Notes Of Life

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taken from my book, "Different Results! PLEASE!!!!!"

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



Notes Of Life


I just cannot get ahold of

All that I've seen

The marsh of the witness

__or anything been

The honky tonk of time spent

__will be all that I've lost

When ev'rything clean

__will be a sudden loss of all time's dream

Up in the mountains

__where nothing can scream

Out thee innocence lost

__when the train got stuck

____being too high of a cost

I will not let go

I will still remain in control

Of a ship that is sinking

The breath of a woman

__soothing my taste buds

Is all that I lack without a woman's touch

I'm losing this battle

__to have any one I want to have

Women clearly don't want to be owned

By any man who is not successful and rich

Pouring out money from his pockets

And has the power to change the world

And do his part

__without any limitations

Who is confident and strong

And everything I am not

All of the bull crap that makes up a man

I don't care to obtain

So things don't go my way

I hate the men

__that women want in their lives

I think they are pieces of shits

And I would like to kill

__each and ev'ry one of them

But of course I would never be able to

But that doesn't matter

Killing all thee other men in this world

__would not change the man I am

And would not win me any woman

So I'll keep spinning on my hamster wheel

Like the good little lab rat I am

If I am even that

And get along without getting along in life

Until I die

__with only my words

____left behind

And my music

__which nobody listens to

And my pictures and videos

That probable will only be viewed

__by family and football fans

I know even my friends

__don't even pay attention to my work

And they won't be alive much longer than me

And a lot of them don't have to say "no" to a beer

Let alone pot or ecstasy

Or even L.S.D. or shrooming

But life isn't over yet

I still dream that one day will come

Where I can be with some one

And my art will be more useful

In a more positive light

Or at least better

And take me somewhere in life

I will not rest until

__I have been posting work

____from half of my life

When I am 52

And ready for death

Having kept and posted

__for half as long as I've been alive

Without a writers' block disaster

That's all that's important to me

I couldn't give a fuck if I don't find

__any one to love me back

____ever again before I die

Let alone love me first

So that loving her would not hurt

Just as long as I can live

For another 11 years

Which sounds a little crazy

To accept a death in my early 50's

But how much longer

Can I expect myself to live?

How many more women

Can I expect to be with?

How much pressure

Can I put on my body

To last any longer?

Death sucks

But death is inevitable

So when death comes

I want DLCannon on Booskie Silk

To have more posts

__than DLCannon Reprise on Booksie Silk

Just as how DLCannon

__on regular Booksie

Has more posts than DLCannon Reprise

__on regular Booksie

Which I know I can do

__before the next 11 years are through

I must be more than my past

I must

Or I will feel that I'm not enough

And that my life was a waste

And totally fucked

I may never be a self made man

Having never become a man yet

But I'm not dead

And not dying yet


09-11-'19 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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