The Teddy Bears Restaurant 2

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The continuing adventures of a New York teddy bear as he eats at a fancy restaurant with his human owner.

The first sequel to "The Teddy Bears Restaurant".

Submitted: September 09, 2019

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Submitted: September 09, 2019



Abagail sipped her Earl Grey tea.

"Teddy, wake up!".

Teddy bear watched her.

"I am awake", it said.

"You were dozing", Abagail stated.

"I thought you would like a New York cheesecake".

"I love cheesecake".

"You can have a slice on a plate".



The other teddy bears stood still as a statue on their chairs.

The September weather was cold.

"I'm going to put a blanket on you, teddy bear to keep you warm. Mommy says that you're to be kept in good condition". 

"I'd like that", teddy bear smiled.

"Good. Now, let's eat that cheese cake. I'm hungry".

Teddy bear nodded, and they waited for the waitress to come to table 5. The firewood burned nearby, as the restaurant was full by six o'clock in the early evening in New York.

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