Dance and Spirituality

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The dance connect in creation.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



The origin of dance is of ancient humanity. It was brought forth during times of plenty and want as spontanious ritual. It has been stated that the artful action of dancing was among the first mindful thought that went beyond physical need. That which is a part of human evolution .

Unifying and wordless, dancewas done as a part of self actualizing worship and was a joy filled expression of life. 

But dance is not only of human existence. The display of male birds during mating season represents itself as a form of dance. Here in a connect with those not human, we can observe dance as a part of actual creation.

When dance occurs, it is a pure type of spiritual life met in rythum through the connection of music. The beat of feet upon the solid ground of Earth, the clapping of hands. It all  becomes a symbolic pulse which represents the continuation of the universe.

Dance at its best is reactive and emotional, reflecting the truth of the human spirit through the human mind, that expression which is something all human beings need to find a space of connection and  balance.

"You cannot think about dance. You cannot count the beats or tell yourself to do this step or that. Instead, you have to act in a way that puts aside your everyday conscious mind. You just have to dance. You can't make it look any better than what it is, and if you are honest, you can't make it any worse; you can't hide when you dance."

Deng Ming-Dao.Everyday Tao.


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