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We have probably all had a broken heart at some point in our lives. Lovers come and go. Sometimes it feels as though the special one has slipped away. But how far would you go to restore that beloved person to you?

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019





'Stolen lovers restored to you with a simple phone call to Mr Okafor. Guaranteed results. Help with lifting spells and black magic from a man with great gifts'

Dominic Okafor regarded his new advertisement with pride. His Nigerian grandmother had been a gifted psychic and he felt he had inherited her gifts. His father was not altogether convinced at this career move and his English mother was at a loss what to think. He had been expensively educated, had been to Cambridge and looked set for a career in The City. With his fathers contacts he had taken a job that gave him no satisfaction and had spent ten years become comfortably well off financially but increasingly miserable. He felt his true talent was in helping others and after an extended holiday in Nigeria, back in the town his grandparents had left decades before, he learned of ways to tell the future and change the bad luck that befell so many people. He learned he must himself be pure in heart, spirit and body. He returned to England a changed man ready to help the less fortunate, the lost and the heartbroken. That days issue of The Metro would be picked up by thousands of commuters so he waited for the phone to ring.

Perusing the newspaper that day the advert Mr Okafor had placed caught the eye of Emily. Her lover had been stolen from her and she desperately wanted him back. She had tried many things to get him back but to no avail. She was certainly heartbroken, so she picked up her phone and rang the number. Dominic almost jumped out of his chair when the business line rang for the first time and tried not to let his voice waver as he answered the call.

“Mr Okafor?” she asked “My name is Emily and I see you may be able to offer me a service I am in need of.”

“Certainly Emily. If you would like tell me your problem it will be my privilege to help you.” he replied.

Emily was a little surprised to hear the man had a middle class English accent, but so long as he could deliver on his promise she wasn't going to question him on his background. She explained how she had been very deeply in love with her boyfriend and he had promised her marriage, only to have him stolen away by another woman before he made good on the promise. She was positive he had been bewitched and she needed advice on how to break the spell. All her efforts had been in vain. She was not powerful enough and needed a practitioner with more strength and ability then herself. She told Dominic she had a good feeling when she read his advert and knew in her heart he was the man for the job in hand. Dominic was somewhat flattered by her assessment, he didn't mind admitting, and thought that a good result here could build the foundation for his new business. He told her the spell she needed to know and the ritual she should perform to bring her lover back to her. It worked in the majority of cases he said and if it did not she must ring him in two days time.

The two days passed almost to the hour and Emily was back on the phone. It had not worked she said and she needed something yet more powerful to break the grip that was holding her loved one. Dominic was surprised that she had not been successful and offered further help, free of charge as she was not a satisfied customer. He would send her everything she needed to cast the Santeria love spell and all instructions of how to do it. She must invoke the deity Oshun, anoint and light nine candles in his honour in the way he explained and focus on pictures of herself and her loved one. Be clear in explaining her wishes to Oshun. He would send her the dried bud of a yellow rose to burn in a tray, and she must wave the pictures of them both in the smoke. He would also enclose a pink paper heart for her. She must drip five drops of wax from each candle on to it while focusing on her wishes. Then take the heart, the pictures put face to face in the enclosed bag and burn them. After snuffing out the candles and and thanking Oshun the ashes must be cast into the wind. The ceremony must be performed on a Friday or Saturday to be effective and then given a week to work. If she still has not heard from him at the end of the week she must ring him again. Dominic felt sure that this powerful earth magic would bring the desired effect.

A week later Emily called him again. She was no further forward. She wanted to know if there was any chance of Mr Okafor actually meeting her so that he could perhaps help her with a spell or ritual. Maybe there was something within her blocking the magic from working. Perhaps she needed to have her soul looked at before she could succeed in her quest. Dominic agreed that he would meet her the following Friday and see what he could do.

Emily it turned out was not what he had imagined. He had visualised her as maybe a slightly 'hippy' type of woman living a standard sort of life. When he turned up at her house it was a huge suburban mansion with a large amount of garden. Everything in it was modern and tastefully decorated. Emily herself looked more like a businesswoman than a hippy. Her dark elfin cropped hair framed pretty features and she was dressed in a long black maxi dress embroidered with flowers. Everything about her and the house indicated wealth and good taste. She explained that she worked in the cosmetics industry and her lost love was in fact the owner of the company. They had a good life together and she was convinced he still loved her. What could they do to get him back?

As it was a Friday night again he suggested a repeat of the previous spell. He would be there to guide her and if she had maybe rushed the process or not performed things in quite the right order he would be able to put her right. He asked her for two pictures of her and her lost love. She searched in a drawer and gave him two black and white photos. It was strange as they looked very old and showed Emily in an Edwardian outfit and the man of whom she spoke stood stiffly in a suit from the same era. She explained by saying they had been to a specialist photo shoot. The photographer could recreate any period since photography had been invented and it had been a bit of fun. She had lots of copies so he was absolutely fine to use these. Dominic accepted her explanation and asked where he could perform the rite. She took him out on to the patio and watched intently as he set up the candles, placed the flower bud and the paper heart out on the paving slabs and set about lighting the candles. He asked her to tell Oshun again what she wished for. She thought carefully over each word and told the evening air how much she loved her man and how much she wanted him back. Dominic thought how heartfelt her pleas sounded and felt sure that this time the spell would work. When it came to the point of scattering the ashes of the pictures and the heart in their bag to the wind she suggested they go the the end of the garden as she didn't want it to blow back into the house.

“Thanks for coming to help me Mr Okafor. I think perhaps I rushed the spell last time. It pays to be patient but I miss him so much. I was probably all fingers and thumbs with anticipation.”

“It's no problem Emily. I just want to help people get their lives back on track and if this has helped you it is worth it.” he replied.

“Tell me , how did you come to be in this line of work? You aren't quite what I expected.” she asked.

He explained how he had always felt that he inherited his grandmothers gift for magic and seeing the future and had learned from the elders of her town in Nigeria how to perform spells and rituals that really worked. He had worked to be pure in heart and body to give himself as much power as possible. He had never been with a woman, he didn't drink and he ate no meat.

“That's wonderful to hear Mr Okafor. So much of this world is corrupt and defiled. To find a person like you is truly unusual. Come with me a moment. I want to show you something.”

She took him to the end of her very long garden and there he saw she had made a shrine of some kind, It was starting to get dark on this summer evening and the moon was rising high. It was full and the silver light would soon be filtering through the gaps in the trees. The last of the sunset was still brighter at the moment.

“Perhaps you would be kind enough to help me with one of my rituals Mr Okafor, in the spirit of learning about each others cultures?”

He looked a little unsure and thought for a moment she may be mocking him, but her look was serious and her eyes pleaded with him. When he agreed she smiled very warmly and asked him to take a seat on the wooden bench she had put in front of the shrine. She explained that the spirit of the woodland was the intended object of her altar and she set a collection of candles burning that were set into the ground and wedged into gaps in the trunk of the old oak tree they were sitting before. She opened an urn and tipped the contents out onto the ground. She explained it was wood ash from the branches that had fallen from the tree in the previous winters storms. They would bless the tree to ensure its continued survival and ask the spirits for their help in making the love spell a success. Dominic thought her eccentric, but that charge had been levelled at him by many people he knew. People who didn't think there was any more to this world than the things they could touch, see, smell and taste. He tried not to be judgemental. He was aware of Emily standing behind him as she marked out something on the ground with white chalk dust. Lost in his thoughts he had failed to notice her marking out a pentagram around him. By the time he had realised the significance of this it was too late. Emily had him in a firm head lock and was holding a knife in her free hand.

“I'm sorry Dominic, but this is where you will restore my love to me. Not with the rather sweet little ceremony on the patio.”

He hardly felt the knife cut his throat as it was so very sharp. As he slipped from this life into the next he saw the blood that was once his pumping out onto the floor and hitting the pile of ashes. They began to form and coagulate into a mass and writhe about on the grassy floor. They moved upwards and the last thing he saw was the body of a naked man lunging towards him....the man from the sepia photograph he had burned earlier that evening.

Emily was on her knees still holding the knife as her lost love took his first feed of his restored existence. One hundred and ten years of loneliness had been ended this night and as he drank the blood of the poor unfortunate mortal the newly raised vampire looked up and blew her a bloody kiss.



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