Update on North Carolina 9th Congressional Special Election

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Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



Update on North Carolina 9th Congressional Special Election


Dan Bishop (Republican) beat Dan McCready (Democrat) in North Carolina 9th Congressional District by 2 points.

Republicans have held this seat since 1963.


Mr. President I guess you call it a win when (then #3) Ohio State beat Maryland (unranked at the time) 52-51 on 11/17/2018.

Mr. President you won that district by 12 points in 2016 and Mitt Romney did the same in 2012.

Mr. President where has your 12 point margin of victory gone?

North Carolina (Presidential 2020 race), in play for Democrats.

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Greg Murphy won big, 62% to 37%, in North Carolina 03, & the Fake News barely covered the race. The win was far bigger than anticipated - there was just nothing the Fakers could say to diminish or demean the scope of this victory. So we had TWO BIG VICTORIES tonight, Greg & Dan!

10:08 PM - 10 Sep 2019



Mr. President how is a 2 point victory a big victory? Where has your suburban base gone?  All the gerrymandering in the world couldn’t give Bishop your 12 point victory.

We hear you Mr. President when your candidate wins by 2 points, in a district held by republicans since 1963, it’s A BIG VICTORY, but when the media reports your pathetic approval numbers (upper 30’s) that’s the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.  Or maybe it’s a big victory because Bishop ACTUALLY WON THE POPULAR VOTE. 


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