Spreading The Word: Left and Right, Come See!

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One of my personal heroes for public politics!

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



Don't worry. Liberal, Conservative, anybody can read this! I'm not cheerleading for Trump or ranting about Demo-rats this time, I'm just spreading the word about something I've really gotten into, lately.


This happens to be one of my new favorite people in the political game. Ever heard of Steven Crowder?


If you haven't --and you like to analyze politics like me-- you definitely should look at his work. Crowder comes from Canada, but is now an American Libertarian. He's a commentator and comedian that devotes his time to getting facts and separating them from fiction.


And unlike mainstream media or several politicians, he's unbiased and only uses ACTUAL facts from credible (and real) sources. If you want to see a rational, logical debate without any censored speech, this guy will deliver. Want to see something more firey and loud, he's got those too!


So if you want to hear a political debate between upstanding human beings instead of weasels and squealers, really learning why people from either side think what they do, check this guy out!

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