My old cottage

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Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



  A cottage


It was one evening of September 

When it was shrieking wind of autumn 

I still remember. 

How the howling wind outside 

Gave me that feeling of mourning 

And darkened heavens brought 

Me closer to the gloom of 


But anyway I can’t help it 

How can a marooned soul 

Do anything but eat drink and slumber. 

Can I meet her unruly spirit 

Outside in such a time 

Playful figure who used to haunt my ripe and sunny fields,


When We used to drink life from a golden cup. 

All hopes had been reduced to ashes 

And we’re left with songs to remember.


I peeped out and murky skies have begun massing a black veil of sagging clouds almost touched my dwelling 

My lavender and daffodils are wrestling with the fury of nature. 

But this is a garden weather-beaten. 

Still there is in my bosom a garden of old daffodils and blooming memories. 



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