A Soul Relationship

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ramu lives with his mother in a slum area in a big city. He is mason by profession, who has been working for 13 years in the same city. Ramu develops a friendship with another mason named Sabir. They both become very good friends. Moreover, he develops a motherly bond with Parvati because he had lost both of his parents. Parvati develops acute kidney failure for which she has to undergo frequent dialysis. In the meantime, Sabir goes to work in UAE. The story runs like this…..

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



Part - 1

Ramu has just reached home after getting dialysis done on his mother, Parvati. It had been a very tiring day as he had to reach the hospital at 8.00 AM for dialysis. He had to leave home early as it takes about one and a half hours to reach the hospital. He had to wait for his mother’s turn for dialysis, which was finished in the afternoon. Somehow or other, he could reach home in the late afternoon. Today, he had again been advised for a kidney transplant for the mother as before. He has been trying to find out a suitable donor with his limited resources but couldn’t find one till now.

Ramu lives with his mother in a one-room house with tin roofing in the slum area in Daliganj, Lucknow. He has been working as a mason for more than 13 years in the city.

Ramu had learned masonry work from his father, who had unfortunately died in an accident at a construction site. His father’s untimely death had left him helpless. Despite his grief, he continued working. Recently, he had started working at a new construction site in the city.

The very next day Ramu had started working at the site, he met Sabir, who was about his age. He was quite amiable. Ramu and Sabir struck up a friendship over a short period of time. When Ramu came to know that he had lost his both parents, he felt empathy towards him. Over time, their friendship grew stronger.

Ramu had mentioned a few times to his mother about his friendship with Sabir. She had told him to invite Sabir to their home as she was eager to meet him. On the occasion of his birthday, Ramu took Sabir to his home for dinner, which was specially prepared by the mother. When Sabir met Parvati, he felt an emotional affinity to her as one feels to one’s mother. She told him, “Welcome son. Don’t hesitate; come in and sit on the chair. You are like my son.”

As long as Sabir stayed there, he found her to be a likeable person. They enjoyed the dinner together. After dinner, Sabir asked their permission to leave since as a routine he had to cook his lunch in the morning before going to work.

Before leaving, he asked Parvati, “Aunt, can I call you mother? I find an image of my mother in you!”

Saying this, he bent down to touch her feet. At once, she pulled him up and hugged him. “Yes, Sabir, you can call me mother. I am happy that today the Almighty has given me another son. Keep coming without any hesitation as often as you wish,” said Parvati affectionately. She told Ramu to go and see Sabir off. With the passage of time, their friendship grew stronger. Sabir’s attachment to his adopted mother also grew.

Parvati had not been feeling well for some time but she didn’t tell Ramu so that he doesn’t get upset. One day, when Ramu reached home with Sabir, he found that the mother was not well. She had been feeling very weak and had mental confusion. After some time, she collapsed, which frightened the hell out of both.

They rushed her to the medical college hospital. She was admitted for ten days and investigations revealed that she has developed acute kidney failure due to polycystic kidney disease. Initially, she showed response to the treatment but after some weeks she stopped responding to it as the kidney function did not return. Therefore, she had to be given dialysis, which would be repeated often.

They both were worried about the health of the mother. They both kept working but cared for her in their spare time. Sabir had also moved in with them so that he could lend a helping hand to them.

Six months later, Sabir got a phone call from his friend who had been working as a mason in UAE. He told, “Sabir, come over here if you can as there is a dire need of masons because a lot of construction works in going on here. If you agree, I will speak to my contractor to make the necessary arrangements for you to come over.”

Initially, his spirits soared up at the prospect of working in UAE but when he thought about the mother, his spirits sank down. So he told his friend, “Dear Rashid, I will let you know in a day or two. Thanks for the good gesture.”

Parvati sensed a state of confusion Sabir got into immediately after the phone call. She asked immediately, “Sabir, what is the matter? You appear to be in a fix of some kind after you received the phone call.”

Sabir narrated the whole conversation with his friend that took place over the phone. She was happy to know that Sabir could work in UAE if he wished. Understanding his predicament, she tried to encourage him and told, “Son, don’t miss the opportunity; go and work there. Don’t worry about me. Ramu is here with me. Just send your good wishes to me often from there.”

“Thanks mother, you have removed my uncertainty as I was worried about your health. But you promise that you will take care of the health,” said Sabir.

“Sure dear, I’ll take care. You also promise to be in contact with us as often as possible,” the mother told.

Sabir contacted the friend and told his willingness to work in UAE. After a fortnight or so, he got his appointment letter and visa and tickets. Ramu and Parvati were very happy for him. After a week, he was scheduled to take a flight from Lucknow to Dubai. Ramu went to the airport to send him off.

Sabir in UAE –

As Sabir came out of Dubai airport after finishing all the formalities, he found Rashid waiting for him. Exchanging pleasantries, the old friends hugged each other tightly. Rashid had been working in Ras Al Khaimah at a big construction site. Since Sabir also got job at the same site, they left for Ras Al Khaimah in a taxi, which had been waiting for them. On the way, they filled in the information they hadn’t known about each other about what transpired during their absence. Of course, Ramu and Parvati also figured during their conversation.  

Reaching near the city, Rashid informed Sabir, “Some new business districts are being developed in Ras Al Khaimah, which is a fast developing Emirate. A large multi-storey building has been rented by the contractor near the site. We will stay there. Don’t worry; we are being looked after well.”

On reaching his place of stay, Sabir had a bath and a change of fresh clothes. He then climbed into the bed to relax. Suddenly, he remembered that he had forgotten to tell Ramu that he had got life insurance cover of Rs. 15,00,000/- for himself and had named him as the nominee. He decided that he would tell Ramu about it, when he would phone them in the evening for his safe arrival.

He phoned Ramu and asked, “Brother, I have arrived here safely. How is the mother? I forgot to tell you in Lucknow that I had taken a life insurance cover for myself and have named you a nominee.”

Ramu told him to speak to her, handing over the phone to the mother, “How are you, mother? I reached here safe. Are you taking care of your health? I will be in touch often,” he told her. She was relieved very much as she could sense his happiness. She blessed him profusely before disconnecting.

Part – 2

Ramu regularly took the mother to the hospital for biweekly dialysis. Though he continued working, he was in financial straits because of mother’s illness. On top of that, he was looking for a suitable kidney donor.

After two months, his frantic search for a suitable kidney donor fructified. He got a donor in Lucknow, who proved to be suitable after investigations. But he had to pay an exorbitant amount of Rs. 600,000/- for the transplant. He was very upset as he had no resource to make an arrangement of the huge amount of money. He was also worried that he might lose the donor he had found with great difficulty. He was in a state of dilemma.

One fine day, he received a letter from an Insurance Company, stating that he had been the beneficiary of the insurance cover of Rs. 15,00,000/- since Sabir had mentioned him as the nominee. It further informed that Sabir had died in a road accident in UAE.

Ramu collapsed immediately after reading the letter. On recovering, he rushed to the mother to break the bad news. She started crying incessantly and couldn’t be consoled by Ramu. After a long while, she could contain her emotions. She told Ramu to contact Rashid immediately.

Without wasting time, he phoned to Rashid, who narrated, “They were going to visit Dubai for two days in a hired taxi. After crossing Sharjah, the taxi was cruising at 100 kph on the highway. They were enjoying Hindi songs being played in the car music system. All of a sudden, there was a loud sound of a burst tire, throwing the car into a spin and it somersaulted twice before stopping. The people rushed to help us come out. Sabir had died on the spot; I am seriously injured and admitted in a hospital; luckily, the driver escaped unscathed. Ramu, you come over to take the dead body of Sabir. I will request the contractor to get the necessary papers prepared for you and the transportation of the dead body.”

Hearing all this, Ramu’s senses got numb for a while. Soon he recovered and said, “I will come over as soon as I get the papers. God bless.”

Within three days, he received the necessary papers and, luckily, he got a flight to Dubai. He was back to Lucknow with the dead body of his friend within four days after reaching there. The next day, the last rites of Sabir were performed with all Muslim traditions. He was laid to rest in a grave in a local cemetery. Ramu and his mother were engulfed by gloominess for many days.

After one month, Ramu’s mother underwent kidney transplant, which had been possible with the insurance money received by him. They always felt that Sabir gifted the life to Parvati. After a couple of months, Parvati recovered fully and her health also improved.

Parvati never forgot that Sabir had offered her a new life. She told Ramu, “Son, we can’t pay him back for what he has done. We will be grateful to him for our whole life. You must ensure to visit his grave regularly to thank him.”

Not a single Friday had passed when Ramu had not visited the grave of Sabir to offer his and mother’s blessings to his soul.


© Copyright 2020 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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