DEHRA Chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The world is full of mysteries and secrets. Unknowingly, everyone is a part of it. When you solve the mysteries you will get know that you are also in the chain of secrets.
Like this, two cops are trying to solve some mysteries which had been hidden in the forest named DEHRA.

Submitted: September 13, 2019

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Submitted: September 13, 2019





It was Saturday night around 9:15. A black Corvette just passing through the forest road. The road was totally centralized in the forest Dehra. No lights besides the road, no homes, nothing but the only giant trees waving all along the way to the forest end. The tree's creaking, wind’s whirring and an unanticipated storm hampered the Corvette's way out. The man who was driving the Corvette as fast as he could, looking back again and again like someone was following him. His brown skin and curly hair already got wet. He looked so scared and puzzled. So then began a pouring. He was trying to hold his eyes to be focused on the road except on other things.

However, he managed to pass the forest in that dark rainy night. He reached the apartment which was just half a mile away from the forest. By the time when he reached, it’s almost 11 pm.

“New Barmigon” was blinking with colours on the pinnacle of the giant building. Everyone was sleeping, silence prevailed at its peak. He drove his car to the basement and left it out. Then came up 5th floor through lift and unlocked the room looking around. Switched the lights on, stared at the room and found everything was clean. 

He didn’t wait there, heaved his steps to his room. Then got into his bed and sat for a while. His eyes were closed, sketching his way from the forest to the apartment.

“they can’t find me” he murmured closing his eyes. “they never”.

It seemed he knew about everything what had happened and what's going to. He slept without changing his clothes and kept saying “they can’t find me, they never............”. The buzzing continues.

At 9 am, the room was already blazing by the sunrays through the open window but still, he was sleeping. All of sudden a knock from the door heard but he didn’t wake up. The knock continues and it had gone on more irritating so he awoke and was going to open it but suddenly he remembered as the mirror in the room pictured him his wearing. Then instantly gone for searching for new clothes. Found them and donned.


Then stopped his doings and stood in an unconscious way and sweating like he was scared and he didn't want to open the door again thinking about the forest that he had fled. This time the knock came with a voice about to open the door immediately.

He walked slowly towards the door and opened. He found surprising seeing two cops were looking at him in their regular uniform. He had never foreseen that cops gonna come and that also in the early morning. One was brown with sleek hair, wide arms and with a good height handling a badge named Matthew. Another was white as milk and bald with normal colour of eyes keeping the badge named Steve.

“I am Matthew Burns. He is Steve Clones. We are here for some investigation purpose. It won’t take too long sir just a few minutes. You just have to cooperate with us. Would you?” Officer Matthew asked politely.

“yes, why not,” the man said it in an inconvenient way. He even forgot to invite them in.

“ok then. Here we go. As per our records, I presume you must be Mr Richard Racher. Aren’t you?” officer Matthew asked him. He was puzzled at that moment and taking his few seconds then he answered. “yeah. I am Richard Racher” He tried to be polite to them but it looked so dramatic.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to open your car boot for us. You know, we just want to take a look” Officer Matthew asked him.

“What!” Richard didn’t get that. Officer said again "car boot Mr Richard You have any problem to open it?”.

“No. No, not at all. I am just...... you know thinking why. Sorry I know it’s not good. Wait one minute I will come back with the key's” Richard hurried to the bedroom. Locked himself in there, shuddering, that was so weird that he was sweating in the morning and fell again in his well of past for a while by closing his eyes. He started thinking again about that forest road. He didn’t realise that he’s been in the room from almost ten minutes which officers didn’t find it usual to find a single key so they went for another knock. Then suddenly he recovered himself and opened the door.

“Where is the key sir?” Officer Matthew asked him.

“Sorry, the key's not here. I mean it’s in the basement may be” Richard said. Officer Matthew glared at him for a second “come on then”.

Then all took the lift. Officer was very intrigued now after all of it. It strengthened his belief for which he came up. The lift stopped at the basement. There were plenty of cars with so many colours, so many types. His key was waging out of the car door.

“Look there it is. Yesterday I just came late so I think I forgot here. You know in sleep these are just common things which........” Richard seemed so fuzzy in the perspective of Matthew.

“Mr Richard why don’t you just open it........hmm... We have all the time to listen to your late-night story if not now you can come to our office one day. Now please” Officer Matthew said it clearly and sharply looking at his eyes.

Officer Matthew had believed that he was on the edge of finding something big. Richard unlocked the door and pushing up. Though Steve wasn’t interested in it all now after seeing that eagerness in his mate his eyes also got locked in that boot, just waiting to see what will come out. Slowly Richard moved the door up looking at the officer Matthew’s eyes grinning at him.

Found nothing but an empty boot. “I told you, sir. I think someone had given you the wrong information about my car. It is all clear here” Richard shouted as he won.

Still, Matthew seemed so confident like he's got what he’s been looking for. “Sorry to bother you, Mr Richard. Might be someone had given me the wrong information. We will look into it” Officer Matthew said calmly as much as of confidently and walked out of the basement to their car which was parked outside. Both sat on the car. Matthew on the driving seat and Steve next to him.

“Matthew, we shouldn’t have listened to him,” Steve said.

“him?” Matthew questioned.

“that old nuts of Hawake church”

“Father Santner? You really want to blame him. He was trying to help us. Of course, he was not totally wrong" Matthew said.

“I don’t know why you always defend him but careful with him,” Steve said. 

“And I don’t know why you always offend him. Maybe you have some problem with him. We are here for our work Steve. This is a duty to glean the information wherever we find from whoever that doesn’t matter" Matthew continued “that man seemed frustrated to me. And in frustration, often people do mistakes”

“then we will wait for his mistake?” Steve asked him to evaluate his meaning.

“No Steve. He already did a mistake. Now we will only wait for the right time”

“then you are gonna ask that loon for the right time. Aren’t you?” Matthew didn’t answer but stared him. Then geared on.


“I assume you found something there Matthew” father Santner said sitting right next to the Matthew in the Hawake Church.

Father Santner was of not that much of height but he’s pupils were a little bit of green and hair was circled around his head but not met in the forehead.

“Yeah, I found. I found a lot of things but not physically except that blood mark on the car boot"

“You will find more the right time”

“I will. Can I ask you something?”

“go on,” Father said.

“Is there anything you get by telling this information? Or you know more. If, please tell me now or I can’t help you when the danger comes to you then”

“I tell what I know. Don’t bother about me. Everything that is happening, was happened and will happen no one can change that. Everyone is doing service in the name of God to negotiate the sins they made in the past and waiting for their absolution. Don’t think much of it, Matthew. Just do it if it’s right. Now take this. In the future you're gonna need this (Father Santner gave him a piece of paper)”

"What is it?" Matthew was opening it. 

“not now, open it on your way. Go home before you freeze here Matthew. You have to be alive to read that note” Father Santner stood up chuckling.

“We will meet again father. Take care of yourself” Matthew left the church through the front door and father stood there for a moment. Then left behind him. He opened the note to read it but after opening it he instantly closed it and put back in his pocket. There were some words which he couldn’t able read except the one word “Vamingoes” which wrote in English. He even didn’t know the meaning of “Vamingoes” so he just kept that out in his pocket.


At 9 am in Barmingo police station, Matthew was just entering into the office.

“hey, you are late and you have got some guest, waiting in your room,” Steve said.

“well, guest for me that would be strange”. As Matthew pulled the door towards him, a young lady’s eyes were looking at him. Her aura of foreboding felt by him before her beautiful opened hair, her brown eyes and fair skin. She clothed on a black long frock which suits her precisely well.

Matthew was thinking now why Steve would say that she was his guest.

“Did you find him?” The women asked in a kind of sobbing.

  “him?” Matthew felt a pinch of tingle at her question. “What are you talking about”? “it’s ok. Let’s be clear. First, tell me your name then the rest of the story”

“it’s almost four months since he had gone. You are asking me now the story?” the woman said in a bit grief mixed with agony. Matthew could understand her pain but without any reason given, her words making him far to control his anger.

“hey mam I have been working here from 4 years. I never saw you either heard your story so stop whatever you’re complaining about. Tell me what had happened. I am listening”

Women dabbed her eyes with the hands and clearing her throat she began. “I am Emily Racher. my husband was coming on July 20th this year. but he didn’t. I phoned him. He told me that he was on the way to the Barmingo at the night in his car. But the next day there’s no news about him. Nothing. I reached the local cops of the forest. They said they would find him so they told me to keep quiet till they find him. Now four months have gone still no sign, no phone calls from forest cops. At least tell me whether he was alive or not? .......please” she started weeping.

“hey, stop. I can understand. You called the forest cops because your husband might be missing in the forest as he was driving on the forest road. That’s the good move but you should have also informed to us. It’s ok. It’s not late at all. I will start from now. Ok. Go home and get some sleep. We will find him”.

"You will find him?" The Woman asked in sobbing accent. "Yeah, we will. Don't worry he will be okay" Matthew said.

The woman stood up washing her tears. Then stepping out of his room. He suddenly remembered to take the name of her husband. “mam, can you tell me your husband’s name again. I kind of forgot” Women looked back and breathed. “Richard Racher”


Both Steve and Matthew were in the car heading to “New Barmigon”. “How can even that possible? I told you something dubious was going on his house. Finally, here we are” Matthew was showing a bit angry more that he actually wasn’t.

“So now what? You are gonna arrest him?” Steve asked.

“arrest him! Why are you even asking that question? You have any other idea?”

“Of course not, just asking,” Steve said. The car came close to the building. They parked it out and wheeled into the building. By taking the lift they reached the fifth floor. Richard's room was unlocked. They called him shouting Richard. No one answered from the room so this time they didn’t wait there as they waited earlier. They just barged in. Searched every room found nothing except the dirty torn clothes which they guessed that might be of him.

"Seems he wiped out everything. There's nothing here except these filthy clothes" Steve said holding the clothes. "No. Not everything. If you don't see the stars that doesn't mean that they are not exist. Sometimes clouds will cover them so you have to wait for the clouds to be pass out" Matthew said. 

" Honesty I am telling you I didn't get that so come to the point" Steve said. Matthew didn't respond.


“Now what?” Steve asked him. “He could be here. He won’t go too much far. We will find him” Matthew said. “How can you assure that?” Steve asked.

“Don’t know man, just a feeling. That’s it. Hope it might come out true”

As they leaving the building behind, Matthew’s phone rang. He just stopped suddenly and fear was clearly seen in his face. “What!......... When?”

“just a half an hour ago. Mr Matthew” a voice on the phone said. “Ok. I am coming. Don’t let anyone in”. Matthew hung up. “What happened man? Are you okay?” Steve asked as he didn’t aware. “I will tell you on the way. Now we should move” Matthew revved the engine and sped off.

The car was heading to the east on the avenue with side surrounded green trees. Matthew didn’t look so good to talk to Steve. But still, Steve wanted to know what had happened and Who called on the phone. “it’s ok buddy. You can tell me. I think I need to know. You know if you won't tell me how I can help you?”

“the call was about Father Santner” Matthew moaned. “Father Santner” Steve has assumed something in mind still he asked. “What happened to him?”

“Someone killed him” he was gazing through the window just likely to broke that window off. The car was near the Church. Matthew took the shortcuts to come as early as possible so he was there. Steve didn’t ask more. He knew how Matthew’s feelings about Father Santner.  he came in silence. There already so many people gathered in front of the church. Nobody allowed into the church except the authorities. The cops were already summoned there. Matthew and Steve joined too.

They moved into the hall. Matthew was pounding as he was approaching the corpse, eyes got wet, grief reached the sky. The corpse was lying on the floor, eyes were open but the breath was stopped, looking at the right side of the hall. Legs were slightly bent directing towards the hall door where Matthew and Steve were arriving.

Father Santner was the man of honour for Matthew. He had respect for him because he believed in him. Matthew had grown up in the church. After his father passed, he has been taken care of by the church. Steve can understand how Matthews’s relation laced with Father Santner's. But now he can’t do anything except having condolences for Matthew.

Steve lifted his eyes from the corpse and walked out of the hall. Matthew also came outside. There came an officer with some files carrying.

“The father was a good man. It’s really strange who would even think to do with him. Two bullets were shot at him. Anyway Matthew, you have my full support to find the rascal.”

“still it’s odd, who would do that to a priest?” Steve asked looking at the cop. “That’s what we are gonna find out Steve” Matthew's contentious response impelled a kind of fierce in Steve too. 


© Copyright 2020 vikki.k. All rights reserved.

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