a ghost's tale vocabulary

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: ghost's tale and other stories
the vocabulary (words specific for the story) of ghost's tale.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

A A A | A A A

Submitted: September 10, 2019



Pelican- class of dropship/ plane


40/40-sight of a weapon


Liquify assets- to kill a freelancer (legal term)


Breacher - high power explosive


Keeper- implant that enhances the physical prowess of the user. Gives control to the keeper implant(located in the frontal lobe), causing major personality change. Users appear disfigured and corrupted


Gcorp- a multinational corporation with control over most to all industries. Created the freelancers to kill their enemies, then created the reapers to kill rogue freelancers. Ghost has been a member of both teams, and the first casualty of the rogue freelancers


A.R.C- the armor removal chamber, or the A.R.C, used to hastily remove and apply armor to reapers. Underneath the armor, a black undersuit made of carbon fiber mixed with kevlar. The armor itself is made of carbonic steel, mixed with dye. The A.R.C emits a high-frequency sound, which is undetectable by any human, which turns the armor into a liquid. The armor flows down into a drain, which stores the liquified armor until needed. When applying, the liquid armor moves from the storage tank to several sprayers, which are calculated to cover every inch of the undersuit. Once finished, the A.R.C opens, letting the occupant emerge from the tank


Buckin’ bronco- a sniper rifle with a shotgun underbarrel. Effectve at long and short range. Used as secondary (special) weapon for some reapers.

Unstable keeper- the second generation of keeper formula, created hastily to combat the first generation. Most were destroyed in a mysterious explosion, but a sample survived and was cloned into multiple keepers. They were, however, extremely violent. Many of those who received their dose of keeper-infected bloodline either killed themselves or others. Some subjects who survive come out with their keepers going dormant. These few survivors go on to become the second generation of reapers, sent to kill the first generation reaper, ghost.


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