Sorry to see you go so soon

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One of my dogs recently died. R.I.P. Demi

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



Wherever you came from
Wasn't the place for you
I'm glad you came here
In search of something new

I don't know your past life was something to be discussed
But I still wonder what happened
Wonder who did the things that made you scared

We offered you shelter
A place to feel loved and stay warm
But I guess you were too worried
That if you did something wrong you would have to leave

You stayed outside
In the cold
And I felt so bad
That you were scared to a point where you couldn't trust anyone
But when we went outside
You would seek our attention
Shine like a newborn puppy
Exploring the world for the first time

You got shot a few times
With yelling neighbors
And crying children
Scaring us all

Don't leave us

Don't go

But it was too late
You were shaking
Shaking on the rain soaked porch
No one could look
No one could help
We were worried you'd infect us

But if I was informed a little bit earlier
I wouldn't have cared if you infected me
I would've looked
I would've stared
I would've found a way to help

But now I see you
And I whisper quietly,
"Sorry to see you go so soon."
I met you not long ago

But it feels like you've been with me forever 

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