What about time?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two drunken twins are coerced to travel in a transport machine not knowing where they will be going

It`s Friday let`s party.

After college is time to let go, forget your science projects, your English A levels and your monotonous Maths lessons drift away.

It`s the end of the first week after Christmas and everyone is still in the party mood.

Tonight is debut night of the college band, "Unbelievable," and it promises to be a wild night.

Wine women and wacky bacca are the menus for tonight and this is the attraction to Ronnie and George Wilson, the terrible two twins and their lifelong friend Tyrone Evans AKA Evow.

When the stress of the day is over nothing speeds up the relaxation than a quick puff of a spliff, a glass of strong lager and the company of scantily dressed girls.

A few hours ago these girls would barely warrant a second look but with a bit of flesh and the effects of drugs and booze, Well what can I say.

Signs that the band are new to performing in front of more than a few friends are also taking its toll and the crowd are drifting away to sit in a quieter part of the club.

Evow must have had his student grant arrive as he is certainly splashing the cash tonight, not that he does not pay his way he just needs reminding when it is his turn.

"I`m bored," "and me" "and me as well," the three jovial youngsters moan.

Evow butts in with suggesting they go to his house where his dad has a secret stash of weed and he is working so no danger of being caught.

George had done part time work for the legendary Professor Evans knows that the prof works from home with a small laboratory at the rear of the house, so maintaining silence is paramount.

A short alcohol fueled conversation later the trio decide, Why not?

The Evans house is a tall imposing listed building next to a derelict flour mill that is being restored to hopefully its former glory.

Equally in its full majesty is one of the oldest oak trees reputedly best part of two hundred years old.

There is a lot of work to do on the mill as the water wheel is nearly down to the ground having been ravaged by hundreds of years of wild weather.

Sneaking in from a side door but not too quietly arouses the prof and he comes to investigate.

"You boys are early, run out of money or the band not so good as you imagined."

Evow responds with "yes you`re right again, I thought we might as well drink in safety in the house and watch a couple of old movies, horror ones preferably."

George enquires as to what the prof is doing this late time of night.

"You know George my experiment to transport items by light emissions, a bit like Star Trek "beam me up, Scotty." "Pop down and have a look before you are wrecked."

Curiosity gets the better of all three lads and before long they are being amazed at the capabilities of the talented Professor.

Amazed as they watch a box of goodies disappearing before their eyes the questions come thick and fast.

"So where are they being teleported to?"

"That my young friends is the 64.000 dollar question. I put messages on the items on how to contact me or where to send any questions but after a dozen teleportations still no replies. I have even sent a dog but still nothing."

The professor acknowledges that a human guinea pig needs to be sent but he cannot ask anyone to risk it as he does not know what is at the other end.

Tyrone comes into the room with a litre bottle of Vodka and a box of aromatic cannabis.

"Help yourself, lads, I like to let go of myself on the weekend."

George always the nosier of the twins asks how it all works and any chance to see it in action.

Simply explained, the items to be transported are centred between two highly energised laser beams which scan the objects in ever increasing speed. The items are tied together to ensure they arrive together.

It sounded simple enough but the effects of booze and drugs are drowning out common sense.

Ronnie the sensible one suggests it is time to call it a night and it is a good hour walk back to their home.

Their parents are away for the weekend so there are no time restrictions, what mom and dad don`t know won`t hurt them.

The prof points out there are a couple of bunk beds if they do not mind roughing it overnight.

The condition of the two eighteen year olds dictates that stopping is the logical thing to do.


Both the boys start coming out of their drunken state to find they are outside in the pouring rain on the edge of a small pond.

They soon realise they are shackled together and both sharing disbelief to their surroundings.

"Where the hell are we and why the handcuffs?"

George looks at Ronnie wondering what they got up to after they got into the bunkbeds.

"I have got an envelope in my pocket addressed to us, God knows what`s going on here."

A letter and various other things fall out of the envelope.

Ronnie reads the contents of the roughly written mail out loud.

It reads "Thanks for your kind offer of volunteering for the first human transportation, and with God`s help you will be fine."

within the package, there is a duly signed disclaimer by both of them and instructions as to what to try and achieve.

There are two credit cards for any expenses, a top of the range mobile phone and the key to release themselves.

George breaks into a raging rant, "The devious old bastard, no wonder he was generous with the booze and weed. We need to find out where we are and get in touch with him, he and his son have a lot of explaining to do.

They drag themselves clear of the water and fumble for the key to the manacles. The cuffs are full of mud and water so freeing themselves is going to have to wait.

In the distance, they hear angry voices and the sound of barking dogs.

"Over here the dogs have got them, get your guns ready they are dangerous, shoot first and ask the questions later."

George giggles to himself and suggests there must a reenactment of one of the many battles that have happened in the area over many centuries.

With an almighty thud and the splintering of a nearby oak tree, they soon realise that they are the prey and there is a major incident about to happen if they do not move quickly.

"I don`t like this Ron let`s move before somebody gets hurt, wade across to the other side of the pond, there is more ground cover there.

Both having hangovers the simple task of wading through twenty feet of muddy water is painstakingly difficult.

 A voice booms out "I have them and they are still shackled, go to the other side of the pond in the bullrushes."

Within minutes they are surrounded by heavily armed roughly dressed men in some sort of uniform.

"Surrender or die, your choice."

Both have their arms outstretched above their heads.

Ron exclaims, "What`s going on here, you could have killed us?"

"That`s ironic coming from you pair the Sullivan brothers, the murdering, thieving conmen who are the number one targets for the county."

"We are not the Sullivans we are the Wilsons and there has been some sort of mistake."

Both young men are beaten unconscious and find themselves tied to a wall by a familiar looking building, a water mill.

"What is happening George, they think we are some sort of escaped convicts, especially wearing these bracelets. Do you still have the key?"

Unbeknown to them in their haste to avoid capture they had left their document proof on the other side of the pond.

Next stop is the local gaol.

In front of the courts.

A giant of a man with a heavily powdered wig is the Judge they drag from the local hostelry to deal with the Wilson Twins misidentified as the notorious Sullivan brothers.

"You are before me at this ungodly hour to answer charges of breaking out of your prison van on the way to be incarcerated at Dartmoor prison awaiting the next shipment to depart for The Isle Of Wight."

"There is no doubt about your guilt so your sentence is to be increased to twelve years, Do you have anything to add before you are led away?"

George immediately stands up and offers an explanation, "Sir there is a case of mistaken identity, as we are not the Sullivans and we have not done anything wrong, We are named Ronald and George Wilson from Andover."

The big man with a very reddened face stands up and screams " An unlikely story, why were you manacled together with prison issue handcuffs and where did you get you ridiculous attire for this time of the year. Do you think law enforcement has nothing better to do than chase all over the country for you pair of rascals? Take them out of my sight."

They are bundled out of his sight before he explodes altogether.

They are roughly handled into a small eight by eight cell which smells like it is being used for a toilet.

"How did we get into this mess, the last thing I remember was watching the professor setting up his machine to show us it in action.

You don`t suppose we have somehow got drawn into his machine, do you?"

George is no wiser only recalling his last draw of the extra strong weed that the prof had given them.

George scratching his head mumbles about a letter which they had only partially read. "We need to find that letter, I know we had it when we woke up but in our haste, I must have left it on the bank side."

"Did you notice the new building as we went into the court Ron, I am sure it is a clean version of our local town hall, so where are we?"

With the stomping of heavy footwear and the turning of a large bunch of keys, a wicked toothless man appears in the doorway.

He gives them a copy of his orders reference their removal to the penal facilities of The Isle of Wight.

It reads that on January 28th 1914 the Sullivan brothers are to be delivered to Parkhurst prison.

"Are my eyes deceiving me or does that say 1914 ."

"For christ`s sake we have not been transferred somewhere we have been transported to another time."

"How on earth are we going to get out of this mess?" both boys say together.

The long drive to who knows where?

The old van which is probably quite new is very rickety on the many dirt roads it travels along and daylight can be seen between the doors when it hits a pothole. The only way to get out of this crisis is to try and force something into the gaps and prise the gap wide enough for the locks to disengage.

George is quite an amateur magician so removing the handcuffs with a stolen paper clip soon frees their hands.

It becomes apparent that there is some large crowd outside of the prison van and a lot of loud voices particularly women`s voices.

The vehicle grinds to a halt and the irate women start to rock the van not realising we are inside. The motion is enough to disconnect the locking system and the twins take their opportunity to disembark the van with several other prisoners.

The women scatter not knowing if these men are going to be violent and all manage to clear the van before the guards are made aware of the escape.

The twins being free of their shackles are soon out of sight of the melee and go to ground in a small thicket.

Shots can be heard and having caught up with their breath they head anywhere away from the commotion.

Nighttime is coming so it becomes a necessity to travel as far as they can and find some overnight shelter.

Having travelled about five miles the boys decide it is time to get a change of clothes. The ragged torn trousers fit the time but not the material. denim or the bright white trainers which luckily are covered in a disguising mud.

They spot a line of clothes blowing in the wind and decide to help themselves.

The clothes are tattered and torn but fit in with the times.

They work out where they are by following the babbling stream to the bank of the pond where they were severely beaten.

It is too dark and dangerous to hunt for their belonging at night so venturing into the incompleted flour mill with the paddle wheel becomes an option.

It is the mill they have known all their lives. as they have played in it many times.

Winter months are normally dark and dreary but the sun wakes them plus the crowing of several cockerels, It is time to move on.

It does not take long to find the envelope and its contents.

The professor anticipating that they could be many miles away has left two credit cards, travel passes and instructions on how to contact him plus a mobile phone.

None of it is of any use, well not for a hundred years or so.

We take it anyway, with the phone at least the camera facility can record our journey but not for long as he has forgotten to include the charger.

George poses as Ron records.

"Well Mr Evans, thanks for putting our lives in danger. 

It is not where you have sent us but to when you have sent us, YES when.

We have been arrested and sent to prison for mistaken identity. We know we are in 1914 and have heard talk about the first ship to sail the Panama canal if that means anything to you. We have taken many photos of the surrounding area and it appears all the things you have transported have gone into a pond connected to the brook. You need to move your transporter away from where it is to five metres into your house.

We need old English money and a means of charging the phone.

A local history book would be very helpful.

We don`t know when you will find this memory card but we are hoping that it will be found in the renovations of the flour mill which is in the process of erection at the moment.

If it is possible for you to get this and you can send us what we need, Send it to the back of the oak tree and we will store communications in the hollow that is at the foot of the tree ."

Having scoured the area the twins realise that a time capsule is being installed in the flour mill not to be opened till 2015.

they secure their messages and card and address it to Professor Evans not to be opened until February 2018. 

All they can hope for is that it will not perish or get gnawed by vermin.

Life needs to carry on, they still need to eat and find proper accommodation. It is going to be difficult, they have never done any physical work or had to figure out the basics of fending or themselves.

George leaves his brother behind and heads to the village to see if there is any news of their immediate apprehension.

Enroute he happens to meet two very young ladies and explains to them that he is looking for work and would they know of anybody needing casual work.

"The local builder is always looking for strong willing men, you could try him. He lives in the big house on the corner with the horses in the yard."

Thanking them and a cheerful goodbye he heads to the corner house.

Hearing a heavy banging he pops his head around the back of a large oak door before him is a smallish man with a very large sledgehammer breaking up huge chunks of sandstone.

"Excuse me sir but I understand you are looking to expand your workforce and I am here to offer my services."

The weary craggy skinned man calls him in and beckons him to sit.

"What experience do you have and who have you worked for and what wages are you expecting."

This puts George on the backfoot as he has never worked for a living and has only done work experience in a metalworkers shop.

"I have a very limited work practice as until a few weeks ago I was in full time education and never expected to be touting for work for a few years yet. I am a very fast learner and am willing to try anything to support myself after the loss of both my parents a few months ago."

The battered man has a big grin and mumbles, "A nancy boy then who has been spoonfed all his life."

He hands George the sledgehammer and points to the boulder he has been smashing.

"That rock has been the bain of my life for many years, I need it moving so that I can move my equipment more easily. Show me what you can do, I`ll be back in a few hours, If you are still here we can talk more."

With lily soft hands, George takes up his position and starts to strike the rock.

This task is going to take forever until he notices small cracks are going deep into the boulder and logic to him is to drive a wedge shaped piece of steel into the crack to help split it into smaller easier to work fragments.

He successfully does the breakages and finds time to sit and admire his ingenuity.

The old man duly returns two hours later to find George sitting down drinking water.

"I knew you wouldn`t make the grade."

He breaks off his rant to see the pile of rocks neatly placed by the side of the entrance.

"I might not be the strongest but I can think of how to finish a job."

"Well I`ll be blown, the job is yours on a weeks trial in case I can`t stand you. I will give you a shilling a week till you prove your worth.

Six o clock in the morning rain or shine and I`m Bill, Mr Wilson to you."

The letter for the future.

Meeting up with Ron after his job trial he finds his brother scratching away at the defined time capsule plaque.

Ron explains that the stone has only been closed off for a couple of days so it is the perfect opportunity to sneak in their communication to the professor in the future.

Neither George or Ron have done any physical work before and the prospect of a ten hour day is daunting but a necessity.

Both are hoping that the letter will get through and they can receive some good news back but it is a long shot.

2018 March.

The Evans`s house has been in an uproar for a few weeks as news of the missing twins has circulated the village.

The police know that they were last spotted at their friend`s Evow`s house over the weekend three weeks ago and not been seen since.

"We had a few drinks and smoke but nothing extraordinary for a weekend away from college. They left the house early Sunday morning with the intention of a casual stroll to sober up before they got home, they should have easily been back at home for three am."

The missing person`s report was now several weeks old, something must have happened on the way home. There was a report of a car being stolen but the boys are not the sort to randomly steal anything but you never know how alcohol and drugs can change peoples perception on a frosty February night.

A call comes in, the car has been discovered under ten feet of water by the watermill. It contains clothes and a holdall belonging to the twins.

The case has dramatically changed from missing persons to suspected death by accidental drowning.

A search of the waterway is already in progress.

Tyrone looks to his father and agrees that using the stolen car was a good ruse to allow a little more time for the missing teenagers to hopefully get in touch from some distant land.

A loud rapping on the door attracts the father and son duo.

It is from the heritage committee and they come bearing gifts.

"As you are aware the time capsule in the old mill was opened a few years back and amongst the contents included this letter to you, Professor."

The son asks for the reason the letter was not passed on three years ago.

"On our inventory, this letter was not part of the original contents in the capsule. We could only assume that it was entered without our knowledge and it is addressed to you but not to be delivered to you until early 2018."

The fact that it was there at all at awoken the curiosity of all concerned and they eagerly await to find out the contents of the letter.

Taking the letter the Prof assures them he will reveal the contents when he has had the chance to review them himself.

He spreads the contents onto his workshop bench and amazes that the wording although over one hundred years old could only have been written in the last three weeks.

Viewing the SD card, he realises the problems he has caused as it is not where he sent the twins but to when.

His transporter is not a travelling machine but a time travelling machine.

How on earth is he going to recover them? His machine only goes one way.

His immediate response is to facilitate getting some support to them.


particularly require money and the means to charge the phone up to be able to record their adventures. Memory cards are no problem and a simple modification to the old round pin plugs of yesteryear are easy.

Money is another problem.

Old coinage and notes are available to buy on E Bay but not enough to keep them going for long.

Evow comes up with his master plan "Forge some notes, I did twenty pound notes which were god copies but I made the mistake of not adjusting the serial numbers."

Prof knows that good copies in the early 1900s will not be scrutinised as closely as today`s forgeries. Not to spend them all in the same place is paramount and to make them appear well worn is also important.

Coins are very difficult because most of the available coinage is post1920s which is going to be difficult to explain 1914.

They compile a package and move their equipment away from the existing spot to be able to transport the package to an over vegetated area away from the edge of the pond plus to wrap it in heavy plastic.

Clothes, money, charger, memory cards and a letter of instructions, complete package ready to go. A small book of the local history is also included,

The package arrives.

Remarkably the package arrives within a few feet of the boys as they sit there wondering how to make things easier for themselves, this working for a living is much too hard.

Like the spoiled children, they are, they rip open the plastic to reveal a sealed letter.

It reads George, Ron I am deeply sorry for the pickle I have gotten you into. Please find enclosed all that you asked for with a few provisoes.

The paper money enclosed are excellent forgeries but do not go spending willy nilly.

Take one of the five pound notes to a bank to change to smaller denominations. If it is queried I enclose a letter from a family solicitor to explain that you inherited from a late Auntie Jane Fullard, A genuine person who died in 1913.

Record as much as you can but do not show to anybody from that era.

Modern technology will be hard to explain.


You must have heard of the butterfly effect even if you think you are doing good.

Included is small change but enough for them to buy some decent food have a drink but most importantly get some accommodation.

Theoretically, they are still on the run.

Ron loads the card into the phone and finds there is a little bit of life in the battery.

Time for a little rant at the wayward future beings

"Prof you had better work out how to get us back home, there is a war looming and we don`t need to be involved in that. We are still on the run, can you check back in local history what happened to the Sullivan brothers?"

Having read Turkey and Serbia had signed a peace treaty did not put the rest of Europe at peace. Both countries had been vying for supremacy for many years.

Five pounds was a lot of money, but to be able to explain it to a shopkeeper would be very hard, so they opted for the prof`s suggestion and visited the local bank to open an account.

The road layout of the village had not changed much over the last century but a lot of the dilapidated buildings were missing in the twenty first century.

Opening a bank account was a lot simpler than modern day banking and the five pound opening deposit was accepted without a problem.

George had managed to save some of his meagre shilling a week wages and had also been promised a wage increase.

Two shillings a week was also a little tight but managing to live off his employer and just sleeping anywhere was beginning to run both of them down.

Ronnie managed to add a little to the pot by labouring to the windmill project.

A major problem with the mill was the lack of a decent water supply.

Ron had studied various environment lessons and suggested removing some of the width of the pond and putting in a dam to control the water when not needed. Basic engineering for most water driven power.

This idea had been adapted and it certainly seemed to work, keeping a constant flow of water and spilling it off when excessive water had flowed from the nearby hills.

George in his capacity as head gardener, bottle washer and general dogsbody had started to confide in his employer Mr Bill Wilson.

He had discovered that Bill had two children from a previous marriage, one boy also named Bill and Judith a now young lady of fifteen. two years senior to the young Bill.

His present wife is a chubby twenty two year old girl of limited abilities but it suited the forty year old Bill as she was unlikely to wander off into the arms of another man, unlike his first wife.

Bill`s main ambition was to provide a home for his wife and himself and a small inheritance for his estranged children.

Becky his young wife was barren so the likelihood of more children was not to e expected.

George had told Mr Wilson nothing about his life apart from that he was a homeless traveller with no family.

He had broached the topic of the Sullivans, "They have been spotted working on the South coast hence the lack of police presence, and good riddance to them."

Time to move on to fresh pastures.

Having been lumbered in their present location for six months the twins were getting restless and had decided to head to one of the Northern towns that were becoming popular with holidaymakers.

Blackpool was the big attraction with its fine array of activities and a show of lighting which to a lot of country folk was the miracle of the twentieth century.

 Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems in Europe with the threat of war becoming more apparent every day.

America was having a lot of trouble with Mexico which is still happening in modern times.

Germany had supplied the Ulster Volunteer forces with thousands of weapons British troops were still active in Southern Ireland with deaths virtually every day.

The biggest scare was that the new minister of the Navy orders his fleet to Scapa Flow and Winston Churchill is considered to be a warmonger and itching for action.

Otherwise, everything was honky dory.

The boys bid farewell to their respective friends and George would have a job to return to when he comes back to the neighbourhood.

Through the last months, there has been the mobilisation of many different European powers.

August 4th is the big cut off day for British involvement and the twins are determined to make the most of the peace as it is.

They had bought a two man tent for their sleeping quarters with summer fast approaching it should not be too cold.

Having worked on several fairgrounds the first place of call is to be the renowned Blackpool attractions.

Their skills are to be admired because compared to 2018 rides these current rides are made for babies.

Being flash can have it`s drawbacks especially as the girls like the attention but the boyfriends see them as a threat.

It is not long before they are falling out with the jealous boys.

To the twins, the advantage is the many years they have been taking Martial Arts training and both are very well qualified.

Fighting one man is not much of a problem but five or six together is a different kettle of fish.

They soon become the talk of the locals and every night someone is willing to take them on.

They are approached by one of the local bar owners and he suggests to them they might be better suited to working as bouncers to the bigger pubs and clubs that dominate the night scene.

A chance to have a decent bed and food appeals to them and pretty soon they are getting a reputation they do not need.

August 4th soon approaches and history tells them that many of the young men and indeed older men are prepared to enlist and take the fight to the German oppressors.

It looks like the Blackpool visit is coming to an end. Both have girlfriends and they are being looked on as potential cowards frightened to fight with guns instead of fists.

Time to make haste back home and see how the Professor is getting on with their chances of returning to real life.

Leaving the girls was a necessary evil but must be done.

They have enough money in their back pocket to catch a speedy train and return to the sleepy village.

They arrive in the village in mid-afternoon to find the normally bustling centre devoid of people.

Many posters are promoting the fact that "The Army needs you."

They are not going to need Ron and George that`s for certain.

They arrange for bed and breakfast for the foreseeable future then head out to see if there has been anything sent from the future.

There is but not news of repatriation.

The Sullivans have been recaptured and escaped prison by joining the British Army.

There is no sign of a recovery mechanism and they could be stuck in the past for many months to come.

He suggests getting settled to regular life and hang on.

If they are liable to be there when conscription is applied it would be better to volunteer and select a less dangerous selection of the forces.

Having a job that is considered worthy of not being enlisted such as mining will keep them safer than a war in France.

The conscription date is January 1916 which unfortunately is when large battles with huge losses of life occur as in the Battle of the Somme.

He includes some modern notepaper and a couple of biros and begs them to write a letter to their parents explaining why they are missing and to exonerate The prof and Tyrone of any involvement in their disappearance. After all, he can not work on his machine if interned at the local prison.

The reply.

The boys do better than that and make a small video explaining that they just went because they knew their parents would stop them from travelling and the professor had helped them to start a world backpacking adventure.

They were not looking forward to going to university and had decided to explore the world while they were young and not to worry.

They would send updates occasionally but through Evans`s family in the form of SD card video as the Internet is not available everywhere.

Future planning.

George opens the long awaited" What are we going to do now" speech.

They both realised that they could be stranded here for a long time, possibly forever, and neither relished the thought of being stuck in a village location.

Ron is keen on going back to Blackpool as the girl of his dreams is waiting for his return.

"Well one of us needs to be near to here in case there are some developments, and it is obvious it should be me as I am fairly settled here and I like the quiet country life."

Ron sees this as a get out of prison card and readily agrees.

"However we need to keep in contact as with the impending threat of conscription I won`t want to be on my own."

A few general ideas are established and Ron is soon waving his brother farewell with the promise of phoning George as soon as he is settled down via Mr Wilson.

The next important job is for George to check with Bill if his job is still available.

There was no reason to worry, many of the young men have left the village to fight the war which will be "finished for Christmas" so there are many needs for a fine strapping teenager to make a living.

George finds it hard to tell what he knows about the ongoing war, An exercise in lip biting is necessary.

Ron and Blackpool.

Ron made short work of finding his feet in the northern seaside town, the girl he had gone back to meet welcomed him with open arms and it is not long before they are living as a couple, unheard of then in the early 1900s.

He had been very shrewd and noted all the sporting history of the year from the history book the Evans had sent to them.

He wagered a staggering twenty pounds on Wilding, Wimbledon champion for four years on losing the final before the event started.

Of course, he was correct and collected over four hundred pounds, a fortune in 1914.

He then began investing money into housing knowing there will be a demand for it after this war finishes.

His main investment was into pharmaceutical industries also knowing that the worst ever epidemic of Spanish flu would be devastating the whole world.

His main interest would be in gambling.

Within eighteen months Ronald Wilson was going to be a big name in the north.

Speaking regularly with George he suggested that he should do the same, he was prepared to stake him if required.

With money comes rivalry and jealousy, it did not take long before different gambling companies were threatening his business but he had enough money to buy an army if necessary.

Beatings and counter beatings were overtaken by petrol bombs and guns.

Ron thinking he is the kingpin is unafraid but those closest to him are not.

Blackpool seems to be a mega draw for all the undesirables from north of the border mainly Glaswegians. Billy boys are mentioned time and time again and they are fast becoming the supreme gangsters of Scotland.

Ron is brave but not stupid and asks to meet their head man with a view to a peace pact, there is enough money to go around.

 They meet in Carlisle and Ron can see why many are afraid of him let alone his cronies.

Standing at six feet four inches and weighing in at over twenty stone, this is not a man to mess with. He has many scars and his nose is nonexistent, having been bitten off by a now deceased rival.

His booming voice shatters the eery silence, "Why does a gob shite southerner think he can come into our territory and steal our customers?"

A bemused Ron attempts to get a word in but with imminent threats of violence he decides to suggest a sharing of the area.

He knows he is in no position to argue and paying the big man protection money seems to be a viable option.

"Yes we can do that, We want seventy-five per cent of the business."

"I was thinking more like fifteen per cent and a larger cut on the big events."

The big man having turned a bright purple suggests that Ron would need to fuck off before he sets the dogs loose and now it is eighty per cent.

Ron knows he is not going to win this argument and attempts to calm the man down.

"How about if I sell you the business and run the company as a manager,"

"How about if I rip your arm off and stuff it down your throat, take it or leave it or you will wind up with nothing."

As a twenty year old Ron does not fancy the idea of a life of violence and opts for whatever deal is going to come.

The gambling business is swiftly sold on to anyone prepared to deal with the Scottish hooligan.

A London firm takes up the offer and pays Ron a thousand pounds just to clear off.

This suits him fine, at least he can carry on with his other businesses.

Already a wealthy young man he does not need the stress of bitter rivals knocking on his door.


George and his home.


George has not been idle while his wayward sibling is making lots of money albeit a bit dodgy.

Thinking to the future, conscription is a very likely outcome if he does not get some sort of plan in motion.

The last few months have been very busy with him being the village odd job man.

He is learning all aspects of early twentieth century life and has come up with some revolutionary labour saving techniques.

He is very popular with the girls as most of the young men have given up rural life to "Go fight the enemy," at what will be a heavy cost.

A lot of the villagers are also dropping hints of him being a coward, little do they know that a few of the brave boys will meet their maker.

Glancing through the history book from the future he is quick to figure out the way to come through this devastating war.

Some trades will not be eligible for conscription such as religious personnel, coal miners, police and any vital trades to keep the war effort going.

He is not very keen on any of those and is reading about the up and coming aircraft industry.

His mind is telling him that it might be safer in the air than in trenches with all sorts of bombardment attacking him.

Within a few miles of his location, there is a small aircraft industry expanding and needing engineers. This is the way to go.

His current job is building up the banks of the small pond to divert the flowing stream to the inefficient watermill and away from the drop off point of any communication with 2018

The locals are amazed to what this young man can do and his knowledge is frightening.

George knew that the pioneer pilots were primarily being used for observation and were unarmed.

Indeed George had been talking to various people connected to flying and were waiting for modifications to be fitted to their aircraft to make them into a new fighting force.

Most were civilian flyers and needed to have flown many hours before they could enlist in the RFC and avoid a lot of the military bullshit.

1915 has snuck in and there are reports of many men sadly losing their lives with no apparent gaining of ground.

The navy was having many skirmishes and a large attack was being talked about in some middle eastern territory against Turkish force in Gallipoli.

This battle will shorten the war by many months but they have not given the Ottoman forces any respect and are expecting a quick engagement and an even quicker surrender.

Of course, our time traveller knows different.

One of the many aviators he has met introduces George to the rest of his flying companions.

Ron has been sending money to him to keep him tied to the rendevous point, consequently, George has got enough capital to break into the flying circuit and also twenty first century know how of flying machines.

They are very impressed with his knowledge and offer him a chance to join one of the more experienced flyers to give it a go.

He has been in many large planes but this is a different kettle of fish with tight turns and sudden changes of altitude, a very bumpy ride.

He is convinced that the pilot is trying to scare him but if you have been to modern day Disneyland these are for under fives to ride.

"Do you fancy a go at the controls,? there is nothing to fear and I can take back control if there is a problem."

Within minutes, he has taken control and flying like the Red Baron.

After the pilot has landed and taxied to the hangar, he invites George in for a little chat.

"Where have you learned to fly like that, It cannot be your first time behind the controls?"

Before he realises what he says next it is too late and will need some explanation.

"I have used a Simulator on my Play Station."

"What on earth is a simulator and a Play Station."

His mind doing twenty to the dozen he explains that it is a new attraction for simulated flight currently being tested in one of the Blackpool shows, and it is very popular but expensive at the moment.

"Perhaps I could erect something similar ."

George`s flying aid.

He realises he has put his foot in his mouth and immediately regrets the offer of constructing such a simulator.

In a modern world the task would be fairly simple, "Just GOOGLE it"

In 2015 materials are almost third world standard.

However, not one not ready to accept a challenge, he gets the grey matter working.

He constructs the basic cockpit from crashed or redundant aircraft.

he is shocked to find blood stains and fleshy material embedded in the seats and glass parts.

having a basic knowledge of hydraulics, he needs to locate four or five rams to simulate the rise, fall and turning of the aircraft. Connecting them is going to be more difficult.

He ponders with using small electric motors but is concerned they will not be strong enough or fast enough.

Much to his delight, the machine works almost perfectly.

Having some sort of video monitor is the next challenge.

The RFC is checking in on the small flying company knowing there is going to be a big demand for pilots shortly so George takes the opportunity to borrow some footage they have accumulated to somehow fit a visual of surrounding areas.

They are very impressed with the young mans`ideas and invite him to peruse their existing training facilities.

They suggest the Larkhill aerodrome or if possible the larger Farnborough.

Farnborough is the renown centre of the RFC so he scrounges a lift to fly to there.

It is very impressive and he is shown to the development department and is surprised that they have also been toying with the idea of a simulator.

George`s apparatus is superior to what he sees and offers his ideas to them.

Having chatted with him a few days ago, they are keen for him to join the development section.

George figures that warplane development will be an important role and the less likelihood of being conscripted.

Many aircraft were built and tested all bearing numbers as opposed to types. Biplanes were the order of the day and were very adept at manoeuvres but unfortunately a death trap if involved in bad landings or poor take offs

As an amateur model maker, progress would not take the young man long and to his superiors, he appeared gifted. Little did they know that in the future all these aircraft would be considered the remnants of the iron age.

Having agreed to start working at the establishment in a couple of weeks, he knew he needed to contact Ron. They phoned regularly, Fridays, at seven pm at Bill Wilson`s cottage when Bill had popped out to wet his whistle at the local brewing house.

On the dot at the fourth ring, he picks up the receiver.

A move to Liverpool had brought a fresh promise of easy money to Ron and he had set himself up as an importer at the local very busy docks.

The Black Market would soon be the new way of making the big money and there were plenty of dockers willing to supply dodgy goods for a quarter of their true value.

"Ron I think you are settling in too easy on this quick buck money and I can see me having to come up there and break you out of prison, you are taking too many risks."

He laughs it off knowing that a lot of his customers are policemen.

George reports of his newfound job and the unlikely scenario of being called into this vile war, legitimately.

"They have to catch you first and I`m not registered at any address so they can struggle to tie me down."

It is decided that George will continue to monitor any information coming from the Evans household.

A letter is put in the oak tree asking Professor if there is any progress and could he trace his family tree back to 1914.

The last thing they need is to bump into their ancestors and risk exposing anything that could alter their future

He remembered to date and number his little letter as having found out that all the letters written would all be in the oak tree and if not in some numerical order the Evans would not figure out which to answer first.

Having met a few of the local unattached ladies George was becoming a little frustrated at not mixing with them.

The last thing he needed was to be intermating with his great great grandmother. He shuddered at the thought.

Packing up what few belongings he had, he bade farewell to the people he had grown fond of over the last year or so.

Friday and it is time to liaise with Ron if he remembers to phone, he does.

They arrange for George to ring a definite public phone box at a preset time in two weeks. By then he should know the layout of his new surroundings and the availability of a private number.

This suited Ron not having to be at his and call, he had many things to occupy his mind.

One last call to do, check out the drop off point for any late deliveries.

In his time in the village, George had managed to buy the small plot of land reclaimed by the side of the stream and erected a small wooden workshop.

There were several items including a family tree and more local knowledge.

Heavily highlighted in bright yellow marker was the headline, "Mystery man approximately 20 years old lying unconscious in Liverpool hospital, no identity as yet.

He was known for black market activities and originates from the south and likes to be called Ronaldo.

The date of the newspaper clipping is in three weeks.

Is this a coincidence or is it his brother.

George`s plans are scuppered he needs to contact his wayward sibling before this happens and he is not scheduled to speak to him for two weeks.

He has a little time to get himself settled in a small apartment that the development facility has appointed him.

There is a phone in the building but he gets no response from the number Ron has given him.

He resolves himself to hoping that he will be there on the arranged time and date.

There is a lot to take in at Farnborough least of all his need to pass his flying test. He is pretty competent and it is only a matter of time to reach a minimum of flying hours required.

The long two weeks have passed and nervously he dials the number.

No answer. he tries again. Still no answer.

The fifth time he tries a voice answers, "Is that George? this is Monica Ron`s girlfriend."

"Yes it is, where is he, I must speak to him."

"He is dealing with a problem with a bunch of jocks."

That was the last thing he needed to hear, it could be the Billy Boys trying to muscle in on his new business.

"When he can get to a phone please tell him to ring this number I will give you, it is a matter of life and death."

She rings off very abruptly.

He wonders what kind of a mess he has got himself into now.

He still has not returned his call. He decides "Needs must "and books a rail ticket to the Northwest.

Liverpool at it`s meanest.

Knowing the name of the dockland pubs will cut down the hunting time as Ron always mentions them

The irony of his nickname Ronaldo in the land of football has got to cause some friction if they think he is a Spaniard or Italian.

Not very popular these Europeans.

It does not take long to find the meanest, hardest criminally associated pub in the area.

It is getting dark and George is fearful of being mugged as he looks to be well dressed and liable to carry money.

He is approached by ladies of the night but spurns their offers but will pay for information about his brother`s whereabouts.

"Are you taking the piss? Why would you be looking for yourself?"

Eventually and a couple of shillings later he is directed to "The Anchor," where all the underground shenanigans are carried on.

Walking through a narrow alley puts him on guard. He hears shouting and glass breaking in the distance which confirms he is in the right direction.

"Hey you there cockney bastard, have you got our money?"

He turns to confront the voices and is hit heavily over the head with a truncheon. He can not run there are too many of them, his only choice is to stand and fight.

Valiantly he fights back but he is outnumbered.

He hears more people approaching and to his relief the assailants run away.

An ambulance is quickly on the scene, a regular pick up point for injured sailors and dockers.

Onboard the stretcher he asks if anybody has called the police.

"They were the police, This what happens if you don`t pay your way."

He knew many heavy industrial towns were involved in corruption but this was the first time he had seen it first hand.

Whisked off to the nearest hospital he drifts into a semi type coma.

whilst in a state of semi consciousness, he is treated, bandaged up and administered lots of painkilling drugs.

As the light shines into his bedraggled eyes he can see two people sitting by his bedside.

His vision blurred he can barely hear the voices, but unmistakeably one of the visitors is Ron.

"Why didn`t you tell my girl that you were coming up this way, I could have met you and prevented this happening."

Shaking George blasts out "It is because of you that I was attacked, they thought that I was you."

The man with him suggests leaving us alone but it is an undeniable heavy Glasgow dialect with which he speaks.

"Is that one of those Billy boys who are threatening everybody including you?"

Ron`s surprising answer is "He was but not now I have struck up a partnership with him."

One thing deep in George`s mind is to never trust a Jock especially one who is armed to his teeth.

He feels that he might have lost his job at Farnborough as he has been in a coma for three weeks and there is no way he can get over the fact that his sibling is undesirable.

Able to walk he finds a phone to telephone his employers.

They already know all about this incident as he was carrying a gate pass and ID card.

They no longer feel they can employ him as a lot of their work is top secret.

His life in turmoil he returns to the little village near Andover and the quiet life he is used to.

As he nears his little workshop he spots a border collie which has become a nuisance to the locals, he appears to be homeless and has been scraping the door looking for somewhere to sleep at night.

It has been rough sleeping around the village for months and the locals are at the point of shooting it for harassing the livestock.

Knowing how the dog must feel he welcomes it into his small workshop and offers it some titbits.

There have been some deliveries from the future but mainly apologising for being unable to return them to their own time.

Amongst them is a useful local history of achievements by none other than Bill Wilson and it goes on to identify his lineage.

From this, the prof has managed to provide a family tree right up to 2018.

It does not make good reading. Bill is the twins great great grandfather on their dad`s side and he goes on to have eleven children who in turn have many children etc etc.

One hundred an fourteen children later Their father is listed as one of the descendants.

He spots amongst the current 1915 relations one of the girls he has become fond of from the local inn.

She has been bugging him for many months for a date, but he has declined, as her previous boyfriend is overseas fighting the germans.

Amongst the newspaper clippings from The Liverpool Express, the police have identified a person of interest to them a certain Ronald Wilson a petty criminal.

He did not want to know this news and awaits Friday so that he can try to get Ron to move from there before it is too late.

Friday duly arrives and it is the girlfriend of Ron.

"Ron has been arrested and tried, found guilty on many minor offences.

He has the choice of imprisonment for twelve years or to join the Armed forces."

He figures that Ron will opt for enlisting on offchance he will able to abscond, he can only hope that he remembers that going AWOL or worse Desertion is punishable by firing Squad.

The news soon trickles back to him that he has joined the "The Liverpool pals" battalion and have already been despatched to Belgium.

History has shown that a lot of Pals regiments were decimated at the Battle of Somme in July next year 1916.

How is he going to stop this massacre?

Update to the future.

George forwards his next communique to the professor and asks him to check out the war dead of the Liverpool Pals and see if Ron has been named.

He also forwards his next photo and video SD card to enlighten them how things are there.

Very distressing news follows; the prof has checked old war records about the Liverpool Pals and there are several recorded deaths of Ronald Wilson.

There are too many to ignore these facts so it becomes a quest to locate his lost brother in Belgium or he will be lost forever.

George having accumulated a lot of money from Ron`s pot knows it is only a matter of time before he will be conscripted.

Going back to flying school he buys his way to licence and sets a volunteer deadline of early December where he will have the option of joining the RFC rather than be posted to infantry or gunnery regiments, not that Flying will be an easy option, after all, it is still in its infancy.

An unexpected letter arrives, it is from his missing brother.

"George, you will have gathered by now that I am a frontline soldier in [Name obscured].

I am enjoying it having been promoted to sergeant because of my understanding of the military.

Those few years we spent in the Army cadets are an advantage.

I can see me being an officer relatively soon as they are being mown down by enemy gunfire every day.

I quite like the adrenalin rush that I am getting and the camaraderie is excellent.

If all goes well we will be entitled to a short break from the front and might get a few days R and R in Paris.

I can`t visualise seeing you in the near, but if you could make it to Paris that will be fantastic.

You loving brother Ronaldo [they still have not got a clue who he is]."

George is beginning to get a few hours flying under his belt and takes the opportunity to part own a two seater biplane with a wealthy entrepreneur. The big idea is to start a flying school of their own. There is a lot of money burning the pockets of the rich.

Having replied to Ronald he is anxious to be able to give him some good news, but nothing at the moment.

A lifeline is thrown.

Waking early on a long weekend, George is astonished to find a very large box in his workshop, accompanied by a long letter of explanation.

Professor Evans has constructed a mobile version of his machine.

There are instructions on how to assemble it and how to work it.

The only concern is that he has never tested it.

The prof has worked out that the canine mutt I have befriended is the dog he transported before Ron and I were used as scapegoats.

He suggests using the dog to see if it does indeed go back to the twenty first century.

Reluctantly, he agrees and drugs the dog to avoid stressing the poor soul.

Electrical power would have been a problem but having foreseen this a high capacity generator had also been included.

There is nothing more he can do but to send the dog to his death or back to its own time.

He includes his concern over the timing with Ronald being at the sharp end in Europe and the need for a quick reply if it is successful.

He also asks for him to send a wartime map of Paris and any relevant landing strips.

Hours later, there is notification of the dog having arrived in the workshop of the Evans`s workshop.

This is good news but there was a slight problem with the dog having arrived with burns to his neck where a metal collar had been fitted.

Evans suggests trying to send another animal just to be sure.

The Professor has sent a video of the set up at his home and the need for repositioning the machine as it is dangerously close to his original contraption.

He moves the machine several feet away from its standing and goes hunting for another animal.perhaps a cat.

A cat secured and also drugged he sends the animal to the future.

It arrives safely and the exercise is deemed a success. The gamble now is to rescue Ron and use the machine to get them home.

Prof has sent some more information and tells him that some of the Liverpool pals will be resting close to Paris within the next ten days.

There are several places an aircraft can be landed at but to get clearance might be a bit tricky.

he thinks "I`ll worry about that at the time."

He manages to contact Ron and gives him instructions on where to locate himself on the afternoon on November 15th and to run to any aircraft that lands on the small grass runway.

The great getaway.

Desperate for aircraft especially two seater adaptions were in urgent demand. 

Civilian pilots were being used to deliver all manner of planes to the front, George saw this as an excellent chance to survey the possible landings to rescue Ron but it all depended on the dates.

Having already delivered many aircraft he certainly knew the areas.

The war was getting nearer to the aerodromes for drop offs and it was only a matter of time before they would be diverted elsewhere.

The plan was for George to fly one of the two seaters to an airfield near to Paris, locate Ron and then steal the plane and return to England.

Very easy to go very wrong but time was running out.

The Liverpool pals had been sent to a little village on the outskirts of Paris to rest and recuperate and there was a small landing strip.

He was due to go to France on November 14th a day earlier than originally planned, he needed a good excuse to land in the wrong place and to hang about till his twin turned up.

Being an engineer he figured he could fake an engine problem, repair it himself, pick up Ron and fly to safety.

The day of the rescue had arrived.

Several small aircraft had left the small coastal airfield to fly in a formation to a designated runway in the suburbs of Paris.

In his wisdom, he had rigged a fuel dumping valve to limit his time in the air.

It was a bright idea as many pilots perished when forced to land because they were still carrying fuel and the dump valve gave them a little more time to vacate the crashed plane.

He managed to fall to the back of the formation claiming that he had a lack of power and he felt he might have to return to England.

The leader of the formation instructed him to carry on to the French airfield as it was marginally nearer than their departure venue.

Reluctantly he had to agree.

Falling further and further back the newly patented radio communications were failing and he was signalled to land as soon as possible.

This was perfect for him, he was within sight of the field he needed to be at and slowly released more and more fuel.

He landed with barely enough fuel for the engine to tick over, he was cutting it a bit fine but he had arrived.

The ground crew surrounded him with fire fighting equipment but George assured them it was only a small leakage problem that he could sort out himself.

They informed him that they could refuel him but with failing light it would not be possible to do it till morning.

This suited him as it could give him time to find his wayward brother.

There were many flashes of ordinance explosives within a few miles of him and he needed to act fast.

Leaving the now repaired aircraft in the hands of the ground crew it was time to seek out the Liverpool Pals.

It did not take long to find them, they were the loudest of the resting troops having been on the frontline for many months with their relief being cancelled time and time again.

This war was not going the way that the politicians had predicted.

There had been an absolute disaster in the Gallipoli campaign with the Naval assault not working at all and now many men particularly ANZAC forces were being annihilated. There will be withdrawal but not for a couple of months.

He finds Ron but not with the regulars, he is at the newly erected officer's mess as an also newly appointed First Lieutenant.

He attracts Ron`s attention and tells him of his plans.

He is shocked when the Lieutenant tells him he will not be leaving with him as his duty is with his men.

"You do know that thousands of men will be dying shortly when the Somme happens?"

"Surely there is something we can do to prevent this atrocity?"

for George it was an easy "No no no, we cannot alter history. I will knock you out and drag you unconsciously to the plane if I have to."

Ron knows he is not going to win this argument and wishes he could at least give some sort of warning, but it is not possible, not that any of the hierarchy would listen to his advice anyway.

His plane fueled he waits for Ron to show up, he is getting worried as he is scheduled to take off at eight o clock and he is already late.

The ground crew query the problem and he lies that he has got to take a passenger to check out the viability of fixing weapons to the airframe.

Ron appears dishevelled, he has been to see his troops for the last time and he is very distressed.

He is bundled into the passenger seat and the engine roars into action.

He is waved off by the crew who are alarmed to see him going in the wrong direction.

He ignores the request to land and sets off to his homeland.

He has calculated that he can land near to the Sussex coast but then it is to be a cross country hike to the nearest rail station.

What he has not allowed for is the rattle of machine guns tearing into his flimsy plane.

He is being tailed by four German aircraft all bearing weapons.

He needs to get over the sea, he knows that having weapons on the enemy aircraft will mean the sacrificing of fuel and hopefully they will not pursue him too far.

Weaving, dodging and climbing are shaking off the attackers but at a high cost of fuel to himself plus the fuel tank has taken a hit.

he needs to land as soonest.

Mainland England comes into sight but so does the black smoke trailing him; he is in trouble.

He tells his passenger that they will have to ditch in the sea as he spots a small fishing boat in the near distance.

Having never landed on the water before he knows that this is a perilous situation and he slows down to allow Ron to evacuate the passenger seat and drop near the fishing boat.

he knows That Ron is a strong swimmer but hitting the water at eighty miles per hour is not recommended.

He circles but can not climb, he knows he is going in.

Is he dead or alive?


Having not needed to evacuate a crashing plane before is not something you get to be good at.

In a moment of wisdom he unbuckles his safety harness, the need to slow down is very much on his mind.

He has seen war films and the reality of getting out of a dying plane is not like anything he has seen on the big screen.

He has played many video games and fantasises with turning the biplane upside down and falling out into the very cold English channel below him.

It is now or never, he inverts the plane and drops as much height as he dares and tries to slow down as much as is humanly possible without stalling the plane whilst getting as close to the fishing vessel as possible.

The aircraft is very unstable and is ready to drop out of the sky, he releases his grip on the cockpit sides and falls.

"George, wake up George, you are safe."

By a small miracle, the twins have survived the fall, wet, cold but alive with only minor bruising.

A hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket and they can relax.

The fishing boat is manned by three french men and none of them is fluent in English.

Using a variation of English french with a little Spanish they work out with the aid of a worn map that they are going to the Isle of Wight and the journey will be almost twenty four hours as they have only just sailed out on the beginning of their trip.

The Island is a good place to land with many ferries travelling to the mainland.

Ron still feeling the worse for wear after his alcoholic binge the night before settles himself down in a quiet corner.

With many hours to pass George helps out on the small boat to show his gratitude.

The sea is very turbulent tonight and the weather has changed for the worse. It is the wrong time to realise you suffer from seasickness.

The captain signals that they have enough fish in the hold to start their return to port.

This suits the sickly twins and it is time to get their story worked out for the inevitable port authorities.

They figure if they say they were delivering the warplane to France and Ronald having managed a few days leave had begged his brother for a lift.

Unfortunately, they were intercepted by several enemy aircraft and took a hit to the fuel tank and decided to return to England rather than take a chance on landing in an enemy occupied zone.

It sounded good but would it convince the customs, Neither had any documentation and it would need the boat captain to verify their bailout and subsequent rescue.

Pulling into port the boat is surrounded by heavily armed British troops. The twins are arrested and taken to the harbour master`s office.

Handcuffed and loaded into a car they are taken by ferry across to Southampton for further questioning.

Several phone calls later it is apparent that their stories do not tally with the delivery details of the plane.

Ronald`s story is even harder for them to believe as only injured personnel were being allowed to leave back in England.

Ronald whispers to George, "Have you told them where you reside because it looks like we are going to have to make a run for it."

George has to agree but when will an opportunity arrive.

The military decides to escort hem back to a secure base in Tidworth.

Tidworth is only about twenty miles from their location destination so they opt for trying to escape nearer to their home.

As they near to the large military town the car begins to splutter and they signal to each other that this the time to get out and running.

The car stops on a small hill with a bridge crossing a stream.

It is only a narrow bridge and it is only possible for one vehicle to cross at a time.

George signals to Ron to follow his guide.

"We can`t stop here, you are blocking the road which is used frequently by the services. Let us at least get to a safe point on the other side of the bridge." One of the guards takes the wheel and one goes over the bridge to stop any traffic from crossing the same time as the stricken car.

The twins are the designated pushers and the guards have no fears of them making a run for it, after all, they are more or less telling the truth and what would they gain being in the middle of nowhere.

Partway over the bridge, the pair are ready to run. They are handcuffed together, again.

George signals to Ron to head down the stream and when the car begins to freewheel down the small slope of the bridge now is the time to go.

The guards are so engrossed in the car running down the slope they do not realise that the twins have scarpered.

A loud crack of gunfire echos through the air and whistles of high velocity bullets pass overhead.

Ron knew the sound but it was new to George.

"Keep your head down and keep running, I think I am hit but just run."

Ron didn`t need to be told twice but being shackled to his fellow escapee was slowing them down.

"Run to that light in the distance there might be something that will be able to break these chains, we need to separate."

At the light source an axe is found lodged in a tree trunk, perfect, but who was going to be trusted to swing the heavy implement.

Ron has his stong right arm free so he is appointed to try to smash the chain between the rings.

After several swings and near misses the ides is becoming less desirable.

"Do you want me to do that for you?" a strange voice asks.

Expecting it to be their guards the twins thrust their arms into the air to surrender.

A burly bearded old man is standing there with a torch and a hacksaw in his hand.

He directs them to a large outbuilding and steers them to an anvil.

Within minutes they are released but they will have the indignity of wearing the bracelet for a while longer.

The old fellow speaks, "You were making that much noise I am surprised you have not been captured. Why are you avoiding the Military?"

He informs them he is a religious person and does not understand the workings of the armed forces.

George explains how they have managed to be arrested under mistaken identity and did not fancy another night of interrogation in an Army gaol.

Having served in previous conflicts courtesy of the British Army he can understand why people would try to escape the brutal onslaught that is going on overseas.

He too has sons who have left his farm to volunteer for the cause and he wished he could rescue them as well.

He looks at George`s wound and assures him it is only a flesh grazing and to just keep it clean to avoid infection.

To George, it is a major wound and very painful, he thinks it needs stitching.

"If you go to a hospital you might as well hold up your hands and walk to your pursuers."

The old man has seen many wounds and quickly inserts a binding of bandages to pull together the gaping hole.

"You had better hide out in my attic till morning before you decide which way you are headed, I have a local map but don`t tell me where you are going, the less I know the better."

Both exhausted the fall asleep in minutes.

Bacon cooking on an open fire awakens their senses and a welcome cup of tea sets them up to what will be a long day.

The aviation side of the family gazes at the map and he both knows where he is and to which way they will go.

The farmer named John fills a rucksack of basic needs and bids them farewell.

The twins promise to reward the old man and to return the favour somehow.

"Just stay safe and avoid the roads will be my reward and God speed."

The workshop they are heading to is only eight miles away but avoiding roads is going to make it a difficult journey.

It is getting dark when they approach the doorway of the makeshift the haven.

They quickly check the surrounding area and discover that the door has been forced open. Is it the police or an opportunist thief.

Nothing appears to be missing but there is slight damage to their awaiting time travelling aid.


It`s now or never.

It is too late to set up the machine tonight so a plan is made to have an early start.

Ron thinks it is time to have a look around the village to see if there have been any strangers lurking around and to pick up supplies to last a few days.

Nothing obvious happening so it`s a chance to pop into the bank and make some arrangements.

He has a lot of money which will be no use him in a hundred years time.

He instructs the bank that the contents of the account will be left in for many many years and that only a password will be able to access the money; The password will be passed onto generations to come as he is not expected to withdraw it himself.

The cash approximately £8000 will be invested by the bank as they see fit.

Back at the workshops, George has also been busy with writing letters to his parents and to the old fellow who aided them in their hour of need.

To the old man he writes that their story is true but very unbelievable, he then recalls everything that he and Ron have been up to in the last two years.

He sends him a small amount of money so that he can make his way to their little workshop and check if they have gone back to their own time and leave a message in the oak tree to let the Evans`s know that they have tried to return but who knows if successfully.

The professor has given them instructions on the working of the machine and that they needed to set up a timed device to send the machine to another time or failing that to destroy it.

Having checked, double checked and checked again it is time to go on their long awaited journey.

They have no idea what is about to happen to them as they were in a drunken stupour last time they entered the original machine.

The boys cuddle up to each other and set the machine in motion.

A sequence of bright lights followed by a loud rumbling and the boys fall into a semi conscious state.

A very heavy dropping sensation sends them floating in the air.

A sudden thump and everything comes to a halt.

They have arrived.

Both give a sigh of relief and it is time to venture back into their own time.

Cautiously they leave the safety of their transport capsule and stare into the distance.

There is nothing to see.

The landscape has been destroyed, this is not home this is the scene of barren land.

George speaks first, "have we gone too far into the future or gone back before civilisation."

Either way they are there for God only knows how long.

Simultaneously they say "Now what are we going to do?








Submitted: September 16, 2019

© Copyright 2022 oddarch48. All rights reserved.

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