gcorp employee manual

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: ghost's tale and other stories

a companion piece to go with a ghost's tale

Table of contents


1. Welcome to gcorp

2. The rules

3. what we do here

4. Play your part

5. Gcorp’s mission

6. Experiments

7. Disposal

8. Armaments

9. You are ready


Page 1.


Welcome to gcorp


Welcome employee. if you are reading this, it means you excelled at the gcorp standardized test. This also means you are now a valuable part of the gcorp family. Before we begin, a message from gcorp CEO, dr. chris stratus.


Dear (insert employee name here),

It is an honor to have such wonderful individuals as yourself working in our very own gcorp labs. Now, you may have heard rumors of people going missing in gcorp’s servitude, but these rumors are strictly fiction. There isn’t a shred of evidence to support these claims. But we’re getting off topic. I look forward to working side by side with you in this new chapter of your life. Thank you.


-dr. Stratus


All employees are required to wear their gcorp-issued uniforms when in the labs. You are also required to wear your id badge above your left pocket. This badge allows you to enter parts of the lab that tourists may not enter, such as our research and development wing. In the next few pages you will learn more about gcorp and what your role will be within our ever-growing family.


Page 2.


The rules


Here at gcorp, we have a few set rules that ALL employees must follow. Any infringement of these rules may result in infractions and/or termination


  1. No smoking in the labs

  2. No photography in the labs

  3. No open flames in the lab. 

  4. Please do not discuss research outside of the lab

  5. No weapons above class 2 (see armaments page)

  6. No personal interactions with subjects


Page 3.


What we do here


When we’re not creating miracle formulas, fighting rogue terrorists, or training our staff, we at gcorp work on some pretty interesting things.


  1. (redacted)

  2. (redacted)

  3. (redacted)

  4. (redacted)

  5. (redacted)


Page 4.


Play your part


Each of gcorp’s personnel has their part to play in the lab. What’s yours?


  1. The lab overseer- makes sure the labratory is a safe and harm-free environment. Most overseer’s allowed to carry class 2 weaponry, in case of a breakout. 

  2. The lab technician- the job of a lab technician is one that brings with it much glory. The lab technician makes sure everything is up-to-date, and working. Therefore, the lab technicians are given unlimited access to all parts of the labs

  3. Lab worker- your job is to help us study the numerous things we do here at gcorp, such as (redacted). Your job is very important to us.

  4. Test subject-(redacted)


Page 5


Gcorp’s mission


Here at gcorp, we have not one mission, but many. World peace, coexistence, ending hunger, the possibilities are endless. Above all, our mission is safety for all. This would not be possible without our wonderful staff and every one of our benefactors. Here is a special shoutout to everybody who has done their best to ensure that gcorp stays as the world’s leading supplier of almost everything.


Dax dracovich- assists the director in overseeing the labs.


Albert stein- head doctor at gcorp lab.


Samantha einsworth- head of finances


David greyson- head of security


Garth ferris- philanthropist


Page 6.




Gcorp is highly renowned for its advancements in modern technology. The following experiments ensure that this remains the same.


  1. _______

  2. _________

  3. _________

  4. _________

  5. _________


Page 7




Sometimes, a member of our personnel must dispose of a failed subject. If this occurs, call the gcorp disposal team at (***) *** ****


Any violations of this rule will result in termination.


Page 8.



At gcorp, we firmly believe in an employee’s right to feel safe at work. Therefore, we allow every weapon below class 2 for regular employees. The classes are as follows


Class 0: knives, machetes, swords

Class 1: pistols, 

Class 2: shotguns, submachine guns

Class 3: (reserved for disposal force) flamethrowers, grenades, rockets. 


Any violations will result in immediate termination and/or disposal


Page 9.


You are ready


Congratulations, you have finished the employee manual, and are now ready to put to use your skills as a gcorp employee. Welcome to the family, and we hope you enjoy your time with us.


*some or most of the claims made in this handbook may be considered false if: You gain a connection to a test subjects. Gcorp is not responsible for accidents that happen as a result of these connections. Some accidents may involve freinds and/or family


Submitted: September 19, 2019

© Copyright 2021 la fantasma. All rights reserved.

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