No Chill Cherlock

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Anyone else here because you’re bored? Nice that makes the ALL OF US. We literally have no chill, like not even a bit.

I hope I could say it is our fault, but the circumstances are the reason we are this way. Always need something to feed our hunger. Our hunger of wanting to know more, wanting to do something, craving productivity. Honestly, if we would not adapt to this state of being, it would be impossible to survive in society. Everything that pays, needs you to be alert. Needs you to solve problems. Needs you to be aware of useless things that you could do without.

PROBLEM SOLVING STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Graham Hancock), sounds strong right. What’s crazy is that we are proud of solving problems. Like Woohoo look at this SUDOKU I completed, NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Just that everything around us is groomed in a way to cultivate this state of consciousness. One where fidget spinners are needed, where people who are slower or have a different approach to problems are considered slackers. Where legal intoxicants (tobacco & alcohol) are to make you feel a little dizzy so you get a short break from your own ‘Problem Solving Demon’. In no time you’re back in those shoes thinking of doing laundry coz it is almost Sunday.

Modern problems are all problems of ABUNDANCE (Naval Ravikant). We just have too much man, too much clutter in our houses, in our heads, in our society. The only way to keep sane is to retreat, take a couple steps back, do a society detox every once in a while. The next time you tell someone you’re chill – double think that. You’re definitely chill in a certain meaning of the word but you’re head is a NO CHILL CHERLOCK MOFO and that aint gonna change if you wanna make money.

An interesting perspective on this is to ZOOM OUT (Alan Watts). Zoom out of your head. Do it. Do not agree or disagree to any thoughts passing through your head. But think of them as clouds passing by and just observe (You can’t do it while reading so do it after). Question the existence of certain thoughts and why you think they belong in your head. Why is this a priority to me? Or is it really? The way you choose to react to these thoughts is your state of consciousness, and by zooming out you realize that you are NOT your thoughts. Your thoughts are simply observations picked up from conscious or subconscious experiences. Don’t be ashamed if you have shitty thoughts, it’s a shitty world that’s what it is. But yeah be in control of your perspective towards those thoughts if you wanna have an upper hand. Problem Solving Demon LOVES control.

If you’re still with me, firstly thanks , secondly – You are not your consciousness :’) I believe the consciousness is like a long-term mindset which can definitely experience change but takes much more effort because of our society’s idea of YOU GOTTA BE THE SAME PERSON THROUGHOUT. You gotta be good at a job to do it, so you can’t go around switching professions which keeps you in this stale mindset.  Plus you posted shit on Facebook like 5 years back you gotta own up to, although it’s so much cringe and you’re barely that person anymore, but you still are. The society is trying everyway of removing the FACTORY RESET button from our system. You’ve done shit, gotta live with it. Which makes it really hard to Zoom Out from this PERSONALITY we’ve been creating all our lives. All these changes over time seem like minor changes of mindset but not really a consciousness change.

I feel you’ll experience what this consciousness change is better if you:

1) Look at the real ‘You’ as something far more infinite than mere Thoughts, Personalities, Senses experiencing information in a body.

2) tRy aCiD – No seriously, I received my biggest Zoom out ever and I didn’t even know if I wanted to come back to a head which had been building things in it for so many years.


Don’t take shit too seriously





Submitted: September 19, 2019

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