journey of my life

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Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step of mine ...
So here I am sharing one of my travel stories with you . I started my journey from Allama Iqbal International , Pakistan to DXB. A few days ago my mom and dad surprised me with the news of our trip to Dubai for three months.

My flight was in the middle of my final exams so it was a little bit harder to pack for the trip. As the days passed by, the day of my flight finally arrived we got ready and set out for the airport. We took some snacks with us at the airport . I was very nervous plus excited to meet my uncle (my mom's brother) and my little cousin . After waiting for a whole of 2 hours we boarded our flight , it was small plane . Its took us approximately 3 hours to reach Dubai. And as expected the landing was not smooth ( basically it was PIA so that's why ) . We grabbed our luggage and went towards the exit , our uncle came to pick us . We reached home in 1hr and 30 mins . My aunt had made us snacks . At night we went to a mall . I couldn't sleep because of jetlag. Then came the the day we went on our first trip which was to Lego land waterpark . We went at 12 PM in the noon, we took many slides some were scary so I didn't go on them . After a while we ate some food and went to take slides again . We went on the lazy river , the pool , many slides, ect ...

We returned to our home at 8 PM , we were so tired that we couldn't move a limb ( not a single one ) . We ate dinner and slept , the next day we went on a fancy dinner with our family . After 2 weeks me and my aunt went on a movie. We bought many popcorn and chips to eat the movie was very entertaining. After a month we went to the largest Indoor Park know as ( IMG WORLD OF ADVENTURES ) me , my aunt and my brother went to the park . First we were really scared of the rollercoaster but I managed to take that ride the 90 degree drop was the scariest moment of my life as the day passed we took a lot of rides and ate dinner and went home .

After a month it was the last day in Dubai we went to FUJAIRAH CITY CENTRE to have KFC we shopped for about 2 to 3 hours and went to home . At night we couldn't sleep because of the excitement to go to Pakistan . Me and my brother did not sleep at all and in the morning we slept for 1 hr then our mother woke us up and got ready . It was the sad moment when we had to say goodbye to our aunt, uncle and our baby cousin it was really emotional for us and truly hard to say goodbye to them as we spent three months together. Then we sat in the car and departed for Dubai Airport . It is the second busiest airport in the world. Then we did all the checking stuff and boarded we said goodbye to our uncle and went to our departure gate after 1hr they called us at the gate and we boarded the plane successfully.

We reached Pakistan at 4 :50 PM it was a very big change for us every thing seemed dark and as I entered my house I was very changed and I was feeling so hot that I started crying ( because I was missing Dubai and my uncle aunt and cousin ) . At night it was the hardest time I was missing everybody so bad that I was crying the whole night and sobbing my eyes again and again . I wish could have stayed there more...

Hajra Ibrahim


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