Stained Glass

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - "Now I know why"

Submitted: September 11, 2019

Reads: 46

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



I was a problem child. I was quite rowdy and energetic as a kid. I had interest in anything and anyone that caught my eye, from the smallest specks to the biggest and largest entities around me.
I lived in a kinda-of isolated town. Things were pretty simple there but very satisfiying, you know what I mean : the aroma offreashly-backed bread that I wake up to every morning, the sound of sizziling eggs on the pan, the sight of my father and little brother picking fresh fruits from the garden to decorate the breakfast table and so on. Everything was alright.
My town was decently small so everyone pretty much knew each other. The best thing about this place is the beautiful forest located in the West which was the perfect place when I wanted some alone time away from people's sight and bask in the sun surrounded by greenery.
But in that very same forest there was a small very old tower with nothing but a big sealed door. The door was sealed by lots of hard chains and a golden lock. There was also weird engrevings decorating the entrance. I was taught since young not to go in it or even try to be near it. No one in the town spoke of it and whenever I asked they would stare at its direction with a sad empty look on their face. I knew that look very well because it was the same look they gave me wherever I would meet their gaze but then they smile at me as if they think I didn't notice so I always smiled back. I've gotten used to it since it's the only look they ever gave me. Come to think of it, nobody has ever gotten mad at me, not even once in my life. Despite all the trouble I caused, I've always gotten away without punishement. Instead of angry looks I get pitiful gazes and that's how it's been.
But then everything made sense to me as I was walking in a beautiful long white dress with my father on the night of my 18th birthday to that very same tower. The full moon that nignt was more than enough to make me see that the dazzling golden bling turned pitch black. The lock turned black and with the slightest touch of a finger, it turnednto ash and all of the chains fell making the loudest sound across the quiet scenery.
I was a sacrifice...

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