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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aderonke's family and Ajibola's family were enemies. When Aderonke Karl grew and began working,he had a freely neighbour but their relationship turn sour when his neighbour asked of his name,Despite that,Aderonke showed his neighbour divine love...find our what happened next.

"....Brethren, show love to your neighbour, not only when he or she also shows you love but even if he or she shows you hatred.That was the example our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ put down for us....."
As I left the church of Christ Premise, I could not help but agreed with the sermon preached by Pastor Egson De-lima. It's true , it's true. It took me several years to realise theory and practicals are different. 
My name is Aderonke Karl, from Ibadan in Oyo State,Nigeria. I was the only son of Mr. Aderonke  Evans, a rich and prosperous business tycoon , who travelled to Dubai, China and any other places in the world where business was booming, to purchase and sell mechandise. Though he started his business on borrowed money from his friend, Ajibola Desmond .He became ten times more successful than him.
As a result of this , enmity grew between the two friends out of jealousy. The result of this enmity was death on the part of my father .His friend had hired assas
sins to him and he was killed. 
Thorough investigation by the Nigerian Police Service led to the arrest of the assassins and eventual arrest of Mr.Ajibola , my father's friend.The assassins were given 35 years in prison with hard labour while Mr. Ajibola was sentenced to life imprisonment. 
This brought about great enmity between the Aderonke family and Ajibola  family and for so many years the family never see eye to eye with each other.
~Twenty years later~
I became a bank Manager at Bar
clay's Bank, Jos. It Wasn't long before I managed to built a three storey building at the outskirt of the town. As fate will have it, a lady built a hall and chamber
closer to my house and we became neighbours. We inter
acted very well and even ate from each other whenever there was a visit.
One day, she came to me as usual.
We cooked and began eating. Then she asked, Please, dear, I don't even know your surname. I only know you as Karl.Oh.Sorry, it never cros
sed my mind to properly introduce myself to you .I am Aderonke Karl. At the mention of my name , her expression changed and I could feel blood draining away from her face , making her look pale. 
Then she said , I think I have gotten some stuffs to do so I will see you later. Without waiting for me to ask any further question, she left.
Honestly, I was confused as to why she behaved like that.
One day, I left home in a hurry because I was late.When I reached home, I later realised that I have forgotten to turn off my gas burner.
 I decided to call her to check it out for me so that I could rush back to the house. 
Me:Hello Diana
Diana:Yes, what is it?
Me: Please can you check out if you can smell any sign of gas or fire around my house. 
Diana: OK. I will see what I can do.Bye.
(I waited for ten minutes but she never called me back. I tried to call her phone number and it was switched off.
My heart skipped .I rushed to my car , ignite the engine and sped to my house. When I reached home, My house was on fire.Tongues of fire licked every piece of material in that room. It took the fire service extra 15 minutes to come to my rescue. The only thing they met was charred materials. I nearly collapsed but the kind intervention of other magnanimous people around served as a pillars of strength to me.
For One month, I didn't lay my eyes on Diana. Eventually, she returned from her hideout .After that incidence, the relationship between me and her became official and strict. We never talk again freely unless it was very necessary. 
 One day , I overheard somebody calling her Ajibola Diana. It was then that I understood why she did what she did. 
~5 years later~
It was late in the night, around 1.30 a.m.I was awoken suddenly. I could hear unusual noises from my neighbours houses and quickly, I stood up, in my pyjamas and peep  through the window. Thieves! I saw thieves breaking into Diana's house. I counted them.They were four in number. 
An inner voice said, "why should you care, remember, she allowed your things to burn" give years ago.
"It is true," I said.There is no need wasting my sweat on that wicked girl. 
I moved towards my bed to go back to sleep.Pastor egson De-lima's preaching ricochet in my mind....
"....Brethren, show love to your neighbour, not only when he or she also shows you love but even if he or she shows you hatred.That was the example our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ put down for us....."
The words got into my heart. "Ow, my God, I need to help her."I could hear muffle screams from her room.
I dialled the Nigeria police emergency number.A policeman picked the call and identified himself as Chief Superintendent Ike Benjamin. I gave him a detailed description of the house and location and the incidence happening right now. 
I was amazed by the police's  rapid response team.They besieged the house and asked the robbers to surrender. The robbers didn't .
They engaged the police in fire work and the dead of night was turned Into a war zone as both criminals and police
displayed high level of skill and dexterity in handling weapons.
I was observing the whole scene in my room like a war movie. Though the police were better equipped than the robbers, the robbers looked more menacing and tougher.
 Two of the robbers scaled the other side of the wall and leaped into the bush but one was shot dead before he disappeared behind the wall. Nemesis caught up with two and they got arrested .
I went to pay Diana a visit.She was visibly shaken. One of the robbers attempted to rape her but the timely intervention of the police thwarted their evil deeds.
"I'm sorry , Karl. I knew I have no right to ask you for forgiveness but I am human.I allowed family hatred to overshadow my love," Diana pleaded.
It was very painful to forgive someone who have willfully plan to cause you harm but in the name of our christianity, I decided to forgive her.
if Jesus Christ ,the son of God forgave our sins , who am I to hold yours against you? " I am just but a mere human and inasmuch as our neighbours or humans will hurt us through their actions,we need to remember that no one had shown greater love that Jesus Christ who died on the cross so that we will be liberated from the bondage of sin to eternal life,
I preached.
After that incidence we recon
ciled and live as we used to. The two families eventually united and decided to bury the hatchet. The bible said;
Love covers a multitude of sins.

Submitted: September 12, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Francis Agamah. All rights reserved.

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