The Five Dragons

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - You're Chosen

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



I picked up the large bail of hay and hoisted it over my shoulder. I walked out of the barn and into the hot sunlight, I heard a man yell to me "Hey Idris, make sure to tie those hay bails down before they leave!" he shouted from the front of his store where he was sweeping, I gave a thumbs up "Yes sir, Mr. Hite" I put my hand under the hay and tossed it into the cart. I sighed and then wipe my forehead of sweat and looked behind me, into the barn, there was no more hay to load. 
I stepped to the side where a small rope was, I tossed the rope over the hay and began to tie it to the cart, I tightened the knot and began to walk to the other side. I became confused when I noticed that the rope was already tied to the cart, I looked around to see if anyone was nearby, but no one was, even Mr. Hite had walked into his store. I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the store "Mr. Hite, the cart is all loaded up" I asked happily, the old man was standing with those who ordered the hay, farmers from outside of the city. The old man nodded at me "That's good Idris, I'll be sure to give you your pay later today" he said turning back to the farmers.

I nod and grab the broom, heading to another part of the store, sweeping calmly, with a smile. I heard the bell ring, someone had come into, or left, the store. Then I could hear Mr. Hites cane as he turned the corner to wave at me "Alright my boy, the day's almost up, I just gotta move the coins and you gotta clean up a bit and you can be on your way" he said weakly, I looked to the window, and the day was growing short, the sun setting almost completely. 
Mr. Hite pointed to a lantern hanging on the wall "Could you light that for me, and the others around the shop? I'll put them out when I leave" he asked tiredly. I nodded "Of course, sir" I asked as I reached up, placing my fingers on the wick of the candle inside the lantern, I held the wick between the tips of my index finger and my thumb, as I held it, it began to heat up, just until I released it and a small flame lit on the wick.

He smiled and sighed, walking away "I'll never understand how you're able to do that, boy, but it sure is useful," he said happily. I smiled as I lit the remaining lanterns, just as I lit the last one, I heard the bell ring, someone had come in. I turned to greet them, a woman with long gray hair and a dragon tattoo down her left arm, and a man with brown hair, a short beard and a dragon tattoo on his face, the dragon circling his right eye. I smirked and gave them a wave "Hey, I'm sorry to have to tell you two, but the store is closed for the rest of the night" I said calmly. The woman stepped forward a step and smiled at me "Do not worry young man, we won't be long, we just need some information and we'll be on our way" he said with a calm tone, but a bit of authority was there. 
The man behind her didn't speak but crossed his arms and remained silent. I shrugged my shoulders "Alright ma'am, what do you need to know?" I asked her kindly, brushing my hair back. She turned to the man, who gave her a nod, then she turned back to me "We're looking for someone who's able to conjure fire at will" I jumped a bit, I knew they were referring to me, I began to shake a bit out of fear of what these two would do if they knew what I was capable of doing, and I think she could tell. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could get a word out, I could hear something hit the floor, I turned to see Mr. Hite tapping his cane "There is no one here with such abilities" he shouted hatefully.

The woman backed away, standing beside the man as Mr. Hite went on "Barma is a small city, and news of such a person would travel fast, and I've not heard such a thing in all my days" he said stroking his long white beard.
The woman smiled at him "I'm sorry for disturbing you sir, we'll be on our way" she said as she turned away and walked out of the door, the bell ringing again, the man turned to leave, but he shot me a dirty look, then followed the woman out. Mr. Hite remained quiet until the two were out of view, he then turned to me "My boy, don't go around telling people about your little abilities, you never know what people will do" he scolded. I nodded "I know sir, I wasn't sure what they'd do, so I was gonna lead them far from here, to Elkline" I said with a bit of shake in my voice. 

Mr. Hite placed his hand on my shoulder "Go on home, boy" he said softly "I'll handle the rest of the cleaning" he turned and slowly walked back to the counter. I watched him, I wanted to stay and help, but I was afraid of those two coming back. I slipped on my jacket and rushed out, the bells ringing behind me, I headed down the cobblestone road towards my home. I didn't live far from the shop, but the darkness was starting to get to me, I couldn't see anything past the streetlights, and it was making me a bit paranoid, what if those two were in the shadows? What if they were going to jump out and attack?
As my thoughts began to run a little wild, I could hear something in the alley to my right, glass shattering. I raised my left hand and swung it, sending a wave of fire into the narrow alley, I watched my fire blacken the stone walls and road as I small cat ran out of the alley and down the street, and a glass bottle lay on the ground. 
I sighed and wrapped my jacket more around me, speeding up a bit. I could see the lantern above my door, I sighed in relief as I grew closer, but in the darkness, I could hear the woman from earlier in the store "Well, it seems you're a little liar, aren't you?" she asked softly and with a small chuckle. I froze, shaking in my place, the air began to blow a bit harder than before, blowing my jacket back. I couldn't move, not even when I watched the man accompanying her slowly stepped out from the darkness, near my door, and I felt a hand slowly rub up along my back and rest on my shoulder. I looked back just enough to see the woman out of the corner of my eye, she was smiling, not evil or sadistic, but warm and sweet, she held out her other hand for me to step forward "Come on young man, we have to talk" she said as she slowly pushed me, causing me to step forward towards my door and towards the man.

When I reached my door, I unlocked it and stepped inside, followed by the two. I walked to a table in my kitchen and sat down, and the two sat down beside each other, across from me. The woman smiled at me, and I stared into her eyes, her completely white eyes that reflected everything in front of them, she was the first to speak "Do you know who we are?" her voice was still calm, this time without any hint of authority, just calm. I shook my head, staying silent, preparing myself to attack if needed. The woman lifted her left arm "This is not a tattoo, young man, but a birthmark" she then pointed to the man's dragon mark "As is this" I rolled my eyes "Yea, there's no way in hell something that detailed could ever be a tattoo" I said shakily, a bit of sweat trailing down the side of my face. She only giggled at my response "I know it seems impossible, but I know you have one too, don't you?" she asked curiously. I flinched again, I did have one. She placed her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands "Can you show me?" she asked excitedly. 

I stood slowly, and slowly slipped off my jacket and then my shirt. I turned and revealed my dragon mark, a large dragon covering my back, almost completely. She gasped happily and giggled wildly "It is you, you are Fire, you are the Fire Dragon!" she said grabbing hold of the man's arm "He is the Fire Dragon!." I sat back down "What are you talking about?" I asked with less fear and more curiosity. The woman took a deep breath "First, I think introductions are in order, I am Aria Clond, I am Wind, I am the Wind Dragon" she then placed a hand on the mans shoulder "And this is Goran Som, he is Earth, he is the Earth Dragon" she smiled and took a breath "We are two of five humans chosen to become linked to a legendary dragon, these links allow us to have control of the element our dragons control" she explained sweetly "As you could guess, I control the element of Wind, Goran controls Earth, and you, young man, control Fire" she seemed to become more and more excited with each word she spoke, her face becoming more flushed.
The man remained silent throughout this little meeting, saying nothing, barley moving. I looked down at the table and then back up at the two "So what?" I asked with an attitude "Why are you here? What do you want?" the woman began to take deep breaths, calming herself down, once she was calm enough to talk, she spoke in her calm tone "Me and Goran are on a journey to unite the other dragons and travel to the Scaled Mountains, and since you're one of the dragons, we were hoping you'd come with us" she said a little excited, clasping her hands together as if to plead with me. I looked at her, her eyes reflecting me, I shook my head "Why should I go with you? Just because I've been chosen by some legendary dragon doesn't mean I have to go on some crazy adventure, one that might get me killed" I said shakily. Aria, sighed in disappointment "I understand your fear, I felt the same feeling when I first learned of this, but I knew that if I used my abilities to help others, then it will be worth it" she ushered to Goran "Goran here plans on rebuilding villages made of stone, to give lost people a home, which is how he broke through his fear of the journey" she explained softly.

She reached over and wrapped both of her hands around mine "Your abilities have the potential to help others, let that knowledge help you break through your fear and come with us" she begged, squeezing my hands. I stared down at her, so many thoughts running through my head at once, I wanted to go but I was too scared to leave Barma, I wanted to help others but Fire is also dangerous, I wanted to meet the other people picked by the Dragons or the legendary Dragons themselves, but this whole thing seemed like one big dream that could become a nightmare in an instant. Aria stood up sadly, releasing my hand "We're sorry to have bothered you, Idris" he patted Gorans shoulder and he stood, the two walking out of my home, shutting my door quietly.

I stared at the door, then at the table. I stayed in the chair, the only light being a small candle that was lit the previous night, it was almost runout. I swallowed the lump in my throat and slammed my fist on the table "Damn it, what do I do!?" I asked myself loudly, I wanted to go but I was too afraid to leave. I sighed and leaned back in my chair, staring at the ceiling, the chandelier swaying slightly back and forth. I tapped my foot on the wooden floor "They did come all this way to find me, would be a shame if they left empty-handed" I said to myself.
Morning couldn't come fast enough, during the night, I was packing a small bag of clothes and a shortsword. I ran out of my home at daybreak, the sun barely kissing the sky, and a few clouds spread about. I dashed down the street, dressed in yesterdays clothes, forgetting my jacket, only throwing on my shirt. 
I ran into Mr. Hites shop "Mr. Hite, where are you?" I shouted loudly, the bell ringing as I walked inside. The old man turned the corner and waved his hand "Calm down boy, what's got you so riled up?" he asked softly. I took another step forward "Did those two from last night come through here?" I asked quickly. He blinked at me and narrowed his eyes, smirking, he sighed and tapped his cane "They came by and bought a weeks worth of food and drink, then they headed for the east entrance, If you go now you should catch them" he said waving his cane around. I smiled at him and ran out the door, this was the last time I'd hear the bell ringing. 

I turned and headed east, dodging carts and people, almost dropping my bag in the process, having to hold it tightly in my hand. I could see the gate, but I couldn't see anyone but the guards stationed there. I ran to the gate, looking down at the trail going into the Geyser Hills. I sighed in disappointment, looking to the ground and turning to walk home, as I walked I stared at the ground. As I stepped back onto the cobblestone, I ran into a carts horse. I quickly stepped to the side and looked at the driver, looking into those reflection white eyes. 
The woman, Aria, smiled happily and jumped down, wrapping her arms around my neck and spinning, she then looked up at Goran, who was holding the horses' reins "Goran, he's coming with us!" she shouted happily, climbing back onto the cart and hugging Goran. She calmed herself down and looked down to me "Climb on in, I'll tell you where we're going next" she said climbing into the cart, the cart had a large covering over it. I walked to the back of the cart and climbed in, placing my bag down and sitting cross-legged at the end of the cart.
Aria reached into a satchel and laid out a map of Higk on the cart floor, pointing to a kingdom in the sea "This is the kingdom of the sea, Sera, a kingdom built on a large reef and surrounded by large stone walls to keep it safe from large waves and storms" she took my hands and held them together "There have bee rumors of a someone who may be Water, that may be the Water Dragon!" she said in a whispered yell.

She rolled up the map and placed it back in the satchel "It should take us a few days to get there, so sit back and relax, maybe practice some fire, but please don't burn the cart down" she said sweetly, smiling gently. I turned to look out of the cart, watching Barma slowly get further and further, I sighed as I was leaving my home for the first time. I took a deep breath and held my hands together, holding a small ball of flame in my hands, I stared down at the fire, and I noticed that it began to morph, becoming a different shape, and opening like an eye, revealing an orange, flaming slit eye. I stared into the eye, having an idea of who it belonged to. 

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