Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream Vie for World's Best Dessert

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Pies, Cakes and ice cream compete for the honor of being the world's best dessert.

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



By Greg Miller © 2019


Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cream Pie and Peach Ice Cream were among all the desserts who entered the World’s Best Dessert Contest.


“Much of the world believes I’m all that plus a bag of chips!” bragged Apple Pie. “And I must say I have to agree!”


Pumpkin Pie stated, “Many people are so taken with me that during the autumn season they insist on a variety of pumpkin spice flavored drinks. And who is to say they’re not right?”


“A large number of people are sure I’m just the right dessert to complement the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner,” Pumpkin Pie objected. “And I certainly won’t argue with them.”


While not advocating that she was a health food, Coconut Cream Pie definitely pushed the point that one of her important ingredients – coconut – was considered by many to promote good health. “Plus,” she added, “the thoughts of coconuts in a warm tropical climate can give one some restful thoughts of tranquility.”


Peach Ice Cream was determined to show his compatibility with all the other desserts. “I fit nicely with any of your favorite cakes, pies or other desserts,” he stated. “Fresh Georgia peaches add a distinct taste to any other sweet treat.”


Chef No. One had a definite favorite holiday dessert. “I’m partial to Cherry Pie,” she confided to Chef No. Two. “I use both sweet and tart cherries, so I’m sure to unveil a terrific dessert. I must say I love Peace Ice Cream to complement my delicious fruity goodness.”


Chef No. Two’s favorite dessert was Chocolate Cake. “I’ve tried various other desserts during the holidays over many years,” he admitted. “However, Chocolate Cake has remained my favorite. Ice Cream goes well with my chocolatey greatness, although I’m told that Stawberry Ice Cream is the choice of most of my fans.”


Chef No. Three was the least selective when choosing a favorite dessert. My favorite dessert is the one I’m enjoying at the time,” she stated. “Pie, cake, ice cream, I’m not choosy. I even like to experiment. Sometimes, I’ll combine various kinds of pies and cakes, along with two or three different flavors of ice cream to make a great gigantic dessert mixture. I’m usually very pleased with the flavors that emerge.”


Chef No. Three concluded her thought, “There’s one thing in this life, however, that is far sweeter than any dessert or combination of desserts that anyone could ever come up with.”


“What are you talking about?” Chef No. 1 and Chef No. 2 asked.


“Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, of course,” replied Chef 3. “That salvation is so sweet that no mortal tongue could ever comprehend that sweetness!”


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