desert was inhabited by sand people, who feed on human flesh in wish to become humans. So no human can get to the Black mountain including Jadical, he is half human and no magic works near Black Mountain. It all ended in Great War, many died but it was too late, darkness already spread almost in half of the world. Away from black stone, Jadical powers weakened and he disappeared. One more thing happened that day, no one heard or saw Angels after that, and no whisperer came through Angel’s fall, and it is unknown what happened to them? And where they went?


Macholas kept on fighting for dark light even after centuries with the help of Nakhs, people of Nakhund, but couldn’t find the black stone. To protect the world from the darkness, we used the magic with the help of your father. Machlos was held back in Merylland with the curse of twelve moons, and the land was separated from the rest of the earth with the thick forest of Mork trees, and only thing which can destroy that is hell fire and only one beast on this world possess that. And the Nakhund was lost behind the dark mist, no one can enter there.


 It was a day of great loss and a very dear friend silenced forever (Emlik)….….


What happened to the black stone?Asked Aron


It was safe, only few of us and one other knew where it was….your great-great-grand father…he was the one who took that stone to the black mountain of cold desert, the only human who has ever been there…


That’s why you are here; the destiny scroll of your great-great-grand father was stolen from the Frawls library. We believe it is stolen by Mogfral known as Mogi in Frawls, he was one of us and very close friend of mine….he was my confidant. But from the beginning he was very curious about the story of Jadical, and he always wanted more. But I never thought that he would betray his own kind to become something else, his love for power and Jadical grew ever so strong, there was no point of returning, darkness had totally consumed him and one day he left and started serving Jadical. We never thought, one of us would ever be attracted to these worldly desire because its not our nature. We were created to serve humanity, not to destroy it….


As more people of the council gathered around the table, they also joined them. Aron was surprised to see few humans among them and looked at Frophly, as he told him no one has ever been there except his father….(Frophly smiled in a naughty manner)


I want you (Aron) to meet your companion on this quest, Sabries Khuner last daughter of Aimal Khuner…. one of the Calps of Nakhund.


Nakhund was administrated by 12 Calps bearing 12 unique bracelets possessing special supernatural abilities, they were the protectors of nobles of Nakhund, but they joined hands with Machlos except Aimal Khuner, for which he also gave his life. Now Sabries is twelfth and last surviving Calp of Nakhund. She will be along with you; no one knows the country behind black mist better than her….


Pleasant to meet you….My mother was also from Nakhund, it will be my honour to go on this quest and fight along you….Said Aron


Your mother alive? Asked Sabries


She went disappeared many years back, don’t know much, I don’t have very clear memory of that time….anyway it was long time ago…


Sad to hear that…


And this is Dorin Bernaki son of Adne Bernaki from the great country in the west Malendrol. Best fighter, famously known as eagle and she is also his Roohmai. And just like you, he is also one of the brothers of Iron blades…


They both shook hands…heard about you, hope your reputation follows….said Dorin


Aron nodded in respect…


And of course Frophly will be joining you on this quest… (He was waiting for his name anxiously)…


And don’t worry, he is very useful….Master Rilker said it while looking at Aron and smiled…


Master Rilker addressing….


We all gathered here to act on what we were meant for, we were created to protect realm of men, we were sent to watch over them and let them be aware of any threat coming…but I am hurt and ashamed at the same time, one of our own became threat to the mankind and allied with evil….this betrayal of our kind will be with us till the end of times, but we can still do the right, and stop what has wronged us. We must stop Mogfril before he gets to Machlos with destiny scroll, we have great friends in human, some have gone and some are still here. We are because of you and we will protect you with your power, your skills and our knowledge. We will defeat the Evil and end the darkness for once and all…


For the earth and, for the mankind!!!


Everyone hailed….


You little monster, you need to listen! No more of your jokes on this journey, otherwise I am going to kill you myself… said Aron


Okay I apologise, but it was hilarious…..Frophly chuckles


What you gave me anyway?


I swear upon that Angel’s Fall, it was just water; from that fall….


Four Horicks fly down to the whisperer gardens and they all mount on it and set off for their quest. They left them at the border of Nakhund behind the black mist, that’s the furthest Horiks can go, they can’t survive in the black mist and the dark lands…


Four of them walked into the black mist and disappear….Horicks flew back into the sky…..

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