Small Frame

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: The Lost and The Found

Submitted: September 19, 2019

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Submitted: September 19, 2019



I walk through aisles upon aisles of clothes I would love to wear

Seeing my friend where clothes they want to where

And they work

They don’t work for me


“You just have a small frame.”

That’s what his grandma told me

Do I really?

I suppose the more I look in the mirror

The more I see my small self


Why is it getting to me? 

I guess me being small makes me feel small

Feel useless

And unsafe


My body is an hourglass

Ticking everytime I cry

So times almost up

Wearing a million bras so tight

That I can’t breathe


I don’t want to breathe

If it means I stare at myself longer

The tiny grains of sand

Are weighing me down

Making me drown


In my own selfish sobs

Not caring that other people would love what I have


I don’t know how to make them understand

That I just can’t deal with this

This thing people call a body

To me

It’s just something that makes me go slower


Makes me doubt myself

Makes me realize I can’t be strong

Not emotionally

I’m weak


Everything is hazy

I’m crying again


Can’t even let my arms hang limply

And have them land on my sides

I could’ve said it simply

But I just can’t comply


So when someone says it isn’t that bad

I know it isn’t

But god does it make me feel like crap


Because it just makes me remember


How small I am as a person


© Copyright 2020 TarRat. All rights reserved.

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