The Mason's Torture

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Warning this story contains scenes of a sexual nature and graphic violence which might offend some folk and is unsuitable for minors"
The Mason's Torture
Gothic style chilling story which features two lovers Sven and Vivian who engage in a sexual act during a visit to one of London's Mason's clubs and are caught in the act of their spontaneous passionate encounter.
They are then punished for their lewd behaviour by taking part in a rather bizarre experiment where they are Imprisoned in a padded cell for one night with a member of their own sex in the hope that they will engage in having sex with them.
The female obliges to a point but the male is having none of it and then endures one of the most vicious torture experiences known to man.
He is only spared from a certain death when he agrees to a code of silence and is sworn to secrecy becoming a full member of this most notorious club.
But what becomes of the lusty lesbians and the other male?,read on if you dare.

The Mason's Torture


This is the story of a young man called Sven who lives in the wealthy suburban London district of Hampstead.His family lives amongst London's most fashionable households as his father is a prominent architect who's recent work had included designing for Queen Victoria no less.

She had requested the architect to build her a new palace in her honour as she was about to celebrate an important event in her family's life but this was still a state secret for now.

George DuPont was the man who had been placed in charge of the construction work and he with a team of 6 other fellows would build this grand palace for the Queen at Greenwich.

The idea was that this palace would be used to host events for special guests or heads of state such as cocktail party's which had been suggested.

There would be a ballroom and a croquet lawn at her special request,for the energetic and outdoor type a tennis court was to be built along with an outdoor swimming pool.

The construction project would indeed stretch George and his team's resources.He would not only be responsible for the architecture he also had to command a team to build it.
This was something which was new to him and perhaps he would never undertake again.

He satisfied himself with the knowledge that once completed he might himself be honoured with an acknowledgement such as a knighthood or an O.B.E. for services rendered.

The family would now be in the spotlight and it was a rather delicate time for them as George would have to avoid any adverse publicity or provocation to wreck his future ambitions.He was hoping to use this opportunity and assignment as a sort of springboard  to forward his career.

However his wayward son Sven had other ideas and was a staunch republican and seldom shared his father's passion for royalty and the high life which was afforded with their wealthy lifestyle.

Sven was at present courting a young lady by the name of Vivian whom he had met at a social event during one cold night in January.It had been arranged by his best friend.

He had arranged to go in to the centre of London and attend a distinguished gentleman's club which surprisingly allowed ladies to attend if they were accompanied by a gentleman.However they were forbidden to enter the gambling or smoking rooms for their own health or so it was suggested.

That night Sven spent the entire hour and a half making passionate advances at his date.They didn't actually enter the club but instead decided to engage in a sexual act within the confines of a rather large dusty broom cupboard.

Amazingly this cupboard was large enough to conceal two moderately sized people but their groaning and hysterical laughter must have been heard by other folk who were passing by no doubt hearing all of the commotion in that said location.

After an hour of fun and laughter they both began to remove their clothes and engage in foreplay.

Vivian began to bite Sven's ear and she was groping at his groin area squeezing his scrotum.He in turn was squeezing her soft plump lily white breasts which yearned to be nibbled although he couldn't quite view their milky complexion.

She started to groan as he thrust his penis firmly in to her soft moist vagina.
Her juices were now flowing as they slowly began to seep in to their erotic location.

In and out and firmer than before he was about to reach climax but she was some way off orgasm and demanded more thrust from him.

He began to imagine that he was making love to his ugly sister in order to prolong the fantastic feeling and pleasure which was now arousing him.

A few seconds later there was a large noise which came from the cupboard and one could hear voices increase in volume as they approached nearby.

Vivian observed movement of people through a small crack at the front of the cupboard which afforded a some chink of light.

Then in an instant their worst fears were realised as the doors to the cupboard were swung open and there staring at them with shock and bewilderment were a few assembled guests.

The two lovers had hardly began to regain their composure and dignity when both of them were yanked out of the cupboard and presented in their nudity to the Mason's chairman who would no doubt punish them as he saw fit.

These sort of people had a strict code of conduct whilst visitors and members were staying under their roof.This kind of behaviour was unacceptable and it was imperative that it was dealt with swiftly to avoid a scandal.All members had been sworn to an oath of secrecy.

"Well well well ! what have we here?,you two sorry excuses of human beings have been caught in the act of a serious sexual act,What shall we do with them?",enquired The Mason's chairman.

He went on to say that he wanted to make an example of them firstly by introducing them to the ideology of what being a decent human being was all about.

"One needs to respect ones own sex as well as the others so my two little cherubs I am going to punish you by leaving you with a member of your own sex for 24 hours in one of our cells.

These cells are padded and white in colour,the idea is to change your perception or suppressing your feelings for the opposite sex by encouraging gay intimate desires.

You must engage in sexual relations with your same sex partner who like yourself have managed to get on the wrong side of the law and ended up in an experiment of mine.

Nobody is allowed to leave our place of communion until they have done their time for their crime.Failing satisfactory repentance and redemption for your sins will result in your life being snuffed out by whatever means we choose.

Indeed at best you would be tortured beyond your imagination until we have decided that you have repented of your sins.

Both Vivian and Sven looked at each other with sheer horror,what could be worse than death?,ah yes being tortured to death.

A sudden panic gripped the pair as they were dragged away to their awaiting cells after which they would be introduced to their new partners or experimental guinea pigs.

Vivian wept tearfully as she lay completely naked on the middle of the floor and unaware that every move she made was being observed,she shouted out and screamed at the top of her lungs until she briefly passed out.

After a short while she was awoken by a beautiful young girl  called Annie who only looked a few years younger than herself,she too was naked and lay In front of her gazing eyes,both ladies were in their early 20's and had similar build.

Vivian slumped to the floor in despair where she was picked up by her new companion as both ladies began to give each other sexual glances.

The younger lady Annie placed her left index finger on Vivian's cheek before playing with her hair.Not long after she moved in for the kill with a passionate snog and then began to place three fingers in to Vivian's soft vagina.

This proved too much for Vivian who although was aroused but not in a way she had ever experienced before.She immediately sprang to her feet and began to shout out "no this is wrong,it's not what I want,what are you doing to me?".

The other lady Annie came across to her and placed her left hand over Vivian's mouth before thrusting her whole fist up Vivian's smooth and by now very moist vagina.

The more she thrust her fist the more Vivian's submitted as both ladies groped and kissed each other's voluptuous chests.

Vivian was by now biting at her lovers erect nipples akin to seeking the lusty quench of her mother's milk.Eventually both ladies collapsed after exhausting themselves feeling lethargic and depleted of energy.

Meanwhile in the other cell Sven had been introduced to his new playmate for the night but wasn't going anywhere near him.

The two had discussed what they both wanted to do and they agreed to see out the night and then see what unfolds in the morning.

Both were awoken by a bright light bearing down on them,a guard had entered the cell and was taking both men to an unknown destination,both tried to resist by kicking out and screaming but it was to no avail.They were about to experience a most disagreeable and terrifying ordeal.

Sven was tied up in to a chair,his hands bound by rope and the guard told him he was told to remain silent before being gagged and stripped of his dignity.

He tried to kick out at the guard but he was unable to move his leg until suddenly the chair began to move and to Sven's shock and horror it was turned upside and by now he was dangling in the air.

Next followed a rather gruesome encounter as the guard tied up his penis and scrotum to an electric cable,he would receive a series of mini shocks to his reproductive parts.

Also attached to the electric cable were a set of mini spikes which began to cut in to his skin and and blood started to splash across his legs.

His screams could be heard echoing around the torture chamber until eventually he passed out after the third series of shocks.

The smell of burning flesh filled the air as the guard removed him placing his motionless body in to a bath tub.

His blood was now flowing in to the bath at an alarming rate and there was still more horrors which lay in store for this unfortunate victim.

A short while later he was released in to the cold outdoors at the rear of the building,he began to regain consciousness and was now aware of how cold he felt.

Suddenly he heard a horrible noise it was the sound of a fierce dog which was barking aggressively,it was the worst kind of animal which sounded hungry and was eager to be off it's leash.

In an instance the creature was released and made it's speedy pursuit towards it's intended victim.The dog was now aroused by the smell of blood filling it up with desire to do one thing only,it wanted to rip apart this human being limb from limb.

Slowly the fierce beast began to sink it's teeth in to Sven's ankles and was also aiming a bite out of his testicles.

Then in an instant the attack was halted as a gun sounded and the creature stopped immediately in it's tracks.

By now Sven was weak and in need of urgent medical attention which was provided.He was bandaged up and removed to a secret location where he would be transformed in to a fully fledged member of The Mason's.

The idea of sparing his life was only on the proviso that he would be sworn to secrecy for the torture he had been subjected to.

He was never to see Vivian again and wasn't told what had happened to his cell companion,safe to say a young man's body fitting the description of that cell mate had been discovered washed up in the south bank of The Thames just below London Bridge.

The victim had been castrated and had his toes and fingers removed by a sharp blade.He had a wide gash in between his buttocks,both of his eyes had been burnt out by a red hot poker.

The poor fellow had been tortured to death and would have indeed suffered a cruel and appalling ordeal.

A chief inspector was now on the case and he was keen to establish why he was killed and who were the perpetrators.

First of all a murder weapon would need be found and then perhaps the victim would be afforded justice by a trial of the murderers.

A large Indian hunting knife was later discovered washed up a few hundred yards down stream but nobody was ever charged for this murder and the weapon is now exhibited at The Black Museum.

The two ladies were released after their erotic encounter but had to agree a vow of silence.They formed a fruitful lesbian relationship with each other.

Submitted: September 15, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.

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No rest for the wicked! You have a very distinctive style. and I suspect, a wicked, ironic sense of humour!

Wed, January 1st, 2020 5:16pm


Hi HJFURL thanks ever so much for reading and reviewing TMT.Yes you're right I do have a rather wicked sense of humor.Thanks for the compliment,I had this story professionally edited though I wasn't convinced that many would find it to their taste on either Booksie site.

Wed, January 1st, 2020 11:37am

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