poisoned apple

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - back to school

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



new school, new eveything! ugh! why was life so hard? i started to get ready. my sister and i were going to HardBrook College. i really didn't want to go but i had to. i liked my old school better. but for some reason my dad had gotten another job in the country and we had to move here. i liked living in the city more. there were so much memories that i had made i city. ''hurry up Nancy!'' my mum called from the kitchen. ''coming!'' i yelled. i looked into the swirly mirror that was anbout to suck me in just a minute ago. i soothed my hair and straightened my dress, then i went downstairs for breakfast. ''Nancy what's taking you so long", Nicky asked. i look at the cereal my mum had made and chucked it in the bin.''hurry Nancy the bus is here'' said my mum. ''bye mum'' i said as the hugged my mum and so did Nicky and off we went. when we entered the bus, it was so full. there were so many kids. Nicky tugged my dress. ''can you sit next to me?'' she asked. i looked at her. ''no, now scoot''. she looked sad and sat by herself, so did i. many kids were looking at us. some were whispering. i just looked at the window. when i turned around i saw  my little sister next to me. i rolled my eyes at her and she smiled at me all innocent like.ugh little sisters are so annoying! i really want a little sister. anyways when we reached school, there was this realy kind old looking woman waiting for us. ''girls welcome this is your new school'', she smiled. she took Nicky to her class first, then me. i was feeling really nervous and scared. when she took me to my new class everyone was staring at me. that made me feel quite uneasy. ''hello darling!'' smiled the homeroom teacher. i tried smiling back but my smile looked like my face had gone wrong. ''take a seat'', said the teacher. i turned around but the kind old lady disappeared. i took a seat next to a shy brown haired girl. she wore glasses and she had green eyes. she didn't talk to me. neither did i. ''whats your name young lady?'' the teacher asked. ''Nancy'', i squeaked. ''can you say that a little louder?'' she questioned. ''Nancy'', i said a little louder. her yellow hair was twirling around her finger. she then stopped twirling her hand and then she looked at me and gave me 5 excersise books. ''the first one is for maths. the 2nd one is for english. the 3rd one is for science. the 4th one is for humanities and the 5th one is for art. i gulp. that was a lot to learn. at snack time i was sitting all by myself and reading a book when suddenly a black haired girl pops next to me. ''whatcha reading?'' she asked. ''a book'', i reply. ''why'd ya come to this school?'' she questioned. ''my mum said i had to. even though i really didn't want to'', i replied. ''i'd kill her for thatm if i had to'', she smiled. i laughed. i had a feeling that she was going to be my first best friend.

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