Simple Secrets of Life

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Every school of thought is valid. Somethings are obvious in nature... I have been studying all forms of belief for some time. From science to religious aspects, I have been searching for similarities using historical reference.

I hope you can feel what I describe.

Humans all create their own reality and it is an amazing trick of survival, but it cripples growth. I encourage the search for grown and meaning in all people.

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



People are built to be happy and functional, whilst fighting for survival. We were made to have dreams and to love! And most importantly, to think about as much as we can. Every human brain is the most amazing thing.  There is an entire universe and beyond, contained in all of us.A lot of people have forgotten. Misery loves company. There are people who are miserable and want to bring the world down with them
some people are angry, and they are upset because you are happy. Negative nonsense is contagious;most people have had tragedy occur. "Everyone deserves the happiness those who worked for it have."

And it's nobody's fault. We can't help how we're raised; but be aware NOW. LOOK AT EVERYTHING.You can change your patterns of behavior. It is simple.People may have taken from you. you may have been around people who didn't respect you and now you treat everyone that way because you have become defensive 

We have been conditioned to be that way. Everyone on the news is angry and so many major stories turn out to be duds. The pointlessness in being upset is well documented.When has being negative ever helped anyone? What good has harming others and taking advantage ever done anyone in the long-term? Are you happy with the result?

Society is driving people mad. I can't believe our leaders are as ineffectual as they are. I can't wrap my head around ho simple-minded most people are. They don't know better.As when we speak we all have accents, so do we while we think. Shapes. You can shape yourself. You have complete control over every aspect of your life so long as you focus on the path and design.

Or give up. Sell your soul to the weevil.  It remains yours til death. Even if you feel you lost yourselfyour essenethat which drives you. The light inside you. You must know it;when you are doing what you love. When you are in love. Bliss. Purity. Kindness.Fear and violence are the response of animals. We are more. We are all the instincts of every animalbut with another level. Why are we allowing ourselves to be reduced to apes?  Why would anyone want to promote misery in society?We are infinitely strong but when we lose free will, we become fragile pointless things. We age. We die. Zombified. 

volume and mass are only tied in terms of PHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE. Everything extends further than physical perception. Find a bridge to awareness. All matter and energy are connected. Everything is one, nothing, and everything. We are conduits of free will. We know what is good and evil. We operate on shame; judge not lest ye be judged.When describing someone else's problems you explain yourself.Look at yourself as you do others, and as they look at you. As you look at them and they see themselves.Look for what causes them pain; what is causing you pain? Why?Why. Why. why. Children are right to dissect everything. They should never be silenced; they should have a voice and rights. They should be protected.God created Man and Woman.There may be multiple sexes in less evolved animals; self-replicating creatures as well.Man is something beyond. As there is infinity beyond us. We are standing outside every door believing we know what is inside. 

The simplest concepts of life and survival have been described in bibles.Can every culture on earth be wrong? It is nature to believe in something. Be it science or God; music or darker things. We can believe in negativity. We have free will to shape our lives as we choose. We are responsible. We may have been damaged by damaged people; we may have lost our actual religious instinct. If everyone is talking about the same thing, but not listening to anyone else; we are blind to what we know you know. 

I can't say what God is. I feel anybody who feels a drawn picture or feels a simple spoken word is enough to describe creation and life and death. It is easy to become a nihilist. When there is evil around; when people are doing bad things... it causes others to do bad things. "This is how things are."People make the choice. They are influenced; they are led by society. We are social creatures and we develop very complicated relationships with each other and the world around us. We are resilient; we have learned and forgotten how to survive. We lived and we died.One can't say if we make multiple trips to this life. Anything is possible; perhaps everything is real.Nothing can be real as well. Perhaps a restricted soul can dim to nothing. "No turning back now." 

We don't know what God is or was. "God" could be multiple Gods.We do know good begets good and bad begets bad. You reap what you sow. If you harm others you damned sure harm yourself. When you are in misery; there are times when anyone would lash out.The status quo for the modern mind has diminished. Love is real. We all love, even if we are terrified. Even if we won't let ourselves; even if we learned to distrust it.Thoughts are spirals, branching out and crushing in on themselves at the center. We all sit at different points of the churning mass of energy and matter; all things; one thing. Thoughts are lightning bolts in the mind. It is easy to be trapped in your skin; you may stay that way until you die.I fear, remaining trapped in the mind's devices may lead to oblivion."Everlasting life" could mean so many things.I can't say anything for certain. I feel there is something more and that everyone is pointing at the same thing but facing different ways. 

Religion has been used to control.It is a powerful thing that can do evil in the hearts of men. Power and those who pursue it for it's own sake can use good for evil. The intent to do good is a great marketing point; even without the intention to do so. "I mean no harm: I promise to not create war without cause. I am your loving benefactor"I heard once that many people are prophets.I believe it. For good or evil. Creatures obtaining new insights into reality teach us to expand our minds in every direction. The numerous charlatans tend to try and persuade us to look at their hand while they reach in your pocket. There is no love for man in the pursuit of power.In a mind poisoned with bias;it is easy to make ones self intentionally ignorant.You are free to forget anything you wish; your reality belongs to you. Your whim is your design. How well can you control yourself?  Is your life your own?Do you take more than you give? Are you a part of society?When you learn to take you give away far more than you can know. Expecting charity is not poverty. True charity comes from works of service. Money is simply a vehicle for freedom; and another religion in control of you. It is a far larger religion that has been around for over 8000 years.

Control. Dividing up the land and putting a price on it. You have to pay to survive now; that's how we've been doing it forever. The monetary system doesn't matter. We have been trading for far longer than we have been squatting.We are wild animals in search of survival. Upon finding comfort, we grew to require it. The discovery of fire revolutionized society. The discovery of cooking crippled our guts. It did expand our taste buds.

Society can function in many ways. Corruption will sadly find a way into most of them; unless it becomes the main target for society. Removing the need to take from everyone; rich and poor. We need a world where we all own our lives. We never needed to need. To need is not to love.All things are contagious. Corruption comes in many forms. The world is full of bad decisions. Oddly, humans are the animal most known for losing it's need for survival. We can mollify our brains with television and forget we exist entirely.We don't need our bodies and we can put anything we desire into them.We have doctors to cure us of our sins. There is nothing wrong with getting lost in stimulation today.Commandments are more than recommendations. They are a map.Mortal sins. Vices.When do any of them lead us down positive paths? Why are we so inclined to sell our souls? Because evil is easy. Giving up is easy and we are allowed to do it with impunity. We've learned to want not need not and it has left us crippled and riddled with disease. Our vices suck the life out of us. Whatever the fuck the human soul is;it's really easy to fucking trash it. Fuck it. Fuck everyone else right?That attitude.Evil is negativity. Evil is getting lost in stimulation. Everything in moderation. The Golden Mean.Getting lost in anything...  you are lost. It can be fun.We are also supposed to to a degree.  There is endless temptation in the desert. We are born pure and positive, unless we are made evil. 

But we can fight evil by doing good. If we live to support ourselves and have more than enough, we would all have more to give to each other. We are creatures of Free Will and without that, we perish.If we cannot live for ourselves we are no use to anybody. There will always be good and evil in all people Nobody can ever be lost. You just have to believe there is better. You can't get lost in all the shit. There's a lot of fucking shit!But there is so much more love. There is love in every living creature. Evil is contagious;   prisons..make absolutely no fucking sense. No sense at all but hey!Some of us have the fortune of being more positive than negative.My sister is very negative.Misery does not deserve company. Strength should be shared. Weak people trying to recruit need to be rebuked and we all deserve a voice. We should be allowed to be honest. 

The defense "That offends me you can't say it" is absolutely ludicrous.If you don't like what somebody is saying; go away. Don't listen to it; they don't give a shit about what you think.Nobody has all the answers.Some are pretty obvious to us all but expecting the world to bow down to whoever shouts the loudest is a crime against humanity. Nobody should be forced to live a certain way.We should have domain over our property. We should be allowed to think and speak as we want. Our lives should be objects of what inspires us. What we love and dream to do: our conduit to God. Our soul's way of reaching outside of our body

Passion. Love.Pride in one's self and their dreams.Nobody should be able to tell anyone what to do. We should all be free unless we harm someone else. Rehabilitation is possible: we need to stop fearing what we don't understand AND STUDY IT. We need to get more answers before we draw conclusions. The world today is lost in a spasm of self-defensive thoughts and aggressive behavior. We are told on the news that we are all being attacked every day and it only creates more problems. Dialogue has intentionally been destroyed because actual progress is less profitable than acting inept and making sure you have a bigger budget next year. Crime is important because without it, fewer people would watch the news.  We need some crime?!?Our problems are all easy to fix!Nobody is trying to do anything. People are soo hell bent on slandering each other and needing to be important or special, unique,because everyone was led to have inflated opinions of themselves.

We are all human. We are only the combination of our potential with our motivation.An object at rest will stay at rest. The more you do the more you can do. If you identify with your illness you are doomed to carry it for life. We are all a time-bomb of self-fulfilling prophesy and while we are all to blame, nobody is entirely culpable.We just need to work together. We need to love each other and abandon anger. 

it's not their fault. They could change, butpeople are who they are; NOT HOW YOU WANT THEM TO BE. Nobody should have to apologize for saying something. If someone upsets you, turn the other cheek. Or walk away. We have the right to choose our influences! We have the right to raise our children as we see fit; unless we are doing evil shit to them.You cannot subvert another's free will. Unless one harms someone elseyou can fuck off. Physically.Emotions are for pussies; we all have them but expecting the normal to cater to the emotionally unstable?That is painfully illogical. We need to help people with conditions see them and recover. 

Obesity. Gender dysphoria. Homosexuality.They all have a high comorbidity with mental illness."This is how I live."We're not allowed to study them. People are forcing their innocent children to change genders. That isunimaginable.People who abuse animals should be prosecuted. People who harm humans should be taught not to. Some people can become so lost they don't belong in society. Locking people of varying psychopathy up together seems like a great way to create an army of madmen. 

Regardless of anyone else.our lives are our own and nobody can make me do anything I do not want to. If I do not care for someone I have the right to say no. They can say whatever they like. To harm a person against their will deserves retribution.To impede on another's free will deserves justice. Manipulative people are the most insecure and we need to help people earlier because the older we get the most stuck in our ways we become.

We need to band together as a society.If we don't learn to abandon our rage; or at least control it...I don't imagine it'll be great for anyone. I'm not a prophet butI hold myself to my own morals and values. Everyone has the right to believe in what they do without being forced to compromise their beliefs, unless they are harming people physically.If someone wants to take your life; it is your natural right to defend yourself.Peace is a nice dreamy utopia but cooperation seems like the ideal compromise.Love is real

I want to know who you areand even what am I?
Are we truly livingi've lost count of times i've died
and i see you through the aetheri feel you in my mind
I feel we don't need wingsif we desire to fly

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