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Vivienne gives a lecture in cryptozoology at a university as her mind starts to unravel.

Partly based on a lecture on Sasquatch.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



All eyes were fixated at her in what she recognized as disbelief. Vivienne repeated herself and rephrased the sentence, hoping it would be easier for people to understand. They are beyond science at this point. What i mean by this, is that they are more aware than we have given them credit for, they know what we are doing and this means that we can´t use science on them. We have seen that when we are trying to film them, they move the cameras. They know about our methods of research gathering and they are using their wits to avoid them at all costs. Instead of using science, we have to gather intelligence, which means that we have to take an entirely different approach than we have done so far. This is also one of the reasons why it´s so hard to find solid evidence that can proof the existence of Sasquatch to anyone but ourselves. She scanned the auditorium, she couldn't shake the feeling that someone out there was smiling and laughing at her without her knowledge, but if they were, they were hiding it well. I have seen enough evidence to prove their existence to myself, but the difficult part, the near impossible part is to find evidence that would prove it to the public. People are skeptic, because they haven´t seen and heard what we have seen and heard. The feeling lingered on, she was sure that someone was snickering, the feeling grew stronger every time she turned the back to the audience and focused on the huge blackboard that was hanging on the wall.

The room was silent in anticipation. She had placed a tape recorder on the table and was patiently rewinding the tape. This is some of the newest evidence that have been gathered in the field of cryptozoology, a man was on a camping trip and he had experienced that someone had moved stuff in his camp several nights in a row and he felt that he had heard voices. One night he decided to take a tape recorder and he hid it nearby his camp. The morning after, he listened to the tape and he was hearing voices. She hit play on the tape recorder and garbled voices started filling the auditorium. They mumbled and shrieked, sounding like a drunk who was trying his best to ask for directions. It went on for a while, but suddenly they stopped and the auditorium was silent. People were staring at the tape recorder and Vivienne looked around, this time she was sure that she had heard a faint giggling, she was starting to sweat and her voiced quivered faintly when she started speaking again. This is the first recording of Sasquatch communicating in the wild, as you can all hear they have a language and it is similar to ours, but all the words are foreign. This is just another piece of the enormous puzzle that we are slowly starting to piece together. We have photos, sound and tons of personal accounts from people who has experienced strange Sasquatch activity. Last summer i was gathering intelligence in a secluded part of a nature reserve. It was a place far removed from local youth and active tourism. I visited a couple who had lived in the forest for several years, they told me that Sasquatch was using telepathy to communicate with each other and the locals. The couple had often heard voices that urged them to stop when they were having a heated argument and similar experiences, showing us that Sasquatch are friendly and caring for our community. But all of these things are...

Vivienne had locked eyes with a young man who was sitting in the center of the audience, as her voice trailed off. He was smiling and she suspected that he might have been laughing just 10 seconds ago. He was looking at her in anticipation of her next words. Agitation, she could feel it coming from inside of her. She continued to speak: ...But all of these things, are easily waved away by a skeptic public, they don´t want to hear... A vein was starting to become visible on Vivienne´s forehead as she started yelling. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUST... To just... Sit there and laugh... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WHAT DID I EVER DO WRONG TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT? Vivienne was pointing a finger accusingly at the audience as she started crying. The man she had locked eyes with stared at her with his mouth agape, he looked shocked. The silence was unbearably uncomfortable as the man started speaking: What... what are you talking about? He asked clearly confused by the whole situation. Vivienne could barely stand as she turned from the audience, picked up her tape recorder and started running towards the door. Moments later she was in her car, she could still hear their laughter as all the people in the audience were standing in the auditorium yelling and laughing at her. Inside the auditorium everyone was silent, a faint sound of a car buzzing car engine could be heard as a car left the parking lot in a hurry. People started talking among themselves, confused as to what had just happened. Moments later people started gathering their things and soon the room was empty as darkness fell and the day was over.




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