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As Sparrow and Ariza travel through the Deadzone, Sparrow reveals a lot about himself. Including how he apparently died and was resurrected. He is more of a Monster than anything, so he claims....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sav'iik

Submitted: October 07, 2019

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Submitted: October 07, 2019



Sparrow looked at Ariza, she was Limping, stumbling every now and again. He assumed she was treated less than alive. She looked Hungry, Thirsty, Tired, Hurt, and everything else under the sun. He knew how it felt. The feeling of pain, then nothing. The feeling of Hope, after the great escape. Blackreach was less than Humane to any incarcerated there. The many people he had to leave behind. Ariza stumbled once again "Do need to Carry you?" He asked Coldly, she shook her head "No, my feet just hurt...Aren't you even remotely fatigued" A Small Laugh came from the Sparrow "Ah, not even in the slightest sense." She yawned "How? You must have been traveling for days." He turned to her. Surprisingly, his eyes turned from blood red to a soft gold color. She assumed this meant he let his guard down. "After all I've been through, a three-day walk through the Ground Zero is meager. But if your really that tired, we can rest in some abandoned building. Darkfall is about an hour away anyway." They took shelter in a building, which looked like an old Mall. Sparrow had started a Fire so they can stay warm "Alright, 12 hours of waiting, here we come. So, Mr. Sparrow, wanna play twenty questions?" Ariza said plainly, secretly, she was excited. The Sparrow just shrugged his shoulders. "Alright then, as far as I know, your real name isn't Sparrow" He looked at her "It isn't, it's just a name the locals call me. As far as I know, in the South, I'm referred to as White Icarus. How old are you?" Ariza looked up "22, you?" Sparrow looked up "I honestly don't know, I'm about 23 or 24. My Real age is about 3 centuries old." Ariza choked "300 years?!" He interrupted her "As a Crystal, I'm GeoSynthetic" Ariza gave the Ooooohhhh look. And they continued the game "Why do you wear a Mask?" She asked, he reached up and pulled off the mask. His face was still obscured by his hood "I wear it to keep my identity secret. Mainly from our Assailant." He instead of putting the mask back on, He placed it on the floor. "Did you celebrate your birthday?" She nodded no "I got kidnapped, remember?" Sparrow got up and placed his hand on her head "What are you..." His hand began to glow "I, Archangel Gabriel, give you the blessing of Guidance" She saw what was underneath his Black Cloak. White Armour...Archangel Armour. The Sparrow was no reaper, he was an Archangel. Master Archangel. He then sat back down. "Sorry, you couldn't celebrate your birthday normally. You were supposed to receive the Blessing of Archangel Hellion. But the situation inticed it" She knows if he is an Archangel, then she has no reason to fear him. But why did he keep it a secret? He finally pulled down his hood. She startled at what she saw. She was not looking at just the Sparrow. She was looking a Prince Azaris Talon Timberclaw, of Damacrus. That's why he is described as a Lone Wolf, he survived as one, lived as one, and trained as one. He is hard to trust anyone. Which warranted his Aggressive Demeanor. But after seeing underneath the cloak, she noticed he had a Sidearm. Two Actually. "Those two guns?" Azaris looked at her "Chippa Rhino and a Colt Delta Elite. Why?" Ariza dodged the question "Better Question, how are you still alive? I saw you get killed by Dayagon. The slash across the back-" He interrupted her "Is still there, I'm alive because of a Deus Ex Machina. Though I became a Ghoul after waking up in the Canadian Wilderness, I am living proof of the Lazurus Effect"  Ariza looked a little confused "How though?" He continued "The Lazurus Effect applies to all Archangels. Lazurus means rebirth, in a sense, I died and was reborn. Each Archangel can live three times. I think I died of With that, I contracted the Shadowblight" Ariza, once again looked confused "I thought the Shadowblight Corruption only affected Demons." He looked down "I'm a Shadow Archangel, Former Scythe and Former Sentinel" She gave the Ooooohhh look again. After he removed his cloak, she saw two swords on his back, she pointed to them "Oh, one's my Mothers sword, the other is Excalibur.." She jumped a small bit, he has Legendary Sword of Arthur. This is fine. This is ok "Just go to bed" He urged her "I'm tired of telling my life story" She nodded her head "No! You're too interesting to sleep" He looked at her "I'll give you one more question, but that's it!" He accepted defeat. "Alright, when's the last time you've eaten? Your stomach has been growling forever." He looked away "A Month Ago..." Ariza choked "A Month-"


"So, do you know what's tomorrow?" Ariza asked quietly, However, it was obvious Azaris picked up on it "The Sekai Festival, I know" She was actually kinda surprised. Then again, he has been around for two years. "What does Sekai mean?" She asked once again, as soft as she could, as to not aggravate him "The Day the World Stood Still" He repeated, The Day the World Stood Still, the day of his death. That "Day" is tomorrow. And he looked surprisingly mellow. Both of them let out a sigh of relief when the saw the large spire of Embersaw Castle. Azaris pulled out a small flare gun. A shot it in the air. Instead of Red Flash, it was a Large White Flash. A Flare from the Kingdom responded. "What does that mean?" Ariza asked again, once again, quietly. "One, you don't need to be so quiet, you sound like a fucking smurf. Second, It's me signaling for extraction." He continued walking, she stumbled and followed behind. He eventually bowed to his cardinal directions, she just realized he was respecting the environment. As this is a way Sentinels respect the things they've been given. She remembered him saying he was a former Sentinel last night. As she saw a bunch of trucks heading their way. She thought they were their pick up until Azaris backed up toward her, Sword Drawn. "Ari, stay behind me..." A Sound of Worry in his voice was heard before he put back on his mask. He was serious, those trucks weren't there to help, they were there to Recontain. Not her, but Azaris. She noticed the obvious insignia on the side of the trucks. Blackreach. The Ghoul Prison. Four people got out of the car. Based on the experience of the Swordplay back at the complex she was held at, they wouldn't be getting back in that car. Alive anyways. Azaris kicked into action, dashing past one and slashing through their liver. Then throwing his sword into their spine. That's when the four Red Tendrils came out. Two of them wrapping around his arms, acting as blades. The other two, wrapping around his torso like armor. He cut the throats of two more and knocked the last one to the floor. Finishing it off with a single stab to the throat "Drem St'il" those words that came from his mouth were meaning Peace, Soul. He was sympathetic to what he had to do to them. This was a dragon phrase. And it was obvious that he knew it. He bowed his head and led Ariza away. While later, she decided to lighten the mood "So, do you know how our kind was made?" She asked curiously, figuring if he lived for 3 lifetimes. "Yes, and it's not the way you assume. Although humans indeed had a hand in it. We took over, we started out as walking Liquids. Our hands dripped. We were mindless, and we absorbed Humans. I did this as well. But I was unlike the others, I was fully conscious, I was aware of what I was doing. I absorbed a Human to save them, and spit them out later. But I nearly died like this. Eventually, our liquid bodies became solid, we began gaining organs, brains, flesh, blood, bones, all that stuff. By the time this happened, we had killed all humans." Ariza was at a loss for words "Liquids?" Azaris raised his hands up, suddenly, his hands began to drip. "I'm still like that, but I have organs, I don't know why either." They became a solid again "Not many people know, or don't want to remember the fact that We...Are....Parasites....or we once were." Ariza finally snapped out of it "That, was interesting experience, what were these 'Parisites' called?" Azaris stared her in the eyes "Latexs...Stupid, I know, but this mask, was from then." he gestured to his mask, white, covering his upper face. "We should keep going." Aria and Azaris began moving again "So, I assume you were invited to Light's Sumit?" Azaris looked up "You mean that College for people with special talents?" Ariza nodded "Oh, multiple times. Master Archangel, coherent with my rank in the Archangels." Ariza pointed at herself "Master Apothocary" Azaris looked at her again "Apotho-what now?" She looked him in the eyes "Were you spacing off?" Azaris nodded yes. Supposedly he gets distracted as well sometimes. "There we go....finally" he pointed to the "Friendly" trucks approaching, Azaris jumped onto the roof of one. While Guards escorted her inside the truck. This was their Extraction. And so they were on their way back to the Kingdom.





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