Lost In Paradise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Exotic dream island destination reveals a secret hidden world of vice and prostitution where young women are lured by the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams.
The victims find themselves entrapped in sex shops and brothels with no escape from the gang masters who entice tourists to pay bar fines in order to exploit these innocent females.
It started out as a dream holiday for me but soon I found myself embroiled in this seedy world of vice when I discovered for myself how easy it was to pick up a broad and satisfy my every sexual desire.
Suddenly I was approached by one such victim called "Pattie" who had been sold by her husband because of her involvement in the sex trade.
She was frightened to go to the police because they were turning a blind eye to the evidence she presented in front of them and was now in fear of her life.
The story focuses on her experiences and my attempts to keep her safe from the filthy hounds who would tear her fragile body limb from limb if they could get their sodden hands on her.
This rollercoaster action packed short story will leave the readers captivated by all of the thrilling twists and turns to compliment the breathtaking scenery.

Submitted: September 17, 2019

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Submitted: September 17, 2019



Lost In Paradise (Complete)
It was in early June that I had decided to take a break from the chores of hard labour at home, my routine was becoming monotonous.

So I decided to blow all of my savings on a journey of a lifetime by booking a trip at my local travel agent to the far away island of Lemuria.

It was a little island situated in the Indian ocean, a mere 12 hour flight from my local airport in Heathrow London.

I paid the travel agent in cash and bought my tickets online so I only needed to use the reference number and provide this information once I had arrived at the airport.

The day started out rather muggy with temperatures in the late 80's, my flight was at 2300 and I had plenty of time for my check in.I was travelling light with only one bag for my hand luggage and one suitcase.

I decided to visit the local bar in the airport for a couple of beers to soothe my nerves as I had previously experienced a fear of flying, having lost a friend to a plane crash a decade earlier.

When your number is up there is nothing one can do to change fate apart from not getting aboard the plane in the first place.

I heard my flight number called out from a rather noisy public address system,then I noticed that other people were making their way to the gate where we would all board the awaiting aircraft.

I quickly made my way to the gate smiled at the hostess and got on board the aeroplane.

There were about 50 or so other people boarding,it wasn't long before I was comfortably in my seat awaiting safety announcements and getting ready for the plane to take flight.

I always think taking off and landing are the worst features of long haul flights,the former was quickly under way and soon we were up in the heavens amongst the fluffy clouds.

We had a brief safety demonstrations about what preparations we would need to know about in the event that the plane would crash in to the sea,not that we would have much chance of surviving such an ordeal.

The journey was soon 4 hours old and I fell asleep in my seat only to be awoken abruptly by a little turbulence, it only last for a few seconds just an air pocket which you get from time to time.

I began to imagine how my hotel and it's immediate surroundings on this island would look.

I was really getting excited about this adventure it would be 2 weeks away from all of my problems at home.

After consuming my second double scotch I relaxed with a book which I had bought at the airport,this would keep me focused until the aeroplane landed.

It wasn't a very interesting book just a little knowledge of customs and good places to eat on the island of Lemuria.

The local custom was for a welcoming party of local women to give every passenger a reef of flowers to welcome them to the island,as well as a voucher for two people to eat for the price of one in any of the local restaurants.

I thought,these people really go the extra mile to please, it was not long before I would be aware of this custom as the plane began it's descent and I got myself prepared for customs.

Soon after I had touched down on the islands soil I felt a bout of dejavu as if I had been here before it was unusual maybe in a previous life.

I believed in this kind of thing,reincarnation was something I had read up about as a young man  having lost several members of my family at an early age.
I wanted some assurance that life really did go on for the soul of every living human being.

Any way that was a discussion I could have in the future as I was here to enjoy myself,now it was time to collect my baggage and leave the airport.

The taxi ride to the hotel from the airport only took a few minutes as the island was only 10 miles long and 5 miles wide.

There were only 2 trips to the island every week, I was pleased I hadn't needed to change planes.

I had arrived at this rather splendid hotel built out of wood,a bit like the kind of chalet you might find in the Swiss alps when ski-ing in the winter time.It also had beautiful flowers growing on the outside of it bouquets etc.

I walked in to the reception area and was greeted by the family that ran the hotel,my reservation had been booked with the travel agent online and I had no trouble obtaining accommodation.

I was shown to my room and I was just gob smacked at the view  from my bedroom,it was out of this world.

The sea view was stretching out towards the wonderful cove, the panorama of the bay with all the local fishing boats,the huge mountain beyond the beach with palm trees blowing it was a picture.

After unpacking my suitcase I made my way to the outside terrace as it provided a chair and table .

I sat there for a few minutes having one of my favourite Panama cigars,I just wanted to enjoy this first moment my first view from my room.

Soon after I made my way to the reception where I called for a taxi to take me in to the centre of the town on the island, as it would have taken me an hour by foot as it was 2 miles in land.

I wanted to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the local town and it's people,my taxi soon arrived and I requested that the driver drop me off by some nearby shops.

He pointed out the local tourist information centre and I got off there,then he asked me "do you want me to pick you up later".

 I shook my head but took his taxi card and promised him I would use his taxi again at some point  during my vacation.

It didn't seem so busy in the centre of town,maybe the local people were having some sort of siesta like a mid afternoon break for lunch,I decided to visit a local restaurant and asked to sample some local dishes as I was very hungry.

I asked for recommendations and was greeted by the chef,the locals all seem to speak English.

He pointed me towards the specials on the board above the bar and I told him that I would try a sample of local sea food with some sauces and a little lemon.

It wasn't long before I received the food on this giant shell like plate made of metal with a huge section of food including crab,shrimp,lobster,shark.

I didn't know where to start and began to eat happily until my stomach just couldn't take any more.

It was absolutely delicious and I left a tip with the bill and promised to recommend the restaurant to any other tourists which I met on my holiday.

After such a lovely meal I decided to head towards a bar in the centre of town near to the local boat shop, it had pictures of beautiful girls posing by the local island attractions.

I thought oh they must have people promoting the island and I expect they will use these posters for overseas tourism.Though it did seem strange that there were none at the local tourist information site.

On entering the bar I was immediately approached by a man with an American accent,he had one of the biggest cigars in his mouth that I had ever seen.

The man appeared to be hustling me and pushing me in to a corner of the bar, he asked me what I would like to drink then said to the barman,"make that two then, before asking me to pay.

I thought what a cheek, anyway following on from all of that he asked me a rather curious question.

How do you like your women"? brown,brunette,blonde,red?,I didn't stay long enough to answer his question and made my way out of the bar as quickly as possible.

I knew exactly what kind of place the guy was running and I wanted no part of it.

The man came running towards me and shouted at me, "come on fellow we're both men of the world aren't we,what's wrong  with having a having a little fun?"

"I agree but I am here for a vacation",I said and the guy replied, "the only vacation I believe is in taking one from yourself by letting yourself go".

I just walked and kept on walking until I couldn't hear the mans voice no more, I had been approached before by time share agents taking me back to their hotels but not by pimps operating a bar fine joint which is what it was.

I felt so sorry for those poor victims of this kind of vice world existence and immediately alerted the authorities.

 I think they turned a blind eye to this kind of operation as their response was muted and the chief of police just shrugged his shoulders saying,"what do you expect me to do about it".

Then suddenly a lady appeared from behind me and started to talk to me about her experiences with the man and bar in question.

 I listened tentatively and walked away from the police station with her,she was petite buxom  blonde haired lady about 5 feet 9 inches tall with a fair skin complexion and she had those come to bed eyes.

 I would put her in her early 20's we began to engage in conversation and sat down at another local bar,where I bought her a drink and we began to exchange frank answers to questions.

She introduced herself as Pattie,she had been part of his staff for a number of years and had difficulty escaping from his reaches,now she was free and she wanted to put an end to this business.

I was willing to offer Pattie my advice but I didn't want to get involved, she explained that this kind of seedy business was to make money out of prostitution by exploiting the tourist and milking the local economy.

The man who ran the brothels was an American based in Florida keys, she warned me "this,guy is bad news he makes people disappear if you cross him".

After having our conversation I said farewell to the lady and gave her my contact number if she needed to talk to me again, I told her where I was staying and told her not to worry.

Luckily she had a supportive family and was married with two children,her husband didn't know about her tragic past and probably wouldn't want to know or so I thought.

My first day on the island was coming to an end as the shadows of the mountain were passing above the hotel.

I made my way to my bed where I contacted my relatives at home to say I had arrived safely and would ring every day,sending at least two texts to let them know how I was doing and what locations I was about to visit.

I placed my weary head down to sleep in the comfortable hanging basket of a bed supplied by the hotel.lucky for me there was also a single bed available in the room if needed it.

I decided that I would have one more drink before I called it a night as I sat outside on the terrace  with another of my favourite cigars,a brandy and coke taking in the twinkling light from the nearby harbour.

The air seemed as still as a mill pool,just moments later I took my shut eye and awaited the next leg of my adventure.

The night air was a little muggy and I didn't sleep too well not to mention the awful mosquito's had taken a fancy to my blood, given the bite marks which I discovered on my skin when I awoke in the early morning.

I decided to sit out on the terrace and take in the early morning scenery which again was breath taking.

it was just after 8 am local time and the sea boats were making their way out of the little harbour in anticipation of their impending catch for the day.

I lit up my king Edward cigar and started to drink some orange juice from the mini bar which was refreshingly cool.

What I really yearned for was a good old British fry up, it just isn't cricket without ones's bacon and egg,fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms washed down with 3 or 4 cups of English tea.

Oh well I thought you can't have your cake and eat it.

I made my way down to the breakfast area where I was greeted by Matilda who was the lady who ran the hotel with her husband Stefan.

Her husband had emigrated to the island form Malmo in Sweden a few decades back and had decided to retire out here with his business.

He had met his wife whilst on holiday in Lemuria and simply came for a holiday and never returned home.

I was reflecting on my conversation with the young lady Pattie who had an unfortunate experience at the hands of the American who ran the vice club in town.

I didn't know whether to bring up the topic of conversation with the two elderly owners of the hotel.

They would probably have had first hand experience of this kind of thing presumably from previous guests who might have stayed at their lovely hotel and that notorious bar.

After breakfast I decided to take a walk around the cove and beach area of the local resort where I was staying.

The view was very tranquil and I felt at one with nature, being a cancerian I loved the seascape and craved for my painting boards and oils.

I just wanted to take in some of the seascape,I didn't want to waste a single moment of this spectacular scenery.

After walking for nearly an hour on the beach I noticed a young lady in front of me she was sat on a large beach rock facing the sea.

She appeared to be sobbing so I made my way towards her and asked her what was wrong,the lady just looked at me then burst in to tears.

I thought I had done something wrong from the expression in her eyes but I could see that she was hiding something under her arm.

it was a bruise which was black and blue in colour,I wondered if she might have had an argument with her other half and thought best to leave her as she was none too communicative with me.

Then just as I was about to turn away from her she called out to me and she pointed for me to sit with her so I did.

I found out that she had been working at the same club as the one I visited last night and had fled overnight.

She wanted to get off the island and escape to another country but had no money and only the clothes she was wearing.

I decided to help her by taking her to the local police station much against her wishes,as she didn't want to get involved in having to give evidence at any future court trial .
Suddenly I was in the thick of it and all I wanted was to enjoy my holiday.

The policeman was very good this time he took down her statement that she provided including her description of the man who ran the club.

The police had a thick file on this American guy who ran the club,they were aware of his activities but could do little to act.

There had been few if any incidences in the past where victims had come forward with evidence to bring him to book.

I gave my statement and with that the police made their way to the club where he was arrested and refused bail.

He would get a taste of his own medicine I thought,the woman thanked me and then made a phone call to her parents.
They would  arrange for a taxi to bring her home, she now felt safe after taking decisive action.

I was again alone and it was now approaching noon, what a busy morning I had experienced, I felt like a detective or at least a good Samaritan with the advice I was providing to these victims whilst supposedly on my vacation.

I decided to visit a local church in the centre of the island and it was a nice experience as the heat was quite stifling outside, whilst the air from the church was like a cool refreshing breeze.

Being in the church had a calming affect on my mind,body and soul,I was all alone in this beautiful building which was named Saint Maria.

It was a catholic church built probably in the late 15th century by the look of the design, and was a structure built mainly of wood.

There was some lead piping on the roof decorated with beautiful mosaics on the inside and outside,then there was the gold crested ceiling with carvings of little cherubs and angels in the back ground.

The silence and tranquility of the church Was soon disturbed when I heard a car horn going off just outside the main entrance.

Then suddenly I saw a sort of "hue and cry" scenario with a man running down the street with 3 men in pursuit of him.

They seemed to be shouting after the man and as a car driver got out to close down the running man's path,but the assailant seemed to have escaped as the 3 men who were in pursuit gave up the chase before meeting up with each other.

I wondered what the whole commotion was about but thought nothing more of it and made my way back to my hotel.

I decided to call in to the bar at the hotel for a quick drink and told the lady owner of the morning events.

She didn't seem surprised exclaiming."There's never a dull moment in this place",I just smiled and drank a large cool glass of beer.

There were a few nibbles at the bar such as roasted nuts,crisps and other treats one might find more at home in the UK than abroad.

They obviously knew about how to indulge the good old western traveller with a few tasty bar snacks.

Before I had taken my leave and gone upstairs to the bedroom the old lady called to me,she had forgotten to give me a letter which was posted by hand to the hotel sometime during the previous night.

I looked at the lady with surprise and shrugged my shoulders, "who could that be from? " I exclaimed.

Then the penny dropped, maybe it was from that lady Pattie whom I met yesterday.

 I had given her my address and only she knew I was staying at this hotel apart from my close family in the UK.

They wouldn't be on the island I thought, I quickly opened the envelope and it was indeed from the lady in question she had sent me a photo of herself.

She wanted to meet me at a specified location, the only problem was that it was now nearly 1pm in the afternoon local time and the venue was over a mile away.

I would have to get my skates on as I was due to meet her in 10 minutes if her request for my presence was to be answered promptly.

Luckily for me the Swedish owner who ran the hotel promised to take me to the location and bring me back if I should wish.

 I got in his Volvo car and we circled around the specified location which was outside a local grocery store in the centre of town.

When we arrived there was no sign of her but I got out and thanked the hotel owner for his trouble.

He sped off after giving me his telephone number but I knew I already had a card with the hotel's contact details in my wallet.

After half an hour I had almost given up hope of meeting Pattie when I suddenly heard the sound of a light plane hovering over me.

Yes sure enough there was a small light aircraft coming in to land by the corn field which was situated behind the shop.

I could clearly see a woman get out,she was wearing a black dress and had dark shades on,there seemed to be a man with her wearing a large overcoat with a brimmed hat covering his face.

These two people were also accompanied by the pilot who sat motionless in the seat of the plane, they were making their way over to me and soon were in sight.

I didn't know what to do, was this a trap would I be kidnapped I thought,my mind was racing I decided to hide behind a nearby bush to listen in to their conversation.

The man looked menacing and he was grabbing her arm with some force, maybe the guy wanted to extract some money off me I didn't intend to stick around long enough to find out.

 I quickly made my way towards the shop where I went in to buy some tobacco, unfortunately the couple pursued me in haste and were now standing in front of me.

After buying some "Cartier cigarettes I asked the man what he wanted and why Pattie had sent me the letter, "not here outside" the shady man exclaimed.

I didn't like this one bit so I asked the shop keeper if he could call the police if I am not back in 10 minutes giving a full description of the two people in the shop.He agreed to my request and I left the premises.

We walked for nearly 200 hundred yards before eventually the man explained who he was and why I was summoned, he was indeed her husband and had found out about her previous existence as a prostitute.

Obviously he was displeased with her as he was a wealthy business man based in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta.

I asked him what he wanted from me, he just looked at his wife and threw an envelope at me.

I opened it up Immediately to discover to my surprise that within the contents were $5000 US dollars and a piece of paper with some sort of coded instructions written on it.

Just as I was about to read the note the man walked towards the aircraft which seemed to have moved location now it was just a few feet from us.

The note read, "will you please take care of my wife I am a proud man and cannot except her actions and involvement in this seedy world of prostitution.

Please use the money I have given you to set her up with a job and a place to live in your country, I am through with her.".

Pattie had been abandoned by her husband and now I would have to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

I was not sure what my next move would be so I took her to the hotel by cab,
We Both had a drink at the bar,I ordered large scotch on the rocks and she had a pina colada.

I asked her if she wanted to start a new life in the UK, she shook her head and began to cry.

I Put my arm around her and gave her a hug as this lady had gone through a terrible ordeal which was none of her doing.

I convinced myself to use the money to help her rehabilitate and get her life life back on track in Lemuria,as she was obviously ill prepared for such a life changing decision like moving to the UK.

The husband had cruelly wrote also on the note that he never wanted to see his wife again, as she was a Roman Catholic lady.

She could not get divorced easily so this would make any future relationships she desired unlikely as there was a strict practice of not sleeping with married Catholic women.

She needed somewhere to stay in the short term and I asked the owners of the hotel if they had a spare room.

Luckily there was one available and I paid them for one nights accommodation and made my way to bed as it had been an incident packed and enduring day.

I still had to treat the mosquito bites on my forearm which were causing me distress, luckily I managed to borrow some cream, a spray and a net to protect me for the forthcoming night.

I decided to have a shower before going to bed and I started to get undressed.

It was getting rather steamy in the bedroom with the sultry air and the heat being extracted from the warm shower.

I had only been in the shower for a number of seconds when I heard my door creak, surely I had locked it.No I looked up and it was wide open and there standing in front of me was a surprise stranger with a welcoming warm smile.

"You look shocked to see me",!!!!! exclaimed the visitor as I quickly reached for my wet towel to cover my modesty. The person standing in front of me was of course Gill my wife.

"Why did you fly half way around the world to see me on holiday?" I asked her,she just smiled, put her arm around me and started to kiss me on the lips.

I quickly moved away from her because I could see one of those infamous shower scenes occurring.

Where both of us engage in sexual activity kissing each other all over whilst becoming saturated from head to toe in hot water.

 I quickly dried myself with another towel and explained to her that I had not been resting for the first two days whilst on vacation, but had been placed in an difficult predicament.

 I wanted to tell her that there was another woman staying next door to me who had placed a lot of trust in me.

 However before I had even to started the conversation Gill shrugged her shoulders and we agreed to talk about it in the morning as it was quite late.

 She told me that she just came out to visit me on the spare of the moment,I thought it was nice idea for her to come but a little impulsive on her part,however that was one of traits.

 My wife and I would be spending the night in separate accommodation as she had booked a single room. She knew that the hotel didn't provide double beds,it was either the floor,single bed or hanging rope based bed.

 None of these options appealed to her so we said goodnight to one another and I quickly made myself a scotch on the rocks and sat outside for a while before I fell sleep.

 I was awoken at 3 am by the sound of my mobile phone which had just alerted me with a text message. It was from my mate Paul over in England,he was enquiring about the accommodation and the holiday itself.

 He also mentioned that he had lost his job at W.H.Smiths and was now looking to get on the post as they were recruiting at "Royal Mail".

The night seemed to pass very quickly after the drama and exciting events of the previous day


 It was just after 8 am when I got dressed and made my way to the breakfast room which was full of guests this morning unlike the previous day.

 There were so many different options with the breakfast buffet but I decided to just pour myself a glass of orange juice before ordering some coffee whilst reading a local paper.

Just then Gill popped in to the breakfast dining area and greeted me in her usual friendly manner. "Hi sweetie",she exclaimed,

 I returned the compliment by calling her sweet pea,which was a name which I had used throughout our courting years and married life.

 She asked about my plans for the day,but I didn't really answer her question as it placed me in a difficult situation. I was really hoping to avoid the lady who I had met the day before but I realised that she was relying on my judgement to help her out.

 I took my leave and decided to meet up with Gill for Lunch. She seemed happy about this arrangement as I needed some time alone to sort this problem out that she wasn't aware of with the lady in question.

 I asked the receptionist if she had seen the guest that I brought in the previous night but her reply was that said she hadn't.

 However when I made my way over to her room I was surprised to discover that it was empty,it would appear that she had slipped out during the night for whatever reasons unknown to myself.

 I was about to make my way towards the beach area for a stroll when I noticed two police cars travelling towards the hotel and wondered what their business was.

 Two officers got out of their car and one of them was carrying what looked like a woman's scarf. I was earwigging their conversation and it appeared a murder had been committed nearby and that they were now looking for witnesses in relation to this matter.

 Then suddenly one officer produced a photograph to a bystander nearby. I couldn't quite see clearly if I knew who it was on the photo,but on further inspection I decided to walk to the hotel's main entrance.

 One of the officers turned towards me and showed me the picture, it was a photo of the woman I had helped the previous day. I asked what had happened to her, the officer replied in his pigeon English "she is dead sir we will know more about her cause of death after the post-mortem".

 I felt dizzy and numb before I made my way over to the reception area for a glass of water,the news of her sudden death had been an awful shock.

 How had she managed to walk out of her room the night before and end up dead just a few hundred yards away?,I pondered.I asked the police if they had a suspect for her murder.

 The officer just told me that they were keeping an open mind and in any case it wasn't a murder enquiry until they could establish her cause of death.

 This had put me in a bit of jam especially if the police receive information that we were both together yesterday. The shopkeeper whom I had met during our rendezvous might mention this and what would Gill make of these developments.

 It could create a problem between us I thought,I didn't know what to think my head was spinning. I decided to come clean with the police and assist them in their investigation,maybe I could provide some useful evidence about her husband if he was one of the main suspects.

MThe police seemed happy enough to talk to me and I explained everything I knew, about the meeting which took place yesterday with the deceased and her husband.

 They knew about her husband as he had got in to a lot of debt recently and there was a winding up order on his business's on the island,though they were unaware of him having a criminal record.

 I had spent no more than 20 minutes with the police when one of the officers mobile phones rang. The police officer who took the call began to listen intently and nodded his head,then the phone conversation ended and he spoke to the other officer.

 "We have just had the tests results from the Post-Mortem and it looks like she was strangled,he exclaimed. Both men left the hotel and were heading to the island's morgue where they would need her identification to be confirmed by her next of kin.

 I realised that I could identify her and shouted toward the two departing officers, "yes please come sir",one exclaimed and I followed on after the two men in to the first parked vehicle.

 We soon arrived at the morgue and the identification of the deceased person was confirmed. After seeing her cold stiff body I ran out of the room and started to break down with emotional stress.

 I just felt numb with shock,this beautiful woman had been brutally murdered and violently taken  from this world at such a tender age.

 After finishing the grim job of identification it was time to meet up with Gill at the hotel and I explained everything to her about the case, the dead girl and my involvement with her.

 She seemed to take it quite well and wasn't too shocked at my involvement, I asked her what should we do now. Her response was,"well you can finish your holiday here or in the UK or maybe we catch a flight to Thailand or Indonesia".

 We decided that our best option was to leave the island and check flight availability at the hotel. The hosts were made aware of our situation and said they would only charge me for a week and not the two that I had booked.

 Soon after we went for lunch at a local restaurant and chewed over our options, I for my part wanted to go home but Gill had just arrived and taken 3 weeks off work.

 She suggested that we fly to Jakarta in Indonesia tonight as there were two places available at short notice. We could find a hotel near the airport temporarily until we made further plans,

 I agreed and soon after we bid our hosts goodbye and were on the next leg of our journey. I must admit if I had faced this problem alone I would have probably gone home as it had been such a harrowing ordeal.

 It was a short journey to the local airport and we were soon on our way to Jakarta. The journey would take no more than a couple of hours and we settled back for the pleasant journey hoping for no further mishaps en route to Indonesia.

 The weather was quite warm outside as we made our way from passport control towards the aircraft, a breeze off the sea kept the temperature to a pleasant 85  degrees Fahrenheit.

 Soon after we had boarded our flight,I looked out of the aircraft window as the tiny island became smaller and smaller until the sea became the only thing that one could view.

 We arrived at Jakarta international airport at 2100 local time and soon arrived at the airport's hotel. On our arrival we checked in and made our way to our room which was luxurious apart from the boring view of the cityscape.

 I was dying for a shower as was Gill so we took turns as it was not big enough to accommodate both of us. We settled down to watch a movie, during which time we had ordered room service with a choice of sea food delights including a nice crisp salad.

The movie was entitled "Escape to paradise" which made us both chuckle as it would seem some what ironic that this film title should be selected in view of my experience on Lemuria.

 Soon after we were tucked up in bed and fast a sleep nothing would disturb us tonight surely we thought. The night went by without incident and we awoke the following morning to the sound of our telephone ringing.

 I picked up the receiver and a lady asked me if we would like breakfast served in our room as it was too late for the buffet service I replied we would and it was arranged.

 The time was 10 am when the food arrived and I noticed a note had been placed on our door outside. It stated that guests were to vacate their room by 10.30am, "oh my we had better get a move on honey",exclaimed Gill.

 I quickly packed our bags whilst Gill fed her greedy wee face half eating a croissant whilst walking towards the lift area.

 We didn't know where our next destination would be taking us only that we were once again on our travels. I decided to phone up one of my e-pals whom I had met via the Internet to see if she could recommend anywhere for us to stay in Jakarta.

 The conversation followed, "hi Jules sorry to disturb you but we are in a bit of a jam with not knowing Jakarta could you recommend a good hotel in the city".

 She replied with an interesting proposition that we could stay with her whilst we were indisposed. I replied, "are you sure" ? she seemed to insist on it so I took down the details of where she lived as well as the bus number and we made our way to her home address.

 We had been friends for over 2 years but had never met in the flesh so to speak and it would be a nice surprise to see her and her family I thought.

 We caught the number 73 bus to Gu town,which was the local neighbourhood where she lived and soon found our location with the help of a map provided by a kind bus driver.

 The house was situated on a farm and looked rather basic,there weren't too many other houses near by and it stunk of manure. There was no driveway just a few steps up towards the building.

 Then all of a sudden this sprightly old woman came running towards us and asked who we were in her native tongue.

 She appeared to be the head of the family, I could tell from her body language that she was asking us what we were doing?.

 The elderly woman was followed by a young woman in her early 30's who explained to her elder relative that she hadn't told her that we would be staying with my friend.

 I immediately had reservations about staying with her family but the younger woman ushered us in to her front Living Room. We were surprised to discover that there were about 12 young faces looking in our direction most were children another 2 adults who were watching TV.

 I asked if the young woman was Jules as I hadn't recognised her from my previous photos of her she replied,"yes We have made provisions for you and your wife.

 You are both most welcome to stay here but you might have to sleep with the cows in the barn as we haven't much room. Did you bring your sleeping bags?", she asked,I shook my head and then she said "I'll see what I can do".

 I had made up my mind that I didn't want to stay there a minute longer and tried to persuade Gill this isn't for us. "What happens if we catch something?,

I asked her,she wasn't keen either and then a farmer appeared With his horse and cart chewing a piece of grass and looking very much the part of a local hillbilly.

 I didn't know exactly how far we were off the beaten track but I wanted to return to civilisation, I made several attempts to call a local cab company which I had seen advertised  on the bus coming down.

 Every time I called I would start by asking them if they spoke English, for the first three I was unsuccessful but then I managed to arrange one to come within the hour.

 I needed to speak to my friend and explain the situation. Jules was very understanding although a little heart broken as she had looked forward to meeting her e-pal that she had been corresponding  with over these past 2 years.

We arranged to meet up in Jakarta  sometime in the future as we made our way to the taxi  which awaited us at the same place where we had got off the bus.

 I asked the driver to take us back to the airport and see if we could arrange for some temporary accommodation there. We were both relieved and amused that we wouldn't have to spend the night with the local farm animals.

 It was a lucky escape,the airport building soon became visible as we approached check in. I paid the driver and we made our way the towards the airport's information desk where we asked about hotel availability.

After exhaustive efforts of trying to find somewhere we became aware that it was a public holiday In Indonesia and that every hotel had been fully booked.

 However there were flights available tonight to London Heathrow,"shall we go home?",exclaimed an over excited Gill". "Go on then let's end this nightmare and consign our experiences to the past",I replied.

 We decided to spend the rest of our remaining holiday time with my aunt in Majorca and from there we would connect with a flight direct to London Heathrow.



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