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Sarah decided to go back home after running away from her brother's wedding. Three months later,she decided to return home. Suddenly,She made certain heartbreaking discoveries that will forever change the relationship between her and her brother. What she didn't know was, more surprises were also in stock for her, back home.

Bounced by my brother:The Discovery 
~From Sarah's father's point of View~
It has been three months since Sarah ran away from us because she was ashame of trying to sabotage his brother's wedding. I tried to convince him to come back home but she remained adamant. One day, Doreen(my ex -lover and mother to my son Martin), called me with some disturbing news .She said Martin, my only son, was involved in a terrible accident and was admitted at the Korle Bu teaching Hospital. I nearly collapse  upon hearing that news. "My one and only son!!! I began to palpitate."
Quickly, I entered my car and drove towards Korle bu teaching Hos
pital.Its about 45 minutes drive from my house. Once I turned round Airport Residential Area, I moved straight onto the Ring Road West, pass the Good news Embassy and then turn right onto Guggisberg Ave, and there it was-Korle - bu Teaching Hospital.
I virtually jumped out of the car and entered the hospital. Doreen was sitting at the OPD (Out Patient Department) We quickly consulted the Doctor Who directed us to another Doctor at the Emergency ward.(EW)Upon reaching the EW, we saw Martin wrapped in ban
"He will be in the hospital for another three weeks .I want to be sure there was no internal bleed
ing," the doctor said.
Doctor Clarke Iverson suggested I donate blood, just in case it might become necessary for my son to use. Personally , I don't believe in this style of medical option but decided to do so upon a second thought. 
I waited at the visitor's parlour with Doreen.She Kept staring at me as if she was struggling not to say what she wanted to say.I decided not to push it. An hour later, Doctor Clark summoned me .He said, "your blood was not compatible with my patient, your 'son'." I suggest you do a DNA. 
"To be certain the boy you called your 'son' is actually yours, the doctor said explicitly."
I was confused ."Why would Doreen give me a child who is not mine? No. No.The doctor had made a mistake somehow. But wait a minute.This was a doctor who worked in Uk for twenty years, with lot of experience. A simple blood group compatibility test won't be too difficult for him to handle.
Should I ask Doreen? No.She will deny it.
Martin was still at the hospital when I opted for a DNA Test.Doctor Clark said I should come for the result in Four Day's time.Those four days were like hundred years to me.If Martin was not my son, then I still don't have a son and Doreen had an explanation to make.
There is another issue.Sarah , my daughter was in love with Martin, if Martin proved not to be my son, then we have denied her the opportunity to marry a good man.(Martin was the most discipline young man I have ever seen in a generation where I doubt we still have young  men who will be presented with an opportunity to have sex with a lady and still reject it,only Martin could do that)
Well, he's married now anyway.But why was his wife not here?
~The 4th day~
"Mr. Donkor Stephen, your DNA test results were in . I'm sorry to break your heart but Martin is not your son, "Doctor Clark said calmly, in his British accent. 
"What!!!,"I shouted.
Dr.Clark continued," We did a  bloodtest known as Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) .To be sure ,we also used  a procedure called a Buccal scrap. Considering your son's Rhesus factor  we ....."
I ran away from his office before Dr.Clark could finish explaining all those medical jargon to me.
Without caring people were around, I attacked Doreen, who came to visit her son.You cheap woman, you deceived me Martin is my son!"
I was shaking with anger .She tried to explain something but I slapped her and left the hospital.
Two days later, Doreen paid me a visit at my workplace-Crystal Insurance Company. My anger had subsided." 
You are welcome Doreen," I said rather a bit guilty for slapping her in the hospital. 
"Thank you , Stephen, I am sure you know why I'm here so I will go straight to the point. I always thought Stephen was your son.I slept with You three days before I met Dickson. Since you were the first person I visited , I thought I was already pregnant before meeting Dickson. I am sorry I put you through all this. 
Doreen's sincerety endeared her to me again.I decided to hug her as a sign of forgiveness. I drew closer to her and hugged her. Suddenly, the spark of old passion flushed through my body and my pheromones became ignited. I could feel Doreen's body jerk with passion. I remembered the good old times and how strong our love-making was by then.  It all came back flooding my mind. 
~Flashback ~
I paid Doreen visit. We chatted and laughed.Then we began watching TV. It was a romantic movie with the title"The Centurion and the Queen. " As we watched the movie, it began to have a toll on us. I stood up to go but was stopped by the sudden downpour of rain .
 "Stephen, don't go,"Doreen pleaded. I turned back and since she was behind my back , our face met squarely, she held me and kissed me, then he reached for the zip on my trousers.I begun to feel the wave of high sexual ecstasy. The blood within my body begun to surge furiously like a wild beast released from its prison. My adrenaline kept pulsating. At that point, I knew I can't control it any more.
I grabbed her by her waist and unzipped her skirt. As her cloth parted, it revealed her big firm breasts. I reached out for her thighs and started carressing them and then held her huge backside. Her eyes shone with hot passion.After five minutes of play, I find my way into her,a sporadic wave of pleasure ran concurrently through our bodies like electrical currents unwilling to be disconnected. We remained in that ecstatic world for so long, as time stood still and we felt were the only ones in the whole wide world .
~flash back over ~
"Ehmmm, Doreen, I understand You now. We have to talk later, I said quickly , to avoid a repeat of the flashback I have had a few seconds ago.She stood up to go. As she turned her back, I couldn't help but gasp.Oh God.Doreen was still having that killer back! It flapped up and down in a bouncing rhythmic pattern. 
How could I have missed this voluptuous  shape at the hospital- her bootylicious back stared at me tantalisingly as if to say; "Stephen,you have enjoyed me before. You can still have me if you want.Just be a little daring. I will be yours. "
"Wait a minute, Doreen," I said. 
She turned back, her glamorous dove -like eyes piercing deeply into mine, slowing breaking the wall of defense I had built. 
"Doreen, I am sorry for giving you a slap at the hospital. Please , forgive me."
I have forgiven you before you asked. I understand you reacted based on the shock you received , when you realised your only 'son' wasn't your son. 
Doreen moved towards me and said," at least give me another hug, for old times sake."
I complied and gave her a hug. Honestly, I wished I could stay in her arms a little bit longer but work ethics prevented me from doing so.I heard a knock on the door and disengaged from Doreen.
My dear reader, I must confess, that knock on the door was the saviour that broke the Doreen's  hypnosis and prevented a poasibly hot sexual encounter between me and Doreen.  My secretary - Afua knocked again and I said "Come in" She had come for a company file. 
That evening , I drove home with only one person in my mind. Your Guess is good as mine. 
~Narration from Sarah's Point of view~
I have been away from home for quite sometime now-About three months. I thought it's time to go back home. Afterall, my WASSCE results were released and I had Aggregate 9. My dad promised to  send me to Legon School of Medicine. I decided to tell Dorothy, my friend it's time to go back home.
I told my brother about you and he's curious to see you. He's having a girlfriend, though. She's with him now so I don't know if it's good to send you there,Dorothy explained.
Dorothy thought for a while and said," maybe , you can come along with me and say "hi" to him. There is no harm in trying. 
We trekked and soon reached Dorothy's brothers big mansion. We entered the room and her brother came out to greet us.He was a nice looking chap. After exchanging greetings, he called his girlfriend to bring us water. 
Two minutes later , his girlfriend entered the spacious sitting room with a bottle of chilled water . When I saw his girlfriend, I froze.
"CLAUDIA!!!,"what are you doing here!!!?"
She remained rooted to her spot, wordless.The bottle of water she was carrying toppled from the tray onto the tiled floor and smashed on the floor. Its content spilled onto the bare floor. I advanced on her and began beating the living daylight out of her, "you cheap slut, you are cheating on my brother!!!
Dorothy's brother , Donaldson, came to her rescue. According to Donaldson, Claudia was his girlfriend for many years and only asked a permission to visit her Mother in her village for two months.
"Two months! "I exclaimed.
Meaning Claudia only stayed with my brother , Martin, for two months after the wedding, before running back into the open arms of her boyfriend. 
"My brother have to hear this. I rushed out of the mansion, took a taxi back to Accra, Airport Residential Area. Soon I reached home.I  received a hearty welcome from my family. Soon a big family meeting was called. It seemed like my father also had some shocking news to share to the family. 
~Family meeting~
Mr.Donkor Stephen(my father):I am glad you are all present at this meeting, except one person . (We all knew who that person was).The purpose of this meeting is to clarifies certain issues concerning our family. Before I say what I want to say, let us pray....Our father , who art in Heaven , hallowed  be thy name , thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. .........may peace remained in this family. Amen.
After he finished praying,my father said,"Now , Sarah,Talk."
Me:When I ran away from home to avoid embarrassment, I stayed with my friend Dorothy for the past three months at Cape Coast. Later I decided to come back home but Dorothy suggested I greet her brother, whom she told about me.
 We went to see the brother who was a Science lecturer at the University of Cape Coast. Upon entering his room, he asked his 'girlfriend' to give me water .His 'girlfriend' happened to be my brothers wife!!!.
I pause the explanation there and my brother begun talking. 
Martin: She sent me a text message yesterday that she won't be coming back to me. She pro
mised to forward the divorce notice soon, for the annulment of our two month old marriage. (Martin cried silently) I got married to a she -devil. 
The whole room went berserk with emotion, the once tranquil atmos
phere became a gloomy one.
Mrs.Donkor Charity (my mother): I have some good news to share. I am pregnant and it's a boy.The Doctor confirmed it yesterday. 
"WOW,!!" I jumped High in the sky and hugged my father, Daddy, congratulations. You have done well.Now , I have two brothers. 
My father didn't respond as I wan
ted him to. Rather,there was a mixed expression on his face and my excitement was nibbed in the bud. Was he not happy with the pregnancy ? But he had been yearning for male children all this while. 
"Dad, what is wrong?"I asked .
Mr.Donkor : Martin is not your brother. DNA result proved it some few weeks ago at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
For over five minutes , I thought I was in a dreamland. Then when I became convinced this was real life, I thought my father was joking, then I became convinced my father was not joking. I screamed so loudly that even passer-bys who were in Winneba could hear me.
I stood up and rushed into Martin's arm,"brother Martin, ermmm, sorry(forgetting he was no longer my half brother)
Yes, he responded.
I missed you so much, darling. Can we start all over again?"He looked at me and said, "of course.I am sorry for putting you through all those emotional trauma. I hope you understand the circumstances in which I said all those words"
"I do, Bro. ....( I paused. Struggling to get used to the fact that he was not my brother.Not anymore.)
He said, let's go to my place. He drove me in his Jeep.Before we moved to his house, we passed by Accra Mall. "Darling,feel free and take what ever you need "he said in a romantic voice ,a voice I always fall for. 
I bought a lot of stuff,from perfu
mes to dresses. 
We reached his house.He built it three months after his wedding to that "cheat" who called herself Claudia. He opened the thick Oak door,polished with black paint. At the side of the door was a  video Surveillance door bell and a palm scanner. He placed his full palm on the scanner and an inscription was  displaced on the LED board on top of the door,"ACCESS GRANTED"
For some strange reasons,I used that "access granted"scenario To fantasized how I will also grant him access soon when he make the input. It's just a matter of minutes. 
We entered his magnificent room ,a very spacious room with a thick  Italian carpet on the floor,neat velvet curtains and drapes hanged on the windows to obstruct the UV  rays of the sun from dancing too much into the sitting room.The wall was well decorated and embroidered in unique designs and sym
bols. The louvre blades across the window were tinted.For a young man of his age,I was surprise Martin(calling him Martin for the first time without adding the title "brother") had an extravagant taste for style and fashion. 
My heart begun to beat rapidly and hammering sporadically against my chest to the point that my chest hurt. He took me to his bedroom. I sat at the edge of his king size bed. He sat by my side and handed over a drink to me alongside with a glass cup. It was Champaign.
 We laid on his bed, I closed my eyes wondering if it was really going to happen this time around.
Surely,he had no excuse now. I am not his sister. 
Been sure of myself, I became very happy that finally my DREAM and desire had come TRUE. We just have to cement our love with sex
I  held him tight and  told him I loved him .He said,I LOVE you too.
 My passion was increasing in intermittent pace and I was begining to feel a hot welling down below. Something was dripping . a fluid into my pants.  My fluid was Oozing from "there" He kissed me,his soft pink lips increases the flow of my pleaure juice which was now becoming visible in my wet pant.
 I furiously longed to experience the pleasures that come along with this kind of physical and emorional  Connection. In the middle of my sensual thoughts, Martin's deep voice cut through my chain of thought and jolted me back from the world of fantasies into the real world.
He was soft- spoken and calm but I will never forget the words he uttered that day,Darling,I am still married to Claudia,Technically,if I have you now ,it will be considered an affair so please,you have to wait until the wedding is annulled in court and I get married to you. 
For a moment I thought he was joking,then realised he looked serious. Had he jilted me again?
I  screamed at him,"SHUT UP!!!,you are a coward and a Killjoy. No wonder Claudia left you"
He looked at me with calmly with
out talking.Then he laughed until tears dropped down on his cheeks.
Sweet heart,I am just Joking. I looked at him stunned. He removed his clothes and ............
Your guess is as good as mine............
He went to bath. 

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