the game

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Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



You come home to find me on the couch making out with a hot young blonde. You stand frozen watching us as we kiss, moan and grope one another. A groan escapes your lips and we break apart to send you a seductive smile and we resume our kissing. Her lips make a trail to my cheek, down my jawline, to my neck and I lift my head to give her better access. I smile over at you and say: “Why don’t you join us?”

You kick off your shoes and we get up from the couch. We each grab one of your hands and lead to you back to the bedroom. Once there, we turn to you and begin to unbutton your shirt, undo your pants and slide all your articles of clothing off until they pool by your feet on the floor. Then I stand in front of you and she positions herself behind me. You lean down to kiss me and while our lips and tongues tangle, she wraps her arms around me from behind and begins to undo my pants.

When it is time for my shirt to come off, I break off our kiss and raise my hands as she pulls the fabric up and over my head. I lay my arms over your shoulders and lean my head back on a moan as she runs her hands over my tits, squeezing, pinching and cupping them.

Her hands move down my body, over my hips and down between my legs. With one hand, she finds that sweet, wet little hole, and plunges a finger deep inside. With the other hand, she makes a trail over my hip to my ass and squeezes it before landing a resounding smack on my ass cheek.

I buck against her hand and I whimper in frustration as she removes both her hands from my body. I turn to her and we switch places. She is now between us with her back to you as I kiss her and rip apart her shirt that is straining to conceal her huge breasts. She cries out in surprise, but that surprise soon turns to a moan of pleasure when I lean down and take one of her nipples in my mouth and suckle her. With my other hand, I attempt to create the same sensation as my lips and tongue.

She pulls her arms behind her and grabs your hardening cock between both ands and rubs it as I torment her sensitised nipples.

You snap into action, pulling up her short skirt and knead at her taut little ass cheeks wanting to push your cock deep inside that dirty little hole. Reaching a bit further forward, you brush against her pussy lips and your fingers come away covered in her juices.

“Damn, you’re wet.” You say on a curse, as you slowly insert one long finger into that tight, wet hole.

I take a step back and she removes herself from your fingers and turns to face you. She drops to her knees in front of you and grabs your hand that had just been deep in her wetness and pull your finger into her mouth, sucking it dry. Your cock twitches in anticipation, and with the smile of a vixen, she leans forwards and suck your throbbing dick into her mouth and down her throat.

While she pumps your cock in a steady rhythm, I lie in the middle of the bed, propped up by a couple of pillows. As I watch what she’s doing to you, I run my hands all over my body until they land between my legs. I spread my slicked pussy lips and begin to run my finger around my swollen clit. Every time I feel as if I’m about to cum, I withdraw my hands and begin teasing myself all over again.

As much as you’re enjoying the show, you want to be the one teasing every ounce of pleasure from my body, so you tell her to go sit on the bed beside me. You climb up between my legs and prop my hips up with a pillow. You indicate to her that she should start to lick my clit as you dive into my tight, swollen hole. As fast as you plunge into me, you take your cock completely out and push it towards her mouth. She stops liking my clit to suck down your cock. With a loud pop, you pull your dick out of her mouth and plunge it hard and deep back into my pussy while she takes another lick of my clit. This pattern continues until I am begging for more.

You get up off the bed and go to retrieve a couple of vibrating eggs. You tell her to straddle me with her ass raised and, when she does, you push a vibe deep into her pussy hole. You then plunge the other deep into my pussy hole.

“Let’s see who’ll cum first” you tease as you turn both vibrators on at the same time.

We both moan in pleasure, but it isn’t anywhere close enough to be able to cum with just the vibration alone. You settle yourself between our legs and plunge your cock deep into her pussy. Her tight hole squeezing you, along with the vibrations, makes it hard for you to stop, but you pull out and then plunge into my vibrating pussy hole. You don’t set up any rhythm so we never know when your big, hard cock will drive into us. We’re both panting and desperate to cum, but your ministrations are not enough to send us over the edge.

“Don’t move.” You command as you get up off the bed and go find some other prop to use.

On your return, you bade us lay across the width of the bed in opposite directions on our stomachs with our hips remaining aligned with the edge of the bed. Our asses are raised at either side of the bed with a pillow propped under our hips. You then retrieve two medium-sized butt plugs and a bottle of lubricant.

You walk over behind me an lay the items on the bed beside me. You rub your hands over my raised ass, massaging, kneading and stretching apart my ass cheeks. You run your finger around my dark little hole, and hum in appreciation when I shiver in response to your touch. I yelp in surprise as you remove your hands and bring them both down on either cheek with a loud smack! You retrieve one of the plugs and cover it in lube.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart.” You order and I am quick to obey.

I reach back with both hands and do as you command. You push the tip of the anal plug at the tight hole and a moan escapes my lips. Ever so slowly, you push it harder and my hungry little asshole swallows the entire plug.

You leave me and move on to her and repeat the same ministrations.

Without another word, you leave us both there panting as we await what is yet to come.

You return with some rope and a wicked smile.

Our hands get tied together a the wrist and extended in front of us and each of our legs are tied to the bedframe stretched from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed so that are spread wide for easy access to our asses and pussies. Ensuring our binds are nice and tight, you check the vibrating eggs to make sure that they are still on and at full speed.

You retrieve an armload of items and lay them on the bed between us, among them are two blindfolds.

“Let’s see who can win this game.” You say as you cover our eyes. “It’s all about cuming. The winner might be the one who cums first, or the one who cums last.”

I hear your voice from behind me, yet it still makes me jump when your hand smacks down hard on my ass.

“Is this a bad time?” A new voice asks from the direction of the bedroom door.

“Not at all my friend.” You proclaim and you continue to rub your hands over my raised ass. “We’re in the middle of a game to see who will cum first. The winner could be the one to cum first or last.” Appreciative laughter echoes in the room before you continue. “Would you care to join us?”

“It would be my pleasure.” The newcomer states as the sound of clothing being removed reaches our ears. By the moan I hear from her, I assume that the newcomer has made his way over to her begun to tease and torment her just as you are doing with me.

“So, what are the rules?” he asks.

“The only rule is that they have to beg to cum before you can let them cum. It’s up to them to ask. You can use all the items on the bed, as well as your own body to give them pleasure. It’s up to them to decide if they want to risk being the first or the last.”

She and I both moan in frustration at your explanation of the rules. We are both already wanting to cum.

We hear the rustling of the items on the bed being moved around and we await in anticipation of what it to come.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to start with her.” He says as I feel a new set of hands land on my raised ass.

You move aside as his ministrations on my ass start to move lower towards my wet slits. He plunges a finger inside my moist cunt and finds the vibrating egg. He withdraws his finger to grab the cord and pulls the egg almost completely out. Using his finger, he then slowly pushes it back deep. Again, and again he does this until I am squirming and panting. I moan as I can feel I am nearing the climax I so desperately want is within reach, and suddenly all movement stops. The egg and his finger are withdrawn completely, and I am left crashing down from the edge in frustration.

Meanwhile, you’ve also pulled the vibrating egg out of her, but you’ve placed it at the base of the butt plug continuing the vibration sensation within her filled ass. With your other hand, you run slow circling motions around her clit. Every time she bucks against the restraints, you administer a tiny flick to her sensitive nub and then resume your slow torment. Every time she begins to reach her pinnacle, you withdraw until her breathing starts to even out and then continue from where you left off.

We both moan in sync when the anal plugs are removed from our tight, dark holes at the same time. When they are removed completely, loud smacks echo in the room as we both get our ass cheeks spanked repeatedly. With each land of you hand, we get wetter and wetter. When our asses become take on a nice pink hue, we feel your presence leave from behind us.

A finger begins to run up and down my wet slit and I hear a familiar chuckle from behind me. You and he have switched places and now it is up to you to make me beg to cum.

You crouch behind me and continue your ministrations until I begin to squirm, making my ass shake temptingly in your face. You lift yourself up behind me and run your cock up and down my slit getting it full of my juices. You then angle the tip of your cock at my vacated ass hole and slide completely inside. Your rhythm is slow to start, but before long, you are driving into me hard and fast. Without any stimulation on my clit, I am unable to cum. Grabbing a handful of my long hair, you pull back my head and I moan in response. The blindfold gets dislodged in the process and I can see that she is getting the same treatment from him that you are doing to me. With a hard grip on my hair and on my hip, you cum as I squeeze your cock inside my tight ass hole. He finds his release at the same time and she whimpers at the loss, as she was on the brink of her own orgasm.

She and I slump back on the bed and watch as you and he shuffle through the pile of toys that have yet to be used. Before either of you make any definitive choices on your next instruments of torturous pleasure, you replace the blindfolds over our eyes.

A loud hum fills the room and a strong vibration is placed against my aching clit. I cry out in response and am answered by her cry of surprise and overstimulation. I try to pull away from the onslaught, but I am left to the mercy of the one who wields the wand.

You place the wand against her mound and slowly slide it up her slit. Her cries are so loud, you know she is right on the very edge, but still, she is not begging. You run the wand up and down her slit, which is very effective but, you pause between strokes to ensure that she cannot cum.

You hear my moans and whimpers and glance over to see that he is spreading my pussy lips with one hand, effectively exposing my clit and is placing the wand in direct contact with my aching nub until my moans turn up in volume. Once I am on the brink, he removes the wand completely and blows cold air onto my sensitive nub, successfully cooling me down and away from the pinnacle I so desperately wish to reach.

I whimper as the wand is pulled away from me. The word please ready on my lips.

 Without warning, the hum from the wands ceases, and the room is silent, save for our heavy breathing.

Suddenly, I feel the tip of a dildo at the entrance to my tight dark ass hole and it’s pushed inside completely after three long, slow pumps. I then feel the slight brush of something velvety soft against my slit. He pulls back to open my pussy lips with the aid of his finger and draws slow circles around my clit with his tongue. Before I can reach my satisfaction, he pulls away and pumps my ass with the dildo in slow strokes until my climax ebbs away. He then continues his ministrations with his tongue, at times nipping at the sensitive bud with his teeth.

In the meantime, you plunged two large dildos into both of her holes and alternate between pumping them in and out of her slowly. You begin a different rhythm with the dildo deep in her ass in a quick-quick-slow motion and she strains on the restraints, wanting more.

“Please” she begs on a moan as you switch from her ass dildo to her pussy-filled dildo.

“What was that?” You ask in a teasing voice.

“Please.” She says on a sigh.

“Not good enough.” You tease.

She struggles against her binds, but you deny her until you hear those magic words. When she refuses to continue her begging, you pull out both dildos and punish her with a couple spanks to her pert little ass.

“As much fun as this is,” he interjects as he continues to pump the dildo in and out of my ass, “what do you say to us kicking this up a notch?”

“What did you have in mind?” You ask, intrigued.

“We do everything to make them cum, and if they don’t want to cum, they have to hold it off. First one to cum, loses.”

His statement is met with moans of frustration from her and I. Our blindfolds are removed and thrown onto the bed and we watch to see what you will give as an answer.

Your only response is to turn on the wand and place it against my clit. You run the wand up and down my slit and push it against my wet hole. You move the wand in a circular motion as my pussy lips move to extend over the edges of the wand. With each turn of the wand, you push ever so harder until the head of the wand has stretched past the opening of my wet hole. Without much effort, I’ve taken the entire head of the wand into my cunt and you push the button on the handle to set it to a higher vibration. I strain against my bonds trying to hold back my orgasm but there is no where for me to go.

Across the bed, he’s put an attachment of a dildo on the head of his wand and inserted it into her ass hole. Pumping the wand in and out of her, she is shaking with the onslaught of sensation. Leaving the dildo firmly inside her ass, he crawls up to her on the bed and presents her with his hard cock. She greedily sucks him while he reaches back over her to continue pumping the dildo in and out of her raised ass.

Seeking your own pleasure, as well as mine, you leave the want imbedded inside my tight pussy and raise yourself so that your cock is in line with my ass hole. You pump your hard cock deep inside my ass and relish the strong vibrations coming from inside my cunt and the extra tightness from me trying to withhold my climax. It does not take you long to find your release and you withdraw from my ass and begin to look through the various toys still laid out on the bed.

You return a moment later with a large dildo and a vibrating egg. The large dildo fills my ass and you use the egg to stimulate my clit. A strained scream escapes my lips as I am overwhelmed by sensation.

“Please!” I cry. “Please, I want to…” My voice is strained, and I cannot form the complete sentence while still attempting to hold off my orgasm.

“No need to beg.” You say on a chuckle. You lean over me to whisper near my ear: “We’re not playing that game anymore. In this game, the loser is the first one to cum.”

I glace over to my competition and see that he has resumed his ministrations from behind her. He was bent down between her legs and using his tongue to make her cry out in strained whimpers.

“Mm, you like to watch, don’t you baby?” You ask, still leaning over me and tickling my ear with your breath. You run you tongue over the shell of my ear and I shudder involuntarily. “Think she’s getting it as good as you are?” You accent your question by pumping the dildo in and out in rapid succession.

The moans reaching my ears are telling me that she is very close to soaring over the edge.

You and he share a wicked smile and two loud smacks resound as you spank our asses at the same time.

We lose our control at trying to stave off our orgasms and we cry out as we have the biggest climax of our entire lives and effectively pass out from the pleasure.



© Copyright 2019 J. Paris. All rights reserved.

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