Desak Pylgrym and the Harrowing Wights of Cambruglia. Part 1

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Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



K'unthia laughed at the green skinned leather clad figure standing before her. Her furry brown and black body trembling with mirth. Her tail swirling around in excitement. She had enough of her goons around her to ensure victory if things got...."physical" between them.

"So seems like you've done all the hard work for me. Do be a good boy and hand over the Quigon will you? I'd hate for this to get messy you see."

She smiled with her big yellow cat eyes narrowing in greedy anticipation. She outstretched one gauntleted paw in Desak's direction as if expecting him to place the shiny silver artifact in her clawed hands. Her other one  was busy carefully perusing the black handle of her laser pistol, her index finger massaging the trigger. 

Desak said nothing at first, his cybernetic red eye scanned his assailants carefully from one end of the dusty skeleton ridden chamber to the other. There were seven in all... including K'unthia. She was a space pirate....meaning she made her living from robbing other unscrupable individuals in the cosmos. The fact that she was here at this moment means that she had been following him this whole time. In fact she had probably placed a homing beacon on his ship somewhere. Of course! At their last meeting at the cantina in Del'raugo! she had nuzzled up beside him at their table and ran her tail down the inside of his pants. He had been too drunk and horny to determine the true motive behind her actions.

"Dammit!" He cursed himself for letting his guard down. Something someone like him could never afford to do in this line of business.

If he decided to open fire with his plasma caster he would theoretically be able to kill three of them before she or the others would be able to get a shot off in his direction. From what he observed they all carried laser pistols...much more precise weapons than his plasma caster. 

Her six hulking companions were her usual band of cutthroat bastards. All venerable killers in their own right, they each held a grudge against him. A vendetta reason to hate the one eyed leather clad green skinned cybernetic man standing before them. 

"Well Im mafraid I can't do that K'unthia. You see I went through a lot to find this little baby, and I plan on keeping her as long as possible. If you want her you're just gonna have to come and take her the old fashioned way. Although I'm not sure you or any of those God ugly sons of whores are up to the task!"

His voice was powerful and metallic at the same time, like a sentient machine. 

K'unthia smiled again....

"I was hoping you'd say that old boy. I'm going to enjoy ripping that artifact from your miserable dying hands!"

desak knew he had only one chance to make it out of this Alive. He had to escape back into the deep ruins the same way he had just came. If he put enough distance between himself and his assailants he could conjure up a teleportation spell and be safely back in the confines of his ship in a matter of seconds. 

"Dammit! There's no other choice is there?" With a look of hatred he turned and darted back down the long dark stretch of moldy dust strewn limestone pillars. These were the fabled ruins of Al'kataj they had not been explored in centuries. Several beams of white hot laser whizzed past his head as he ran. One clipped him in the shoulder catching the metal pad of his jacket. 

" piiing!"

The metal absorbed most of the blast, but he still felt a slight seering surge of discomfort. This was his favorite red leather jacket, he had spent good money having it double reinforced with treated plates of draconite. 


He turned and fired his weapon back at his assailants. Bright green gobs of electrified plasma waylaid his pursuers. Although none managed to hit any of the Intended targets, it did have the blanket effect of making them spread out more. Thus lessening the consistency of their attack. 


If given the opportunity he could've killed all of them in single combat. Well maybe all except for K’unthia. She was in fact more than his equal. She was a beastioid-a Human or humanoid individual possessing the genetic characteristics, traits, or physical attributes of a particular animal. She boasted a razor sharp set of retractable claws on each finger that could carve through solid steel. Heightened olfactory senses and tiger like strength, agility, and reflexes. She had earned her salt as one of the most ruthless and cutthroat space pirates in the galaxy. 
A cold calculating bitch with an almost unfathomable level of greed. K’unthia could kill you as so she so much looked at you without thinking twice. Over the years she took many lovers…..none of which usually survived long enough to escape her. Desak however was a man of many strange talents in his own right. He and K’unthia were on again off again fuck buddies, both for Desak it was pretty much all business. He despised her and only slept with her as a means to secure his viability as a fellow space  pirate. He figured it was better to have her on his side than against it. After all she did have some rather dodgy connections and her knowledge of the universe was quite uncanny. Part of the reason that she so desperately wants the treasure he holds, is because he actually stole the map of its location from her holodrive after a night of wild animalistic sex. 

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