Killer Instinct

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Struggle

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



His fists came at me like bullets, I dodged to the side and swiveled back around the attacker until I was out of his sight.

"What's the problem? So scared to get about getting hit that you have to run awa-" I cut off the idiot by delivering a heavy push kick to his back. Immediately he was sent rushing face first into the hinges of the door that was still open, blowing in all that chilly air.

I covered my arms while shivering and looked at his almost motionless body. "Ugh. . . It's getting way too cold in here."

Slowly, I walked over to the door in order to try and quickly slam it shut. Hopefully nobody had seen us 'chatting'.

"Are you really concerned about your job that much? It's stuff like this that makes you such an easy target."

The attacker slowly got on his knees, spouting like the 20th insult that night as he covered his nose. I could see a surprising amount of blood trickling out from under.

I sighed and turned to him, "Listen. . . I can't keep doing this. If we keep at each other's throats, who knows what will happen!"

He didn't move and just stayed on the floor.

"Hey I know you can hear me! Man, I know eleven year old girls with better listening skills than you!"

I sighed again and thought about how I was going to get out of the hole that he dug me into. First I was probably going to be grounded without a doubt, then quickly expelled from school.

I raised a hand to my forehead and let my mind wander a bit, that was when I slipped.

Just then, the attacker jumped onto his feet and quickly struck my nose with a sucker punch. I reeled back from shock as he grabbed my shirt by the collar.

"I agree we can't keep doing this, that's why I'm gonna end the bad blood between us right now." He smiled deviously as I covered my bloodied nose.

He threw me to the side of the still open door and fished his pocket for something.

Out he pulled was a familiar object making my heart drop. It was a switchblade."

I stammered and tried to move but to no avail, my body was just too injured and exhausted from everything."

"Dude please you wouldn't. . . . You'll ruin your whole life!"

"On the contrary, at least I'll still have a long life to live."

He moved closer as I struggled to find a safe way to get up, there wasn't one.

"I'm not the one about to die at fifteen tonight."


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