Razor Part VI A novel

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Razor Part VI A novel-One

Submitted: September 12, 2019

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Submitted: September 12, 2019




New York.

March 9, 1975

9:00 PM.

Wednesday evening. 

The pimp walked towards 131st Street, and 7th Avenue. He saw the brightness of the billboards in Times Square; he squinted his blue eyes. He picked up the razor, and saw the man smiling. "Can you dig it, man?", he asked him. The man smirked. "I'm not insane", he answered. The pimp smiled. "Never said I told you that, man", he said. He forced him to stare at the razor.

It shone in the gloom.

It was dragged across his throat, and blood spilled onto the hard concerete.

And everyone screamed.


Homicide Detective Harold Sharp reacted to death like he wanted to die. 

He smoked a cigarette, and sighed. 

"Marcus Anderson".

"The million dollar New York pimp", Homicide Detective Dana Glass said. She looked at the dead man, and waited.

"So, what now?", Homicide Detective Harold Sharp asked. 

"We can search for the killer", she answered.

"Yes, that's it".

"Hang on, you don't give a fuck about your job since your other partner was murdered last year". He stared at her, then he relented. "I do care. Let's solve this crime before the Chief gets pissed off". She smiled, and they made sure the crime scene yellow tape was erected across the dead body.

By three o'clock AM, he said: "Let's go home. We'll be back here at ten o'clock sharp".


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