Jack and Jill - The Legend Continues

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I was lucky to find Jack. I was also lucky to find the courage to interview him, which was difficult for me. He was a complete stranger and I was out of high school only a couple years, and still
quite innocent,

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Sara Finds Jack

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



I had heard about Jack, but had never met him. Unfortunately—for me—Auntie Jill left it to me to find him and solicit his participation in this exercise, She wasn’t interested in re-kindling an old flame at this point in her life, and really didn’t want to face him after 20-plus years.

But little did I know. . . .

She told me his mother still lived in the same house on the same road where Jack spent his childhood. It’s not a very big town and I knew the area very well. That old dirt road is now the main road to the state park at the lake and has been paved.

I was taken aback that Aunt Jill would leave me hanging like that, and I was ready to tell her I couldn’t do it—some childhood events made me fear men I didn’t know. But then, I thought, this might be my chance to get published as a writer, even if it’s just a steamy short story. No way I was passing up that opportunity.

I was lucky to find Jack during one of his infrequent visits to the home of his youth. I was also lucky to find the courage to interview him, which was difficult for me, since I was young and shy, and he was a complete stranger. Out of high school only a couple years, and still quite innocent, I wasn’t comfortable interviewing an older man, a stranger, about the topic we were about to delve into.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about the topic in general, and I think my fear of men is unusual. My childhood experiences weren’t tragic; they just weren’t pleasant. Maybe I’m gay, a lesbian, although I don’t recall ever having a gay encounter in my life.. So, I put it behind me for now. I simply put on my writer’s boots and waded into the water.

As it turns out, Jack knew my mother and remembers seeing her at Jill’s house numerous times when there were family gatherings. My mother was about 14 years old the last time her saw her, and he told me she was quite beautiful. “You look a lot like her.”

So, Jack and I have a connection; that made me feel only slightly more comfortable with him. It’s funny, though, being with Jack gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, when I should have been shivering from stage fright. Maybe it’s because of his connection to my Aunt Jill, and, now to her cousin, my mother. Regardless of our common connection, Jack was reluctant to talk to a stranger about something so intimate and so far in the past.

I begged and pleaded with him, reminded him who I was in relation to Jill; and told him it wouldn’t be the same without his point of view. I also told him that Jill already told me her version, and that it would be a much better balanced story if I had both sides. Jack had to think about it.

After a nice dinner—which I paid for—and a drink or two, he finally relented. Fortunately, he’s not much of a drinker, and the story he told me was very coherent, and I didn’t have to sort it out and untangle the roots. I also think he was afraid I would buy him another drink, and he would feel obligated to drink it.

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