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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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It was 1784, the sun was setting slowly on the Bombay architecture, as the harbor was filled with ships of the British fleet. As the Hindi women were walking their way, with various colored dresses carrying wicker baskets over their heads, they passed the soildiers who were roaming by, each scared that they would strick up a small talk with them that would lead into trouble, they went on, faster not wanting any trouble on the otherwise, calm day. 

Everybody seemed to mind their own business, as the children playes aroung with dogs chasing, and their parents sitting around watching them. 

Hardly noticed, a young girl, Natrisha, covered herself with her pale green sari as she walked around looking in amazement at the fleet, as she had heard the stories of the great Britain, she always imagined a mystic land of modern people, new architecture and fast paste life. She was only seventeen, but unlike most of the families, her family was very respective of her wishes and youth, so unlike most of the girls around, she had the liberty of marrying whom and when ever she wanted. Although whe was fascinated with soldier that stood around and walked, she never once wondered how it would be, had some of them noticed her, and fell for her.


The next morning, as the sun was up, its rays hardly passing to Natrisha's street, as it was filled with stne houses from both sides, making a wery narrow street, and mano of the houses had plants and some even treest growing on the top. Natrisha was awakend by her fathers voice, calling out to her, "Come down, wake up, breakfast is ready".

She could smell the Pekora, rice and chana dal coming from down stairs. She rushed her way down the stone stairs, and went into the kitchen. Her father was sitting, he was a bitt older, already grey haired, but a very kind looking man, her mother was setting the meal, she was a average height woman, younger than her husband, always had a straight hair, bindi on her forehead and had a green sari on. "Todaym after you've had your meal, you have to go to the market and buy suplies, and please hurry up, Mr. Stipler said he wanted to come by and check your progress", Natrisha's father, Bahtu, was telling her. Mr. Stipler, was her English tutor, as her parents were more modern than many in the neighbourhood, they wanted her to be schooled, and well taken care of in all aspects of life, wich was very rare in Bombay for a woman. 

As she strolled her way out her house, her next door neighbour Mr. Shrakour was waving with a smile on, as he unlike most of his generation, liked Nakusha's modern up bringing. "Where are you going"he asked her. "To the market"she yelled with a smile and a happy undertone. 

She arrived at the market, and she could notice as usual, the crowd that was way over the numbers for that small market. Cows, goats, children, people, they were all around. She got lost in the crowd as she suddenlz found herself mesmerized bu a man, standing on the perfect sunlight, so handsome and beautiful, she couldn't take her eyes off of him, and she only then noticed, he was looking at her, but he was a soldier, he was way out of her league.

She carried on, bought the items she needed and made her way back to her house. 

She then lay down, and caught herself thinking of the mysterious guy in the market. Ho was he? Why was he looking at her? 

As the rest of the day passed by uneventful, the evening was set. She and her mother were sitting in front of her house, washing green beans, she noticed a man dressed in a British uniform, coming their way, he then stood in front of them, and asked them for tax money. To wich they were baffled, what tax money, her mother, Sharya was thinking.

The man repeated his question, with a, this time, more angry tone. He kicked the bucket with green beans and kicked the chair Sharya was sitting on. He than laughed and left. Natrisha never understood the harshness of this British soldier. She learned from her father, that some of them walk about, asking for tax money, and scared citiyens give them the money, to with they aren't entitled to. Some, like them, who don't meet the harsh treatment she witnessed. 

The very next day, she went over to the harbor, out of spite, and thought of the gross things she wanted happening to them, until she saw the man from the market, and again he noticed her and was staring at her, only this time, he smiled at her, to wich she smiled back, she didn't want to push her luck, so she ran home, and spent the rest of the day thinking about it. She was confused as to what she felt towards the British, she hated the treatment she witnessed, but that smile seemed so genuine, and she found herself thinking whether some of them were good.

The evening again set on the Bombay, as the rest of the town went quiet.

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