Land of the Diseased

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Dismantled

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019




Forced up against the wall awkwardly with about five other people, I struggled to look for a way out of the mess we found ourselves in.

Angelo then started to get a little fidgety, it went from shaky hands to practically becoming a human jackhammer. "Hey, Korin." He faced the silver door. "It's been a while since we've 'shared it'... you mind if we take a break and rejuvenate?"

The man over the speaker rhythmically hummed to himself, as if he was actually considering it. "No, wait until we're done our business here. And what have I told you about using my name in front of people."

Angelo's eyes dilated. "I've been out here in this grassy sauna searching for trespassers while you've been sitting in that stupid screen room all day cooling off. I deserve another dose!"

The speaker man who I guess was named Korin mumbled something under his breath. "Looks like I gave him too much...."

He then spoke up. "Just get back to your post you braindead-"

Angelo then slammed both his hands down on the table then went over to the door. The suddenly spiraling criminal did something at that moment, it caught my eye as well as Andrew's. 

"If you don't give me what I need, I'll come in there and shoot you myself!"

"You wouldn't dare, besides if you shot me, your supply would be cut off indefinitely." That silenced the psychotic man immediately.

"Now... get back to your post or I'll have you up against the wall just like the others!"

Angelo turned around feeling defeated when he noticed something was starkly amiss.

There in front of him, Andrew stood in front of the computer casually looking at the EPA website. "Wow, I have to say I'm impressed! The middle of the jungle has incredible reception, why the heck aren't we looking more into this?!"

Angelo stuttered, "W-What the he- Get back up against the wall fool!" His finger pointed in the direction of me and others like a dagger.

"Yeah... I don't think so. I think I'm gonna start calling the authorities as soon as I can find the EPA's emergency contact on this sight."

Looking at the gun he slammed on the table during his explosion just a few moments ago, Angelo grabbed it and immediately aimed the weapon for Andrew's throat.

"You there, tell your friend to listen or get a hole blown through his atoms apple!"

Lazuli eye's darted around the world, "I don't know Andrew, might be better to just do what he says."

"Thank you kid... At least someone hasn't forgotten their place."

Andrew didn't move however, in fact he just smiled a little.

"Of course.... cowards do start to cry when you don't listen to them, and I know we don't want to see that!" Lazuli snickered and laughed at Angelo as his face contorted. He aimed the gun towards Andrew again and fired.

And fired again.... and once more after that.

Nothing came from the barrel of the gun. "How... What in the-" I could tell even from my quiet potion against the wall that Angelo's heart rate had skyrocketed.

He smacked the gun and shook it, then tried firing at the nonchalant Andrew but to no avail at all.

"You know man... you really shouldn't set your gun down while having a meltdown." Andrew then reached into the pocket of his white leather pants and picked out six bronze bullets. Angelo was speechless with the gun still frozen in place.

"In the agency I work with, we know the ins and outs of environments and most machines. That includes learning how to dismantle and empty a gun in mere seconds. Well at least that's just where I'm the most skilled."

He put the bullets back and grinned at the man once more before without warning, rushing at Angelo and striking him hard across the face. He fell to the ground with the gun in front of him. I stood up as Lazuli rushed from the wall and grabbed the gun. Angelo tried to reach for it but was forced down by the young woman's machete.

"What's going on out there?!" Korin screamed.

Lazuli handed the gun to Andrew who loaded it right back up in an instant. He aimed it towards the direction of the criminal.

"You just tried to have us all killed.... Tell us, what's your objective. What are you and your friend there planning?"

Angelo spat out blood caused from a tooth being knocked loose, "Nothing personal, just puttin down dogs."

Andrew clocked the gun after that comment. "Five seconds, tell us who sent you and Korin, and why you tried to sabotage the South African Jungle."

"Ba! Calm down, it was just Korin and I who pulled this off. We poisoned the animals food supply and nothing else!"

Andrew titled his head, "But how did you manage to sabotage the food chain of an entire ecosystem? We're going to need more answers than that!"

"Sure thing." The criminal smiled. "Just put two bullets in between my eyes first, because I'd sooner take that than say anymore to you."

Andrew fell ominously silent. Lazuli and I both exchanged a glance before looking back at him. He returned the favor to us in an act of pure speechless communication.

"Fine then." He raised the gun towards Angelo's head who closed his eyes and welcomed the embrace of death. The trigger finger tightened and four loud gunshots roared throughout the room.

I smiled as Angelo opened his eyes to find that John hadn't shot him or event tried, but was instead aiming for the hinges and lock of the large door behind him.

"Now Jeice."

I leaped from my position against the wall right on cue, ran to the door and began to pull it towards me with all my strength. Eventually the already weakened door began to lean towards me and succumbed to it's own weight. It fell down revealing a literally chilling dark staircase.

"Andrew, your silent communication never ceases to amaze me..." I said facing him.

"Hey, that's why he's our division's strategist." Lazuli smiled still forcing the criminal down.

The confident man grinned and looked around before turning his attention back to Angelo, "I can't believe you were actually about to let yourself be killed just to withhold information... that, plus his freak out earlier and overall physical condition can only mean one thing. He's strung up on drugs..."

Lazuli brought him up to his feet and pinned his left arm between his shoulder blades, "You're coming with us, there's no way we can leave someone like you here."

"Should have just killed me, I'm not opening my mouth regardless of where you take me, you hear?!"

"Ugh, he's getting even more aggravated." Lazuli then motioned for the remaining people against the wall, including the recently awakened but groggy Oliver to tread through the room carefully and out the building.

"Here, use my phone to call the ship and get first responders to meet you all at the shore."

Julie took the phone and hurried out the door immediately with the other two following close behind. I was so caught up in watching the events play out that I forgot about my part. "Jeice why are you standing there? Get moving!" Andrew yelled snapping me out of it.

I faced the corridor and ran up the steps, Angelo was dangerous enough but Korin was the true master mind. If we let him go, we may as well have failed our investigation.

The further I went up the steps however, the cooler it got. It didn't matter to me though, I could see the horizon of the staircase and kept moving, at least for the next few seconds.... That's when I saw it suddenly appear at the peak of the steps, and it saw me.

Next thing I knew, I was flying down the stairs backwards in an effort to evade it. I landed hard on my back in front of Andrew and Lazuli who had Angelo pinned to the ground again.

Both of them began to question me on what happened but soon fell silent as they saw it. In front of me stood a large, beady-eyed tiger.


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