Jack The Soul Taker

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sequel to Spivey Point,this is a rather curious supernatural tale set in the late 1950's about a meddling medium Maggie Grimes who holds a one night yearly seance.
After visiting her sister in nearby Minehead a tragic death occurs and it would appear that something sinister has marked her card.
Jack is sent from hell to collect his quota of souls.During her quest to banish Jack from this quaint English seaside location set in Dorset.
There are many mysterious fatalities as the body count goes up.
It's a race against time as the dark forces move in to snuff her out,will good prevail over evil only time will tell in this rather mysterious story.
Not for the feint hearted or people of a nervous disposition,go on I dare you to read it and don't have nightmares,perhaps Jack might pay you a visit.

Jack The Soul Taker (Sequel To Spivey Point)
In life we only exist once so we have to maximise our time on this planet or so it would seem,
however there are some people who believe in the concept of reincarnation.

One such lady is Maggie Grimes who lives in the idyllic seaside resort of Swadling bay which is located just off Lymington on the Dorset coast.

Apart from her 14 cats she lives alone and is seldom disturbed by others aside from the postman or the odd passer by.

They were usually visitors who wanted to gain local knowledge and familiarise themselves with their whereabouts in this picture postcard seaside resort.

She and her cats had lived there nearly all of their lives and although she was a little bit of a recluse she was valued by certain members of the community.

Her once a year seance was always a well attended event,her claim to fame was that she said that she could speak to the dead.

This offered hope to those people who had lost loved ones and perhaps validate that there was life after this world of materialism and personal vanity.

The day of the seance was fast approaching and she had to get organised,there were invites to be sent out to all the respective advertising press.

The post office offered her a discounted rate as she was such a familiar customer even though she hardly ever visited this busy local hub.

Her food supplies were brought to her front door by local farmers and it was usually left outside without as much as a signature being required.

She grew her own fruit and vegetables and people were invited to leave their payment in a wooden box at the small cottage where she lived.

In these times of trust and understanding as the war years were now well behind this small community it could now look to the future.The impending new decade of the 1960's was just a few months away.

Living in this backwater had it's advantages although she had the use of the radio, a TV was not yet in fashion with most of the the local residents due to the cost of affording one.

She began by telephoning the respective parties who would be attending the spiritual event at her home on the 25th of that month.

16 people in total had already pledged their support to attend the event by leaving a small deposit at the old timers cottage.

The day started brightly with warm sunshine enveloping the rustic old thatched cottage.

She had chosen to leave that morning by bike and cycle up to the local estuary which lead to the seafront.

From there she would be able to see the glorious views of Spiky cove and Studland bay which really were breathtaking scenery.

She loved the local beauty spots and had oil painted them many times only for her to sell them later which financially rewarded her artistic abilities.

Every year she would display her new oil paintings outside her cottage near to the front railings behind the path.

The people would then place a bid in at the local community hall,these were much sought after works of art and valued by many from far and wide.

She would sell about half a dozen of them each year and the money generated would help keep the wolves from the door in terms of paying her utility bills.

The date for the seance was now only a few days away and during her little venture out she thought of ways to conjure up her spirit guide.

Sometimes the little child whom she used was not altogether forthcoming and this would prove embarrassing in front of her awaiting audience.

Some people wanted to believe in this kind of weird phenomenon and really test their faith.

I guess in a way it helped them to venture through life knowing there is a reason for why we exist and maybe life is just one long set of challenges.

She sat on the beach with her small rug and opened up her picnic basket which she had brought with her in the bicycle's front basket.

She began to indulge herself with a few chicken wings and crusty cobs of bread which were followed by a rather nice glass of Chardonnay white wine.

Then she started to giggle to herself that she hoped to make it back to the cottage in one piece.

Just then as the sea waves were crashing on the nearby rocks she began to hear a faint voice,it sounded  like it was coming from behind her.

The words were very difficult to make out but it was the voice of a little girl, she seemed to be whistling in the wind with each word she spoke.

The sound was starting to freak the old lady out as she became more and more curious.

Then the sound changed to cries of help, the child seemed to be in sort of distress before finally there was silence.

Surely it wasn't her spiritual guide?, she had never heard her talk before she only picked up the psychic messages from vibes which were sent out by the guide.

She decided to leave the beach and head home it was a short distance between the two, she was peddling franticly when she thought she saw the spectre of a gentleman standing in the middle of the road.

The phantom image was only a few hundred yards from her now,he was dressed in an old cockney style funeral  suit with a top hat.

This strange entity had come from nowhere and was now holding a large walking stick with a silver pointed top in the shape of an eagle.

She suddenly pulled up and began to stare at the figure who stared right back at her, he also had a veil covering his face so his features were largely undetermined.

Then all of a sudden he spoke in a menacing voice "go foolish woman and leave this village or I will visit you again in your own home, my face will be the last you will ever see on this planet",he said.

The expression on her face had now turned to absolute horror and intrepidation what was she to do?.

Then all of a sudden her picnic basket fell to the road side,as she knelt down to pick up the loose items when she looked up again the spectre had vanished.

She was not the type of lady who would be easily intimidated by something from this life or beyond, but she might have to heed the words of caution and keep a low profile for a few days.

After arriving back home she phoned up her sister in nearby Minehead to arrange to stay with her for a few days due to these unforeseen circumstances.

She was in luck her sister was accommodating with her request and even agreed to take in her cats.

Now all she had to do was to plan her short journey to her sisters by steam train, fortunately there was a link between the two towns.

There was no time to lose, after locking up her cottage she quickly got on her bike and was about to make her way to the local station taking all of her cats with her.

She would have had to make several trips but some kind soul had decided to assist her and had placed the tiny creatures in their car.

A huge roar of noise greeted the passengers as the steam engine entered the station, there was a guard waving his red flag before a few passengers finally got on board.

It was to be a brief stop for the steam train and soon Maggie and her cats were en route to her sisters.

The journey would take about 30 minutes travelling along the Brunel line which had been built along this stretch of coast,the local beaches and sea views were a real attraction on this journey.

She was now becoming sleepy and could not afford to dose off as she might end up at Paddington station in London which was the final destination.

Her sister Natalie had agreed to meet her at the station and would ferry her and the cats to the mansion she called home which was perched on a large seacliffe. 

She had reflected that it was only last autumn when she had last made a visit to the house.

Her sister had become ill over the colder months and she had looked after her during this time.

Eventually the train pulled up at Minehead station and she could now see her sister waiting on a small bench by the station.

She was wearing a large blue dress with a variety of flowers embroidered in to the design with large pair of riding boots which didn't really compliment the dress.

The two ladies greeted each other and then began to make their way to the awaiting car.

"Did you have a good trip Maggie" asked Natalie "Yes thanks but I am anxious to talk to you about another matter".

 I need your advice on something",she said,meanwhile Nat's husband John was awaiting the arrival of the two ladies.

He was a middle aged man in his late 40's with a large moustache,curly brown hair and deep set eyes.

Maggie had never really taken to her brother in law and had questioned her sisters choice of husband.

He had no job,had almost never worked had no money and was living off her income, so all in all she thought of him as something of a sponger and a leech.

He greeted the two ladies and after the pleasantries were exchanged sped off in the car towards "Holly Mansion"which was the name of Nat's house.

She was a retired head mistress who had taken leave of this stressful career early as illness had set in and had become a successful writer.

Some of her books had become best sellers and she had made a fortune with her new career.

She mainly wrote detective novels but also liked to write ghost stories or tales of the unexplained.

After arriving at the location John assisted Maggie with her luggage and the cats,they would not be the only animals in the house as Nat also kept a few of her own.

Her sister had housed 16 of her own furry creatures in one room, the two ladies laughed about the possibility of a cat fight with there being so many.

After settling in to her new location Maggie was anxious to freshen up after she was escorted to her bedroom.

It was just then that she noticed that it had become increasingly windy outside and the bedroom curtains were beginning to blow furiously across the open window.

Yet the sea looked calm from the view below her bedroom window,there were no seahorses which were a term used associated with choppy waters.

The skies had turned grey and the rain soon started to lash down on the outside terrace where sometimes the guests would sit outside for their morning coffee.

She suddenly became aware of an evil presence and didn't feel alone in the room.

Someone or something was staring at her but she couldn't satisfy herself with any conclusive evidence of this.

Until she stood in front of the dressing room mirror, in a split second she thought that she saw the image of a small girl appear behind her whilst she was brushing her hair.

She decided the idea was a little bit absurd and she put the thought out of her mind  immediately and by now her sister was calling her downstairs.

"How do you like your tea Maggie the usual way?,"she enquired.

Maggie then began to make her way down the spiral staircase and kept repeating to her sister that she was on her way down.

The two of them decided that they would both share a nice pot of Earl Grey tea together in the library.

Cakes were also provided and were positioned on a plate close to the silver tray on a rather decorative silver cake stand,both ladies liked their country cake.

"So what brings you here this time" enquired john as he entered the room?".

Maggie looked at him with scornful eyes,he didn't much care for her activities in the world of the supernatural and often questioned the ethics about her opening doors that one couldn't close behind.

She slowly sipped her tea and then began to explain to the both of them about her thoughts  of being haunted by some sort of demonic spectre and has been warned way from her village.

This news was greeted by derisory laughter from John, "Oh come on dear you're not telling me that you believe in all that mumbo jumbo, a ghost after your blood?",he said,

"look it's ok for you to scoff John but you don't know what you are talking about there are forces at work here I'm telling you",she replied.

Natalie then began to enquire what evidence her sister had to suspect this was indeed the case, and even she was beginning to find it hard to swallow.

You know in all the time we have been siblings I have never known anything which we couldn't both explain,if there are outstanding problems a solution will always be found, that has always been my philosophy in life.

If I was to worry about being watched over by the spirit world every time I got undressed heck I would never take a bath let alone get in to bed",she said.

The conversation was then interrupted by Jules the hosts butler who was carrying a small silver tray containing an envelope.

Excuse me for interrupting my lady this was just delivered at the front door it was left abandoned and I didn't see a passing car or person carrying it",he said.

"Ok Jules let's have a look at it",exclaimed John.

It was a large brown envelope and it contained a small item which looked like the remains of a monkey's paw.

The three people present in the room looked at each other with horror etched across their faces,because in urban legend as a rule this usually meant that someone was going to die shortly.

The envelope had no postmark and was not addressed to any of the three people present but had simply been hand delivered outside the house.

Legends and mythology were taken seriously in this type of community and the matter was not taken lightly.

John decided to scrutinise the object further and thought of disposing this grisly item in the garden.

It was fast approaching early evening and the light had now faded,there would be no sunset tonight as the rain had picked up momentum with a south westerly sea wind following on behind it.

The three of them decided it was time for supper and they all sat around the kitchen table,it was the butlers night off and they would have to provide their own meal.

Nat brought out a huge pan which contained the stock of vegetables and beef joints which were left over from the previous nights meal.

She was going to make an Irish stew and then a Bavarois to follow which was a kind of French styled mousse.

After 10 minutes of talking in the kitchen they were rudely interrupted by a crashing sound which seemed to come from upstairs.

John quickly ran up the steps to investigate further and found a large rock in their guest's bedroom.

The rock had smashed through the window and was now lying on the bed, just then the thunder and lightning had started.

He noticed a small piece of paper which was lying a short few metres from the rock,there were 5 words etched in charcoal "Leave now or risk death".

John was taken a back by this note as he noticed the lightning flashing against the portrait of his wife's grandfather.

He was a rather stern looking individual with sharp pointed eyebrows and thin eyes, which were staring at him now and he didn't like that as he slammed the door on departing the room.

"What was it dear?" Nat enquired "oh just some rock which must have fallen from the roof top it's made a small hole in the window, I'll repair it tomorrow maybe Maggie could sleep in the spare bedroom for tonight",he replied.

"Alright but I haven't prepared any fresh sheets for that bed,we will have to do that after supper",she replied.

The rest of the evening went without incident and all three slept beautifully that night awaking to a beautiful sunny morning.

 It was the stuff of dreams being greeted by such a gorgeous view on opening one's curtains.

John went outside to gather some fire wood Whilst Nat began to prepare breakfast for their guest.

As he finished placing the logs on the fire John became uneasy at something as he was lighting up the fire.

He stood back and above the fire place was a mirror, suddenly the area had become very chilly like as if someone had just walked over his grave.

As he looked up at the mirror he suddenly saw the dark features of an angry face staring down on him.

There was no body just a head and this face also had a grey beard.

He quickly turned around to see if anybody was there,but there was nobody else in the room yet when he looked again the face was still present in the mirror.

By now he could just make see the outline of it's sharp pointed nose and menacing yellow eyes which were catlike in their formation along with the black slit separating the pupil.

He suddenly became spellbound by the spectre and started to shout out in panic and anxiety. 

"Help !!! there's something in the house we've got to get out of here",he exclaimed.

Nat had been alerted to her husbands commotion and was by now comforting him as he laid in her arms in a state of absolute shock.

"Come come dear it can't be all that bad",she said rather patronisingly, she then noticed that he had a deathly pale expression etched across his face as was now pointing to the mirror and fireplace.

He suddenly became quiet which was unusual for him as he had always been a chatterbox, in a short few minutes he had passed away after dying in his wife's arms.

"John speak to me oh my goodness I can't find a pulse",she cried.

By now Nat was in hysterics she ran out to the car and then thought it better to call for an ambulance.

It would prove fruitless as sat there sobbing her eyes out at her husbands passing.

She then became angry with her sister and began to blame her for the tragedy.

"It's all your fault, John would still be alive if you hadn't come here",she said with an accusing voice.

At this Maggie took her leave and allowed her sister to grieve without her presence,but before she left she discovered the rock which had now found it's way to the entrance of the hallway.

There was a marking across it and the words John had been scratched in white paint.

After inspecting this new evidence she howled out in a fit of anger and threw the rock toward the garden before slamming the door behind her.

She was now carefully reconsidering the idea of holding a seance in view of the events which had occurred in the short time that she had spent at the mansion house

For now she just needed time to clear her head and go for a walk and put this awful chapter of her life to bed before moving on with the next one, it had been an ordeal to say the least.

Maggie decided to make her way to the nearby funicular railway which was positioned at the top of the cliff,it was sometimes in use at this time of year.

From there she would visit the beach to spend some time in contemplation,it was only a short walk to the cliff edge from her hosts garden.

She was in luck the old funicular railway was still in use as she entered the small blue box, which took her the few hundred metres down to the seashore.

It was controlled manually as there was no operator and lucky for her the journey didn't come at any cost to herself.

The views were spectacular from the cliff face down to the sea,she could sea Scavey lighthouse in the distance which was surrounded by a few rocks just off the western peninsular.

The beach seemed to stretch for miles and was inhabited by every type of sea creature.

She gently removed her cramped body from the small lift which could only take one person at a time,not that she was in any way over weight or large in size.

The Victorians must have developed the small device for little children during the summer months as a way of entertaining their young folk.

It was an invaluable way of travelling instead of having to walk the ridiculous 500 metres down along the steep rocks which surrounded the cliff face.

After taking several short in takes of breath she found herself in the middle of the beach as she started to breath in the wonderful sea air.

Luckily there was no sea fret and she could clearly see a causeway to the small island of Lymm,which could only be reached at low tide for about 8 hours a day.

There was one cottage on the island but it had been abandoned during the winter months and she knew little about the current inhabitants.

She had now spent the best part of 3 hours just walking and thinking and had not met a soul on her travels.

Just then she caught site of a young lady standing no more than 300 yards in front of her.

The lady seemed to be dressed in a Victorian outfit and was wearing a large sun hat along with a matching white scarf which was wrapped around her neck.

She immediately recognised the person as this lady came closer to her,it was her sister Nat,but what possessed her to come out all this way?,she thought.

Why was she dressed up in a period costume unlike these times of modern dress?.

The two ladies smiled at each other on contact and then both gave each other an enormous hug.

"I'm sorry Maggie,I shouldn't have spoke to you the way I did earlier, I was in a  state of shock", she said.

"That's ok Nat,what's happened to John's body did the undertakers remove it to the local morgue?",Maggie enquired.

Nat took a pause before answering and then explained that his body was still in the house and she was about to ask her big sister a massive favour.

"You know next week when you are doing a Seance, is it possible you could hold it at "Holly House?.

I would much appreciate it because well I've just lost my husband and it might aid my grieving if I know that he is safely on the other side,perhaps someone could communicate on his behalf",she said.

Maggie smiled and then placed a consoling arm around her sister before exclaiming,"of course I can,that's no problem.

For you anything,but I will need to contact the respective parties using your telephone in order to let them know about the change of venue for the event is that ok?,Maggie enquired.

The two ladies had reached agreement and now it was full speed ahead for new time table and venue of the Seance.

The wind seemed to be gaining in strength and was turning in to a gale as the two of them made their way back to the promenade.

The sea had changed from being in a calm state when Maggie arrived to becoming quite stormy as the foam filled waves made their way towards the beach and beyond.

The two of them had thought about going for a nice cup of tea at the nearby pier but there didn't seem to be much evidence of life in that vicinity.

There were no signs of a fairground ride attendant and the door to the rides area was chained up,yet it was now almost the start of a new season.

They had now negotiated the short journey on the funicular railway and were back within view of Nat's back garden.

Both of them took time to pause and take in the spectacular view from a bench positioned at the bottom of her garden.

"Would you like a cigarette?" enquired Nat, "no thanks I've given up" replied Maggie, Nat looked very nervous as she began puffing away at her cigarette.

"what will become of me Maggie?, "I'm now a widow and I can't possibly live here in this big house all by myself can I?",she said.

"No I guess not what will you do sell up?",Maggie enquired.

She nodded her head and then asked her big sister a question,"would you consider moving in with me here maybe just for the short term it would be great to have your company Maggie ",she enquired.

Maggie was reluctant to answer the question at first and realised it would be of great comfort to her sibling if she did agree to the request.

She also realised that they had never really got on that well when they had lived together.

In the end Maggie told her sister that she would sleep on it and see how the seance went before committing herself to anything long term.

"I must get on with the invite list, "she exclaimed",now where is your phone?, ah yes here it is.

Now there's dear old Mr and Mrs Petersen,Vivian Jones,Irene booth,Hillary Hughes,Grant Evans,Elaine Parker,Marjorie Barnes and one or two other guests who are friends of the invited.

She began to make the necessary calls and finished within the hour, all but one had agreed to the new switch of venue apart from Grant Evans.

He had a fear of heights and didn't much care for Minehead as a place.

It was now only 24 hours to the big event and Maggie still had to receive contact from her little spirit guide whom she worked through when delivering messages from the dead.

Just then the two ladies decided to view John's Body,he was now lying spread out on the couch,his face was white and purple in colour.

Seeing him in his demised form was beginning to make the two of them feel a little uneasy.

They didn't look forward with much relish to the prospect of spending a night together with the dead body.

It was now approaching early evening and surely the morgue would be closed for the night.

They had decided to try to make contact it in any case and began to call the number, when suddenly and inexplicably from the corner of Maggie's eye she could see that the deceased man's arm had suddenly shot up.

It appeared that he had removed the white cloth which had covered his face and that he was now staring at her with venom in his red bloodshot eyes.

Both of them were in a state of shock after witnessing this terrifying sight,when suddenly the corps just dropped to the floor and there was silence.

"Oh my gosh what the heck" exclaimed Nat still shaking with intrepidation,did you just see that? is he alive?",she screamed and was by now in a state of complete hysteria.

"No Nat don't get your hopes up I've heard about these after death occurrences, it's some sort of muscle tissue contraction I believe and is very common",Maggie replied.

"Yes dear but shouldn't we phone for a doctor just to be really sure he's dead?",she enquired.

They both agreed and soon Doctor Martin Phillips arrived to offer his full prognosis,he remained with the corpse for a short while before agreeing that he had been dead for over 6 hours.

There was no chance that the patient had come back from the dead, it was just implausible as rigor mortis had already set in.

Both ladies were quite relieved yet sad at this news and then Nat asked the doctor if he could arrange the transportation of the body to the local hospital morgue,as this would still be open,he agreed and it was done.

After he left with the body neither of them felt like taking a bite to eat but knew they must as they would need to keep up their strength for the forthcoming days events including the funeral.

It would be another week before a post mortem would predetermine the exact cause of death and then the funeral could go ahead at St.Mary's church.

The two ladies decided to call it a day after consuming a light salad and a small glass of chardonnay.

Both went to their respective rooms and picked up an interesting book from the mansion's library to read for the time before witching hour.

The night went without incident and both ladies slept well in part although Nat had admitted to her sister that she had awoken a few times.

She had tossed and turned imagining the sound of her late husbands voice but she put that down to the cry of an early morning seagull which was hunting for it's early morning breakfast.

Both ladies greeted each other at the breakfast table before indulging themselves in a few early morning breakfast treats.

The kettle was now whistling away on the stove and ready for use,a nice cup of Earl Grey tea went down very well at the wee small hours of the day.

Just then Maggie noticed that the table had been set out for three people and enquired to her sister if she was expecting another guest.

She had not and the butler never took breakfast with his mistress so why was the table set for three people and not two? she thought.

"I must have been so tired last night that I was in automatic pilot mode and never even thought about it",Nat exclaimed.

Then she found something in the corner of the kitchen under the table which made her jump, it was a black cat with yellow eyes.

The same one which had stared so poignantly at her husband the morning before he had died.

More surprise and shocks were to follow it had been sleeping in a large top hat which she claimed she had never seen before and did not belong to her husband.

She pointed to the animal and asked if Maggie owned a black cat to her startled sister,but before she could open up the cat room the black cat had vanished out of site along with the top hat.

"Quick come here" exclaimed Nat she was now astonished at the disappearing act,"it's gone and vanished in to thin air,she said.

Even more curious was the disappearance of her own cats they had completely vanished from their bedroom out of their little beds which each was provided with.

Nat became frantic with worry and was by now calling out the cat's names one by one but her voice fell on deaf ears as she searched high and low for her cats but to no avail.

Later on that day just a few hours before the seance was due to start they were shocked to discover a note had been attached to the front door.

It read, "if you want to see your cats alive again then you had better not stage the seance tomorrow evening".

As I Jack will take not only their souls but your own and that of your sister as I have already done with your husband, be warned  do not meddle with me or my business lady".

The note had been scratched on to a piece of paper and written in blood using a bird feather, they also noticed the sign JTST whatever that meant.

This really was a predicament but surely they would not risk the lives of their cats for a meeting which could be prevented from causing yet more misery.

It was too late to postpone the meeting it was due to be held in exactly 1 hour's time and the guests cars were beginning to make their way along the gravel driveway.

There was sufficient parking space for 4 vehicles and the others would have to arrange for someone to collect them from the local railway station,which was not too far from "Holly House".

The scene is now set for the most gripping chapter for the guests of "Holly house", it would prove to be a night none of them would ever forget and will remain with them to the day they die.

It was now early evening when the first of the guests Hilary Hughes and her friend parked their car up just outside the imposing mansion's driveway.

There were two other cars making their way towards the house which were following on behind from the first two guests.

"Good evening ladies" exclaimed Maggie",she would do the meeting and greeting for the evening's event as her sister was not really feeling up to hosting this social occasion.

Maggie escorted the two ladies in to the library area where they would indulge themselves with a beverages and nibbles which were provided by the butler.

It was a good half an hour before all of the guests had arrived and they were enjoying a chat, a nibble and a glass of bubbly.

The business event of the evening was now only half an hour away, it would begin at 9pm and this type of event could go on for a few hours depending on the extent of the proceedings.

Eventually Maggie brought the room to order."Ok ladies and gentlemen it is now time to begin the main event of the evening and experience the reasons why you have all gathered here.

Would you kindly make your way to the "Gimcrack Ballroom" and take whatever refreshments and food items with you.

A place has been set for all of our guests with name plates on your respective tables.",she informed them.

The Gimcrack Room" was a rather gay location with pink walls,marble floors and a collection of rather splendid chandeliers.

At the bottom of the room there were red velvet curtains which were tied back revealing a window,which looked out over a small patio which led to the garden view containing a cherub styled fountain and a maze.

This area of the mansion was rarely used and acted more as a storage room unless there was an social evening booked when it would be spruced up for events such as this evening's entertainment.

Maggie began by asking if any of her guests had any requests to speak with their dearly departed.

She would take names and messages to save time because once she had entered her trance it would not be possible for her to communicate with both the spirit world and her eager audience who were there present.

The light was turned down low to create the right ambience for the occasion.

As it was a themed night the various guests wore individual costumes according to their taste.Most of them chose to dress either in a dinner suit or ballroom gown depending on the sex.

Although crossdressing wasn't out of the question but it  just wasn't the done thing in such a respectable society as Minehead.

"Can we have complete silence please", Maggie requested before she began to go in to a sort of trance.

She began by making some rather peculiar movements with her hands above her face, this was followed by her pressing down hard with her left hand's index finger and thumb on to her temple and cheeks.

She was now able to relax before she began to make a rather alarming chanting noise which perplexed her captive audience who were by now looking at each other with curiosity.

Eventually she had become immersed in a hypnotic state and began to call out.

Is there anybody there? one knock for yes, two for no",she said,to begin with there was no response and the guests felt a little disappointed by the events which had unfolded so far.

Then without warning the red velvet curtains at the back of the room began to open all by themselves as a rush of wind filled the room. 

It had become dark outside but even more sinister within this room standing in front of the guests stood Jack The Soul Taker".

His spirit began to float above all the guests looking at them with his sinister eyes.

Those horrible yellow cats eyes which had been the last thing that John had seen before he passed away, maybe the shock of this spectre had killed him.

Maggie immediately became aware of the presence and asked why he had graced the room with his presence tonight.

"Be quiet all of you miserable souls for I am the almighty one who could pluck your soul from your worthless bodies in a flash.

I warned you about meddling foolish woman but you wouldn't listen and now you will pay with your life along with these guests who are present",he said.

There was a sudden hush around the room and all of the guests were now becoming transfixed with absolute horror,none of them had witnessed such a terrifying spectre such as this before.

Maggie began to talk to the spirit,there was an obvious antipathy between them.

"Why are you hear? I ask again,you are not welcome oh dark one be gone with you and allow us to carry on with our nights work",she said.

The silence was then broken by the sound of a crashing noise and an odd tapping sound which was coming from the cellar beneath the kitchen in the adjacent room.

One of the guests Irene Booth decided to leave the room but kept her eyes fixed on the evil visitor whilst inspecting the crashing sound and possible damage that might have resulted from it.

However no sooner had she left her seat at the table when all of a sudden there seem to be a plague of cats entering the room.

They came from everywhere pouring in to the "Gimcrack Room" and jumping on the table.

Jack then looked at all of the remaining guests and exclaimed in a hideous condescending voice "curiosity didn't it kill the cat? ha ha".

The spectre was more menacing than ever, it was if he was floating on a magic carpet sitting above the table and transfixing his audience as if they were all under his spell.

"Now listen here people I will make a deal with you, if you give me your soul here tonight I will allow you to live for the rest of your inane lives, but if you refuse you will die here like dogs and it won't be pretty",he said.

Maggie interrupted Jack as she began to throw salt in his direction, suddenly he started to smoulder and was beginning to disappear from the astonished group's view.

He then started to shout obscenities at Maggie before disappearing completely out of view and uttering his final chilling words,"You might not be able to see me but I'll still be here",he said.

There was silence at last and the seance continued uninterrupted for the main part of the evening.

Mrs Jones wasn't feeling too well and decided to leave the room requesting a cup of tea as she felt a little faint.

One or two of the guests started to also feel the affects of this ordeal and were indeed ready for their beds.

In the 3 hours since the seance had began only one spirit managed to send a message to a love one and it happened 5 minutes before the proceedings were brought to an end.

Maggie started by talking to the spirit and it spoke through her voice,it was John.

"Hello Nat I know by now you must be feeling very sad about my sudden departure but  don't be,I had a great life and I will always love you,I've just gone to a better place",he exclaimed.

Normally the spirit would pass a message on without talking through the medium this was indeed unusual and it touched Nat's heartstrings,before she reached out a hand to her sister which then was the catalyst to bringing her sister out of her trance.

"Oh my word I feel all faint how did it go? was it a success?",she enquired to Nat,"you mean you don't remember anything about tonight's events?" enquired Nat.

"Of course I didn't,that is the whole point of a trance you enter the spirit world and leave this mortal coil for a short time.

The guests thanked Maggie for her efforts at trying to reach their loved ones and began to leave with immediate effect.

The two sisters were now sitting together and contemplating their futures in what  used to be a happy family home for Nat,what would lie in wait for them now?,would they manage to get through the night in one piece?.

At least the cats had returned but there did seem to be more of them,Maggie's cats had a name plate attached to their collars,it would be indeed intriguing to discover if the other new arrivals had one too.

Nat decided to discover if there was any further damage occurred  resulting from the crashing sound which was observed during the earlier part of the evening.

She found another stone, this time is was larger than the previous one she had seen,and it had several etchings written on it.

There was also some sort of photo attached to the rock,"what do you make of this Maggie these look like names and isn't that a photo of us all in the room earlier?",Nat enquired,that's impossible,Maggie replied.

She was just about to turn on the kitchen light when an even more hideous sound was heard in the house.

It was the screeching sound of car breaks and crunching of metal, this was followed by the sound of a splash,then there was silence.

Both ladies ran to the edge of the garden and saw what appeared on first inspection to be three cars which had fallen over the cliff edge.

Break fluid was now covering the road surface, then there was a pale voice coming from a bush,it was Mr Peterson his face and hands were covered in blood.

He looked pale and shell shocked,his spirit was only a short time from leaving his battered and broken body.

He managed to utter a few words before he died.

"I was travelling down the short road leading away from your house when the apparition we saw earlier tonight reappeared In front of us.

In an instant the car was forced off the road we didn't stand a chance, all three cars collided and by some force of nature we were pushed towards the edge of the cliff.

Apparently there were no survivors and all of the guests who had attended the evenings seance were now dead leaving the two sisters to ponder their fate.

They dare not risk staying in the house tonight and travelling in a car for fear of meeting a similar fate.

Their options were limited, both thought long and hard before deciding to stay at the local church for the night.

Surely they would be safe at St.Bartholomew's and it was only 50 yards away from the house just off the main road.

Before this they had to phone the police and report the tragic accidents before making their statements.

This would take quite some time, Maggie ran to the house to make the call,but was surprised to discover that the telephone line had been cut.

There wouldn't be any calls going out from "Holly House" tonight.

Worse was to follow standing behind and laughing in her face was the sinister Jack with his long black cape and pointed walking stick.

"You didn't think you would get away from me that easily did you?,ha ha now it's your turn to meet your maker",he said.

Maggie wasn't scared she had been used to this dark side of the spirit world and once again she told the evil spirit to be gone in to the night.

She attempted to leave the house but Jack slammed the door shut in her face.

"You're not going anywhere until you surrender your soul to me and I might let you live a few more years yet,as I find you a challenge and I like your feisty nature Maggie",he said.

By now her sister Nat was becoming concerned about her sibling's mysterious disappearance, she tried to force the front door open but it was unyielding.

Meanwhile Maggie had decided to strike up a deal with Jack, if he left her sister alone she would sacrifice her own life as she knew that her time was running out.

The spirit agreed and would allow her to speak to her sister for the final few minutes of her life, the front door bolted open and there standing in her presence was an exhausted Nat.

Where have you been Maggie?, I've been looking high and low for you",she asked.

Maggie took her sister to one side and explained the situation,"we haven't got much time dear I must die so you can live,you are much younger and stronger than I",she told Nat.

Her sister let out a loud cry,"no you can't do this,don't leave me all alone here I couldn't survive",she cried.

 Maggie placed her right index finger above her siblings mouth before she began to turn her attention to the far left hand corner of the doorway.

There she observed Jack's two little yellow eyes, he was listening intently to every word she had spoken and probably enjoyed the pain it caused.

In an instant Maggie was swept from her feet and lay hanging above the doorway,she was too far out of reach to be saved as there were no ladders and now doomed to suffer immediate death by strangulation.

A short time after she passed away and a rush of wind came from outside of the front doorway, blowing gently in to her sisters face before speeding it's descent beyond the cliffs in to the darkness of the night.

Nat was by now in total shock and had lost all reason for why these events had occurred, a warm tear trickled slowly down her cheek as she walked out towards the garden gazing at the night sky.

One star seemed to twinkle at her and she imagined that a cloud which was immediately above her head was shaped in the face of her dear sister. 

She had been allowed to continue her life and would never again meet the sinister Jack fellow until her dying days which would be sometime in the future.


Submitted: September 23, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Buffershaker. All rights reserved.

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A great mix of sea, seances and supernatural, Buffer!

Mon, September 23rd, 2019 6:45pm


Thanks for taking the time to read and review my short story Hulls.Yes there's nothing like a touch of nostalgia and a seaside setting which really enhanced the storyline.

Mon, September 23rd, 2019 12:10pm

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