Nostalgically Confusing Aircraft

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Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



The 727 is a special plane for me. Yesterday I met her on the ground at YXX airport in Abbotsford and took a picture, pic 1.


Pic. 1 The 727-247


To explain her specialty I recite the words written in conclusion to my “Men and Missiles” story which say the following: “October 2003. I park my car at Spanish Banks, take laptop, start writing. Then I make a pause and look around. Beautiful view: strait, mountains, cargo ships on the roadstead, downtown’s skyscrapers line. The 727 takes off from Sea Island. She looks exactly like Tu-154. But I know what she is…” Yes, for many years the 727 in the North American sky triggered nostalgic reminiscence of my first engineering experience, which is closely related to the Tu-154, Kuibyshev Aviation Plant and the fall of 1973, time of my graduation industrial practice there. Very attractive and beautiful machine, pic. 2.



Pic. 2 The Tu-154M


Last time I'd seen the Tu-154 here in British Columbia in February 2010 when she delivered Slovak Olympic team to Vancouver, pic. 3.

Pic. 3 The Slovak Tu-154M in YVR


She was parked close to the 727, pic. 4, to remind me that they are different. Of course I knew and know that they are different, but not much and looking at them in the sky you can easily be confused.



Pic. 4 The 727 in YVR


Unfortunately, not me. Every time seeing silhouette of the 154 here in the sky, I am aware that this is the 727 and there is no hope to see at least transport modification of the 154, because there are no such modifications.

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