13 Reasons Why You Lie

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - 13 Reasons Why You Lie - Lie #6

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



13 Reasons Why You Lie - Lie #6

Never met someone so irresponsible
Yet your a mother, something you gloat about
I watched for two years as your basically killing yourself
To try to make a better life for your kid

Tried to tell you that you don't need two jobs
But you argued with me
On every aspect.
Your pay for your second job almost doubles your first
But you do shit for fucking tax purposes

You should be doing things for you
For your own personal sanity
So you can have a life as well
But your life is work
You don't give yourself time to do anything

After that time I figured that's what you want
Is the ability to not see anyone
Not to see me

Well we all know how that worked for you
I told you I'm done trying
Within a few days my stress started to vanish

Some people want help
Others don't
A small few just bury themselves so far deep they don't know help even if they got it.

Guess which one you were
Your problems are exactly that YOURS
Never wanted help, no worries
Don't need that shit in my fucking life.


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