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Mr. Bell

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This is an old poem I wrote a while back and I decided to edit it and upload it. I have been exploring some murder-suicides in my family's history and so this old poem I wrote came to mind. A respectable and well-to-do British gentleman Mr. Bell is murdered by a bizarre stranger named Abigail. Poor Mr. Bell never expected it.

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



~Mr. Bell~

Once there lived a Mr. Bell

at the end of Barren-Fell

on a little British farm

where he never came to harm. 


Every day he walked the road

leading down to Clymon-Thode

where he jollied into town

for some tea or cheese at Brown.


But one day while walking home

he caught a distant, hawkish moan

like the wailing of a maid

and there he saw her darkly laid. 


Up she rose to meet his gaze

raven hair, the cheerless face

and she grabbed him by the throat

and she ripped his lavish coat. 


"Listen now, you haughty boy!"

she started with a strangely ploy.

"This night you will certainly die

and by your throat you shall hang high."


So she stated then she fled

out the brambles in a sled

storming up the hill she flew

and poor Mr. Bell, he never knew.


For she kept good her word,

in she flew like a bird,

found him sleeping in a chair

and strung him up high in the air. 


© Copyright 2019 L.E. Belle. All rights reserved.

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